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Common Peugeot 308 Faults: 3 Problems You Should Know About!

The Peugeot 308 is a small passenger car produced by the French brand since 2007. It was first produced under the PSA banner, and now the work continues with the addition of Peugeot to the Stellantis group. If you are interested in acquiring this car or have one, we suggest you read about the common faults of the Peugeot 308.

Peugeot makes the 308 in hatchback, coupe, station wagon and SUV versions, so it’s fair to say that the vehicle has a nascent presence in the automotive market.

The European car industry is primarily focused on small vehicles, which is why many manufacturers focus on sedans rather than sedans or SUVs. Peugeot has always been at the forefront when it comes to building quality SUVs. The 308 is a testament to their engineering, skill and breakthrough in crafting a near perfect vehicle.

Common failures of the Peugeot 308

No matter how perfect they are, man-made things can develop faults and problems and the Peugeot is no exception. Below are the common faults that you will find in a Peugeot 308:

1. Cooling system failure

The cooling system performs the all-important task of maintaining engine temperature. If it fails, you’re in serious trouble. Unfortunately, this is a problem on the first generation Peugeot 308. Many users reported that the engine would overheat even after checking the coolant levels.

On further inspection, it was discovered that there was a major leak somewhere in the refrigerant system causing this failure. If you’re experiencing this in your 308, it might be time to replace the entire coolant system.

2. Boot problems

Peugeot 308s are notorious for developing starting problems later in life. The problem is related to a faulty ECU. If you witness these types of problems in your car, you should book an appointment with a technician, and get the ECU properly inspected. Because if you ignore the ECU now, you’ll see failures develop in other areas sooner rather than later.

Also, if they tell you the ECU is working fine, then you could be experiencing starter motor, starter relay, or fuel system issues. There are many diagnoses for this problem , so you should visit a mechanic to get the right one.

3. Malfunction of the turbocharger

Some Peugeot 308 owners have reported that the car emits blue/black smoke from the exhaust. When this occurs, there is also a loss of power and acceleration. If you’re experiencing that problem, then your 308’s turbocharger is malfunctioning.

The best way to solve this problem is to replace the old turbo with a new one. And while you’re at it, be sure to replace the EGR valve. It is a small component that plays an integral role in controlling emissions.

Keep in mind that replacing the turbocharger is expensive and you will have to spend a lot of money to carry it out. In such a case, try searching for second-hand vehicles at an auction and get your desired part from there. That’s the smarter way to go, but you can always buy a new turbo and hire a mechanic to do the work for you.

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