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Common Ford Ka Failures

Owners have reported few problems with their Ford Ka, although this car can have issues that are difficult to fix. They have problems with electronics, rust and, quite worryingly, problems with the gearbox and clutch. Read everything and discover the common faults of the Ford Ka .

Keep in mind that this car shares a lot of its parts with the Fiat 500, so parts availability will be better than most if something goes wrong.

Common Ford Ka Faults

Small engines are the perfect solution for crowded city streets and Ford’s entry into the conversation is the Ka car. This diminutive car has everything you could want in terms of quick acceleration combined with the size to fit into that small space.

The common faults of the Ford Ka are the following:

1- Misfiring

There may be a known bug where the Ford Ka can fail creating a sound like a broken sewing machine idling. Possible causes include issues with the ignition coil pack , which can malfunction without the engine management light coming on. The only way to be sure of this failure is to test it with a spark plug tester.

2- Brake problems

There are a couple of well known Ford Ka common faults that relate to the braking system. The first has to do with the brake hose, which causes the brake fluid fill light on your dash to switch to a permanently on state.

The second problem related to the brake system has to do with the brake drum on vehicles built before 1996, where there could be problems with the brakes not stopping the car within the proper stopping distances.

3- Disadvantages with Rust

Anything that is made of metal can become affected by rust over the years, and this is especially true of the door sills and wheel surrounds of the Ford Ka. You should take the time to go through and examine these areas, as a little rust could indicate structural problems with the bodywork , requiring prompt replacements and expense on the bodywork.

4- Corrosion of the door wiring

It’s not just the door edges and the arch around the wheels that are prone to damage over time. Within door operation, the wiring connectors are known to be particularly susceptible to corrosion over the life of the vehicle.

This problem manifests itself in the form of electrical failures in the window controls and problems with the central locking. Be sure to check both to find solutions before the problem gets worse.

5- Failures in the steering rack (or rail)

You should be on the lookout for steering rack problems, which will typically make turning difficult whether the car has power steering or not. It’s one of the costliest failures on this popular Ford small vehicle , and it’s expensive and often time consuming to fix. Watch out for a tugging feeling in the controls, a screeching noise when turning, and even a smell of burning oil in the Ka’s cabin.

6- Problems in the cam followers

Ford Ka vehicles built before February 2003 often have these types of problems. There is a known fault in many cars from this era that causes a harsh sound in the engine. If you are experiencing this issue in a Ford Ka, the likely fault may be with the cam followers and this can be quite an expensive repair.

7- Fault in the idle speed control valve

Another of the common Ford Ka failures lies in the idle speed control valve. If while driving the Ford Ka repeatedly stalls at junctions and has a rough idle, it could be due to the Idle Speed ​​Control Valve (ISCV).

This valve can become clogged over time with carbon and oil deposits , necessitating cleaning or complete replacement, which will take time and money.

8- Bad temperature sensor

This is unlikely to appear in a car due to its effects, but it is a very common fault. The cooling system temperature sensor is prone to failure. While it would normally shut down an overheated engine, if it breaks it won’t let the car start or stop. If this occurs while driving, it is necessary to check the sensor.

Common problems in a Ford Ka hatchback

The Ford Ka was offered with a 1.3-litre diesel engine when launched and this is fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). As the Ka is primarily designed as a city car, it is unlikely that many owners have taken their cars on frequent motorway trips to ensure that the DPF can be regenerated, as this process only kicks in during extended drives at higher speeds.

Other potential problems with DPF equipped cars come if it has shut down halfway through a regeneration. The result is contamination of the oil system with fuel, causing the oil level to rise gradually over time. This can damage the engine, if it hasn’t already done so.

To end

All in all, Ford is one of the best manufacturers out there today and even if your Ka suffers from one of these common faults, getting a replacement part shouldn’t be a problem.

It is good that you know that being a city car with a tendency towards urban work, the clutch and gearbox will have seen some action. Check that there are no slips or nicks, as this indicates abuse and the likelihood of large repair bills in the future. Remember that it is better to fix problems when they are small.

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