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Common Infiniti G37 Faults: Problems, Reliability And More!

If you’re looking for a pre-owned luxury car that’s easy to customize and has only a few minor issues, the Infiniti G37 is for you. This model is known for its sleek design, great specs, high reliability scores, and affordability. Although it never hurts to take into account the problems that it may present, we have listed the common failures of the Infiniti G37 for you .

The 2013 Infiniti G37 has a five-year depreciation rate of only 14%, so if you’re planning on buying a used unit, you can get the most for your money with this car.

How good is the Infiniti G37?

The Infiniti G37 is a reliable luxury midsize car. In fact, some owners give this model a reliability score of 3.5 out of 5.0, ranking it 8th out of 31 vehicles in its class. Overall, the G37 is affordable to maintain and only has a couple of serious issues, as discussed below.

According to reported data, the annual cost to repair an Infiniti G37 is only $540 , which is lower than the average cost of ownership for luxury midsize cars ($739) and other vehicles overall ($652). .

If you decide to buy a G37, you may have to take it to the garage more often for repairs. While owners of other midsize luxury cars and other vehicles have taken their vehicles in for repairs an average of 0.6 and 0.4 times a year respectively, owners of the Infiniti G37 have taken their vehicles in for repairs approximately 0 5 times a year.

On the plus side, the probability of serious problems is low (only 8%), compared to other luxury midsize cars (12%) and other vehicle models in general (12%).

Just like all other vehicles, if you follow regular maintenance schedules and take good care of your Infiniti G37, it can last 200,000 miles and more.

Common failures of the Infiniti G37

As mentioned above, the probability of having to do major repairs on the G37 is quite low compared to other vehicle models. Despite this, there are still a few issues you should be aware of before purchasing a used unit. Below are some of the most common Infiniti G37 failures:

1. Problems with the air conditioning

One of the most serious problems with the 2013 Infiniti G37 is a faulty A/C system. The affected owner has reported that the A/C in his vehicle suddenly blew hot air four years or about 113,000 miles after he purchased the vehicle. They took their vehicle to a mechanic and discovered that the problem was due to a seized compressor.

But after a second service a couple of days later, the mechanic told the owner that couple of tubes connecting to the radiator had clogged and the radiator needed to be replaced. At the time of writing this article, there is only one report on this incident on the website. No recalls or Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) have yet been issued to address this issue.

2. Brake pedal failures

An owner of an Infiniti G37 had reported that his vehicle vibrated and the steering wheel shook whenever he applied the brakes firmly. The affected owner had assumed that the problem had been caused by a faulty brake pad.

This brake pad chatter issue has had few reports so far . According to some of them, the owner had noticed this problem at around 26,000 miles. As with the previous air conditioning issue, no TSBs or recalls have been released to address this issue.

3. Problems with the operation of the airbag sensor

Airbag-related problems are cause for concern because they can endanger the occupants of a vehicle. Unfortunately, this is one of the major problems with the 2011 Infiniti G37. The airbag sensor determines when to turn off or on the airbag /airbag light when someone sits in the seat.

But many people on Infiniti G37 owner forums have reported that the airbag light has come on at rather unusual times. According to one of the only reports of this problem, it took the affected owner $6,700 to fix the problem by replacing the entire seat and sensor.

There is no active TSB or recall for this issue. However, Infiniti does have an online resource where you can check to see if your vehicle has an active recall. At the time of writing, the only airbag-related recall on the Infiniti website is for vehicles equipped with Takata airbags.

4. Problems with the seat

This problem was rarely reported, but there’s a good reason it was listed as the worst problem with the 2010 Infiniti G37. According to an affected driver, the driver’s seat had reclined all the way back and would not return to its original position. To fix the problem, the lower part of the seat, the rails and all the controls had to be replaced.

The affected owner said he had experienced the problem at approximately 42,500 kilometers. It also cost him $2,000 to fix it, since the problem occurred after the warranty period. As of this writing, no TSBs or recalls have been issued to address this issue.

5. Control panel failures

The most reported 2008/2009 Infiniti G37 problem is a cracked dashboard. According to the affected owners, pieces of the control panel had come off and had to be glued into place. Some owners were surprised that despite performing regular maintenance and having a cover for the control panel, they still found the problem.

Some even noticed that their panels had bubbled and peeled off at the corners. An owner of a 2008 Infiniti G37 noted that what was occurring looked like a chemical reaction. Although a class action lawsuit was filed over this issue, there are currently no lawsuits filed over this issue.

In a forum for G37 owners, affected owners shared more cost-effective tips to fix their melting dashboard. One owner suggested getting a new panel for $150 from a salvage yard.

When a G37 owner brought his vehicle into the shop, the mechanic told him that this had been a common problem on 2008-2009 Infiniti vehicles. On average, owners had noticed this problem around 50,000-70,000 miles. All affected owners had to have their control panels replaced, costing them over $2,000.

To complete

Overall, the Infiniti G37 is a good vehicle choice, especially if you want to experience the performance of a luxury midsize car at a more affordable price. Make sure you do your research first on the model year you want to buy and you’re all set. Just remember to clarify everything with the seller before making the purchase.

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