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Common Problems And Failures In BMW F800GT Motorcycles

The BMW F800GT is a road motorcycle that combines sporty performance with comfort suitable for long journeys. However, as with any motorcycle, there are potential problems and breakdowns that BMW F800GT owners need to be aware of. In this post we will tell you everything about the common failures in a BMW F800GT .

It is important to note that the above failures are not necessarily indicative of widespread problems across all BMW F800GTs, as reliability can vary from vehicle to vehicle. However, by knowing these common failures, homeowners can be better prepared and take preventative measures to minimize the risk of experiencing these problems.

Common Faults in BMW F800GT Motorcycles

Throughout this article, we will take a closer look at common failures that have been reported by BMW F800GT owners. We will also offer tips on proper maintenance and preventative measures to address these faults and ensure optimum motorcycle performance.

Remember that although these faults can be inconvenient, they should not discourage you from enjoying the driving experience of the BMW F800GT. With proper care and regular attention, it is possible to minimize the impact of these failures and enjoy all the positive aspects this motorcycle has to offer.

1- Electrical problems

One of the common problems on motorcycles is a malfunction of the electrical system. This can manifest itself in problems with the ignition, battery, lights or communication systems. It is good to keep the electrical connections clean and secure, and regularly check the condition of the battery and the charging system to avoid electrical problems.

2- Engine and transmission problems

Motorcycles can experience engine and transmission related problems. These problems can include hard starting , unusual noises, lack of power, or difficulty shifting gears.

Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, which includes regular oil changes and drive chain adjustments, is essential to ensure optimum engine and transmission performance.

3- Wear of components

Some motorcycle components, such as brakes, suspension, and tires, can wear out over time and with regular use. It is best to regularly check the condition of these components and replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Excessive wear on the brakes, for example, can negatively affect braking ability and driver safety.

4- Fuel and carburetion problems

Motorcycles can also experience fuel and carburetion related issues. This can include hard starting, poor engine performance , or even fuel economy issues. Maintaining a clean fuel system and using quality fuel can help prevent these problems.

5- Suspension and handling failures

Another aspect to consider is suspension and handling issues. Motorcycles may experience excessive vibration, stability issues, or lack of steering response. It is important to perform proper suspension tuning, regularly check tire pressure, and make sure steering components are in good condition.

Reliability of the BMW F800GT motorcycle

The BMW F800GT has been designed to offer balanced performance and a comfortable driving experience. In general, owners have reported positive satisfaction regarding its reliability. Major components, such as the engine, transmission, and brake system, usually function properly and smoothly.

However, as with any vehicle, isolated issues can occur with some units. Some owners have reported minor electrical issues, such as sensor failure or lighting issues, as well as problems with the suspension and drive systems. These problems are relatively rare and can be easily resolved through the attention of an authorized technical service.

It is important to note that the reliability of a vehicle can also be influenced by the quality of maintenance and care given to it. By following the manufacturer’s recommendations and performing regular maintenance, it is possible to maintain the good performance and extend the life of the BMW F800GT.

The good and the bad of the BMW F800GT

The BMW F800GT is a sports touring motorcycle manufactured by BMW Motorrad. Like any vehicle, it has its positives and negatives. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the BMW F800GT:

  • Long-haul comfort: The F800GT is designed for long-haul comfort. It has a comfortable upright riding position, with a well-padded seat that allows riders to ride for hours without undue fatigue.
  • Cargo capacity: It has storage options, such as side bags and a rear trunk, which offer enough space to carry the necessary luggage on long trips.
  • Versatile Performance: The F800GT features a 798cc inline 2-cylinder engine that provides a solid balance of performance and efficiency. It offers smooth acceleration and adequate power delivery on both urban roads and highways.
  • Advanced Technology and Electronics: The motorcycle is equipped with technological features such as ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), traction control and adjustable riding modes, giving the rider greater safety and control.
  • Elegant aesthetics: The BMW F800GT has an attractive and elegant design that combines aerodynamic lines and refined details. Its distinctive appearance may appeal to those looking for a stylish sportbike.
  • Limited Power: Some riders may find the F800GT’s engine power insufficient for aggressive sport performance. If you are looking for a motorcycle with exceptionally powerful performance, this may not be the best choice.
  • Off-road travel limitations: Although the F800GT is suitable for long road trips, it is not a motorcycle designed for off-road terrain or extreme off-road adventures. Its design and configuration are more oriented to road use.
  • Maintenance and costs: BMW motorcycles, in general, can have higher maintenance costs compared to other brands. Maintenance services and replacement parts can be more expensive, which must be taken into account when evaluating the total ownership budget.
  • Weight and Maneuverability: The F800GT is a relatively heavy motorcycle, which can make maneuvering in tight spaces a bit more difficult compared to lighter motorcycles.


BMW F800GT motorcycles can experience a variety of faults and problems in operation. However, many of these problems can be prevented or fixed through proper maintenance and following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Performing periodic checks, keeping components clean and in good repair, and watching for any unusual symptoms are key to keeping your motorcycle in good working order.

It is always advisable to consult the owner’s manual and seek the assistance of professionals if necessary. By taking good care of your motorcycle, you will be able to enjoy safe and pleasant trips without worrying about unexpected breakdowns.

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