Common Mazda 6 Failures

The Mazda 6 is a large family sedan and one of the most popular vehicles from this well-known Japanese manufacturer. It represents the embodiment of a new design ethic employed by Mazda in 2002. While it’s a great vehicle it also presents its certain problems. Discover here the common failures of the Mazda 6 .

Common failures of the Mazda 6

Since its introduction to the world market, it has sold more than one million units, breaking all previous Mazda sales records. As with all cars, there are common problems with the Mazda 6, and in this article we look at some of the most likely problems that can affect owners of this popular vehicle.

The common failures of the Mazda 6 are the following:

1- Suspension problems

Any problem with the suspension of the Mazda 6 can be detected while driving. Listen to the car moving: If you hear a clicking noise when going over bumps or bumps in the road, it’s most likely the front suspension arms, which are susceptible to failure. These parts cannot be maintained or repaired, and must be replaced in case of fatigue and excessive wear .

2- Faults in the diesel particulate filter

The diesel particulate filter or DPF removes harmful particles from exhaust gases when the car is running. In order for this part to function properly, the Mazda 6 must warm up and reach maximum performance levels.

Using the car for short trips, such as shopping trips, can cause the part to clog. The DPF light should flash once when you start the vehicle and go off after a few seconds . If the light starts flashing while the car is running, we suggest you try to give the car a long drive; it is recommended that you do it for about ten miles in fourth gear without letting the engine go below 2,500 rpm.

If the car performs at this level and the DPF light problem is not fixed, you may need to manually reset the DPF at a dealer. This will save you the cost of getting a new part, as replacement can be quite expensive.

3- Squeaks in the curves

If you notice a squealing noise in the corners, it is due to the screws that hold the seat frame together. These bolts have been known to loosen. It will be necessary to remove the seats to tighten the bolts. It is recommended to use bonding and sealing products or similar products to prevent further loosening.

4- Failure in electric windows

Mazda 6 owners have reported a large number of problems with the car’s power windows. This has to be another of the common Mazda 6 failures. Sometimes this failure can be due to a faulty battery that is not supplying the necessary power to the window regulators , but this is not always the case.

In the case of power window failures, such as the windows opening when the car doors are closed, this system can often be fixed with a simple reset, which can be done by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

If these problems persist, it may be necessary to have a mechanic check the wiring to the power window motors and the operation of the parts.

5- Failures in the Mazda 6 engine

Although this is not one of the common Mazda 6 failures that 2004 Mazda6 owners ran into, it is claimed that this was by far the worst problem any Mazda 6 had overall. This engine misfire problem was one of those problems that, while not common, when it did occur, did a lot of damage, both to the car and to the owner’s wallet.

With an average mileage of 98,000 miles, many 2004 Mazda6 owners said their engines just died. Since most people who drive a 2004 model are probably driving a beater, many owners chose to simply buy a new car as a way to fix this problem.

6- Front tie rod wear

The Mazda 6 front tie rod is prone to wear and is usually identified by a clicking sound when going over rough terrain. This cannot be prevented or treated. The drop links will need to be replaced.

7- Transmission problems

Unlike many other problems that Mazda6 owners have reported about their cars, this particular problem for the 2014 Mazda6 occurred on moderately used cars rather than heavily used ones. Based on an average of 55,000 miles on the odometer, many 2014 model owners said their transmission failed.

Obviously transmission failure is a pretty major problem to fix . Not only that, but it was happening to relatively new cars before they had even reached 100,000 miles. Also, in the case of the 2014 Mazda6, transmission problems were the most common problems faced by owners.

8- Misfiring (lack of power)

The throttle body may become clogged with a carbon buildup. If the throttle body gets clogged, you’ll have problems like a poor idle and a lack of power when you try to accelerate. The revs should stay constant at idle and not move erratically .

You can disassemble the throttle body and clean the accumulated carbon to solve the problem. You can use a small brush (toothbrush) and something like carb cleaner to clean it.

9- Rattling noise in the rear

If you hear a rattling noise coming from the rear of the car, it is most likely due to a faulty rear brake light assembly. This is the third brake light located in the center, at the top of the tailgate. This noise will be more noticeable when going through ditches or on roads with uneven surfaces.

It is usually one of the common Mazda 6 faults that you can easily fix. To solve this problem it is necessary to replace the support of the third brake light.

10- Failure of the trunk release mechanism

Do you find that the trunk does not open or close properly? The trunk release button is made of rubber and is prone to early degradation on the Mazda3. If this part wears out, it allows water to seep into the mechanism, preventing it from working properly .

If you catch this problem early enough, you will only have to replace the button, but if the water has completely damaged the mechanism, you will have to install a replacement trunk release mechanism and button to solve the problem. If the car is still under warranty, Mazda will fix the problem for free.

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