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10 Most Common Ford Galaxy Failures: Problems And Solutions!

Do you have a family that wants to move? The Ford Galaxy is an attractive proposition with plenty of seating, plenty of space, and excellent head and foot space. However, this magnificent car is not completely free of faults, find out here about the common faults of the Ford Galaxy .

If you want driving comfort at the expense of sleek and sporty style, then this could be the vehicle for you.


Common faults of the Ford Galaxy

When buying a Ford Galaxy there are a number of failures that could surprise you. Most of them are concentrated around electrical systems, giving you the following warning signs, which should make you think twice about buying.

1- Loss of power or does not start

The car completely loses power and will not start . If your Galaxy was made before 1999, it’s very likely that you have a water damaged MAF sensor. In most cases, you’ll be able to replace just the sensor, which is a quick five-minute job.

However, if the sensor has been bad for a while, you may need to purchase an air intake duct and replace it entirely.

2- Problems with the power steering

When you take your pre-owned Galaxy for a test drive, listen carefully for any noise coming from the front of the vehicle. You should be on the lookout for any knocking sounds that indicate a problem with the power steering unit at the front of the car, with the pump system being the most likely culprit.

This is a common Ford Galaxy fault, and although it can be fixed with a low pressure hose kit, this could be quite an expensive fix.

3- Problems with the alarm light

Not only the window lifters can seal electrical problems. Apparently there is another common Ford Galaxy wiring fault that causes the alarm malfunction light to stay in a permanently on state .

This of course means that you have no idea of ​​the actual state of the alarm, even if the fault is relatively easy to spot once you have the vehicle running.

4- Failures in the air conditioning and side lights

Sticking with the electrical, there are also a number of reports pointing to major issues with the Galaxy’s sidelight wiring circuitry. Be sure to perform the appropriate checks and inspect each of the lights.

You’ll also want to run the air conditioning on full throttle during your test drive, to ensure that this system has no problems and is working efficiently.

5- Disadvantages in the windshield wiper

Finally, one of the common faults on the Ford Galaxy is the well-known problem of the windshield wipers, which can suffer from a lack of lubrication and get stuck in their position . Be sure to check that they are working properly, as problems with the system will require a complete motor change, which costs around $300.

6- Failures in the windows

One of the main criticisms that the Galaxy receives is the quality of the electrical systems, which do not seem to live up to the high standards that are usually associated with Ford. Throughout the vehicle there could be a number of potential problem areas with the wiring, not least of all the mechanisms that power the windows.

If you are thinking of buying a car of this model, be sure to check the operation of all the windows.

7- Smell of burning (Clutch pressure plate)

Perhaps you can smell something burning when the vehicle begins to brake. A loud thud or thud may be heard. This is one of the common Ford Galaxy faults that usually occurs on 1.5 liter models.

This is relatively rare. The problem is that the clutch pressure plate has broken and it is difficult to fix. You can buy a replacement chainring, but they are very complicated to remove and install. Although changing an entire clutch is also challenging, it is easier than working with just the clutch pressure plate.

8- Black smoke in the exhaust

Thick black smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe . Most likely the booster heater metering pump is bad and you need to replace it. However, dense black smoke can also be a sign that your burner is oversaturated with unburned fuel. In any case, Ford has made a revised booster heater metering pump available and it’s easy to find.

9- Noise in the gearbox

Rattling noises are heard from the gearbox . You will have a vibration that is being caused by a connection between the cables of your gearbox and its outer sleeves.

This shouldn’t affect ride quality, but to get rid of the rattle, you’re going to have to install a revised shifter as well as the selector cables.

10- Problem with the power steering belt

Any pre-2000 Galaxy could be prone to power steering belt slippage when driving conditions are wet. This could be caused by water getting in through the towing eye or lower engine bumper.

Check that the engine shield or towing eye is correctly positioned and adjust if necessary to prevent this from happening. Finally, adjust the tensioner and replace the belt if necessary.

To end

In short, the Ford Galaxy is a very good car for those families who want space on a budget. If you like to vacation in the hills with a car full of kids and camping gear, then this is the vehicle to get you there.

Yes, there could be potential problems, but with a firm attitude toward a thorough inspection, you’re likely to make a safe purchase.


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