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Common Mazda Miata Failures: Problems, Solutions And Reliability!

The Mazda Miata has a lot to offer. Both new and older models have something great to offer, from advanced safety features and superb fuel efficiency to great steering and excellent engine performance. It is important that you know the common failures of the Mazda Miata , so you will have more references when wanting to buy one.

Even the resale value is very good, depreciating only 37% over five years. So we invite you to know and familiarize yourself with the frequent problems of the Miata and take into account its reliability.

How good is the Mazda Miata?

The Mazda Miata enjoys above-average reliability, with some of its model years scoring better than others. Some consumers gave it a score of 4.0 out of 5.0, ranking it eighth out of 21 subcompact cars in its category. On the other hand, other websites rated the 2019 Mazda Miata 73/100.

Reports from reliable sources ranked the 2021 Mazda Miata as the second of eight vehicles in the sports car market. They also awarded the model second place out of four vehicles in the convertible category. With these figures, it is clear that with careful handling and regular maintenance, the Mazda Miata can easily enjoy a long service life.

Common failures of the Mazda Miata

Although the Mazda Miata is a very reliable sporty roadster, it also has its share of problems. These are the common failures of the Mazda Miata in the different model years:

1- Failure of the air conditioning compressor

According to many 2012 Mazda Miata owners, problems with the air conditioning compressor are typical of some units of this model year. Due to its location, the part is often exposed to the elements, increasing the risk of premature wear.

Some owners have also complained that their air conditioning stopped working when their Miatas have barely put on four miles. Most of them had to replace the air conditioning compressor to fix the problem. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, there have been no releases to resolve this issue.

2- Problems with the hood

Top problems remain a common problem for some 2008 Mazda Miata owners. Most of them complained that their Miata’s vinyl top fell apart even though they rarely or never use it.

Other widely reported problems include the frame overloading the vinyl causing it to crack and the driver’s side seam breaking due to these stresses.

Unfortunately, most of these complaints occurred outside of the sports car’s warranty period . So many owners had to pay out of pocket to replace the tops. At the time of writing, Mazda has not issued any recalls to address these issues.

3- Problems with the fuel filler tube

Problems with the fuel filler tube are among the most common failures with the 2007 Mazda Miata. Many owners have complained that the fuel filler cap loosens on its own, causing the check light to come on. the motor.

Some owners have noticed that the check engine light would often come on due to the fuel filler cap coming loose after refueling. However, the check engine light was still on even after the plug was tightened.

Closer examination revealed that the problem was caused by poor threads in the fuel filler tube . Most owners were able to solve this problem by replacing the fuel filler tube. Mazda issued a recall to the Mazda Miata to address this issue, but all model years were not listed.

4- Clutch slave cylinder leak problem

According to some 2001 Mazda Miata owners, problems with the clutch slave cylinder are common for this model year. In most cases, there was no preparation for the problem. The Miata simply refused to join the march. There was also no pressure on the clutch pedal itself.

Many drivers have also reported the master cylinder reservoir going empty even though it had no noticeable leaks. Upon closer inspection, the affected cars’ clutch slave cylinder was developing a hydraulic leak , resulting in a lack of pressure on the clutch pedal and an inability to change gear.

Most owners had to replace the slave cylinder to fix this problem. Despite the number of complaints about this bug, Mazda has yet to issue a recall to resolve it.

5- Inconvenience with the delamination of the transparent layer

Many 2000 Mazda Miata owners have complained that their cars exhibited clear coat delamination. Clearcoat delamination is the formation of blisters and white spots on your vehicle’s exterior paint.

This problem is common on older models and is often caused by extreme temperature changes and the use of paint products that are incompatible with the vehicle’s clear coat surface.

The application of another coat of paint does not remedy the delamination of the clear coat. Most owners of affected units have had to strip their car bare to resolve the issue.

6- Faults in the EGR system

According to some 1999 Mazda Miata owners, problems with its exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system are common for this model year. In most cases, the car’s check engine light came on due to a clogged or restricted EGR system.

Most owners were able to solve this problem by inspecting the EGR valve and cleaning its passages.

To end

If you’re in the market for a Mazda Miata, be prepared to take the good with the bad. But do not worry. As long as you’re aware of the potential issues with the specific model year you’re planning to get, buying this sports car should be low risk.

Look up the most common Mazda Miata faults that affect the model in hand, and make sure the dealer has cleared everything up before you take your new or used Mazda Miata home.

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