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Common Ford Fusion Failures

Since its launch, the Ford Fusion has been one of the most popular vehicles in the highly competitive midsize car segment. Much of this is due to its relatively affordable price, more than adequate standard equipment, and pretty good, mostly harmless looks. Read this post to the end and discover here the common faults of the Ford Fusion .

How good is the Ford Fusion?

The Ford Fusion is definitely a good buy for someone looking for their first car, as it offers great fuel economy and wouldn’t be an issue with insurance costs. For the same reasons, it makes a good second car for the family, perfect for short trips to the shops or local commutes.

The Ford Fusion is a highly talked about car . It has proven to be quite reliable, with its value dropping by 56% after five years. Seniors can also benefit from its ease of handling and ample storage space, allowing them to drive on a shoestring budget.

Its average annual repair cost of $581 means ownership costs are average. The severity and frequency of needed repairs are also average compared to all other vehicles.

Common faults of the Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is a popular mini multi-purpose vehicle that owes its heritage to the incredibly ubiquitous Ford Fiesta. Upon its release it had a production run of several ten with several different editions offering a choice of 4-speed automatic, 5-speed semi-automatic and 5-speed manual cars, with 1.4L and 1.6L engines.

Several revisions have been made to the range, introducing more elegant bodywork and comfort features. When it comes to road reliability, it has that Ford feel and parts for the car are plentiful and affordable.

Although it has been fairly reliable, the Ford Fusion has had its fair share of problems depending on the model year and generation. These are some of the common faults of the Ford Fusion :

1- Sudden or erratic changes

A large part of the reported problems with the Fusion have been related to its transmission . In fact, all model years from 2006 to 2018 appear to be affected by these issues. There have been complaints of erratic shifting, with the transmission shifting fine at times and then suddenly jerking or apparently slipping the gears.

There has also been talk of a shift lag, with the transmission shifting too late, either from a standstill or even while already moving. The cause of these common Ford Fusion failures varies, as does the cost of repair.

Updating the software in the powertrain control module (PCM) and transmission control module (TCM) might correct the problem on lower mileage vehicles. Older, high mileage vehicles may need valve body replacement or even a complete transmission rebuild.

2- Fuel pump problems

There are a number of issues to be aware of on the 2012 Fusion, including increased temperatures, loss of power when the vehicle is under voltage, inability to start, and sudden overloads. Combine these symptoms and the possible culprit is a faulty fuel pump which is known to cause difficulties with traction and engine response.

3- Engine failures

Sudden deceleration and loss of power while driving have been some of the most reported failures on the 2010 Ford Fusion. These engine problems are believed to be caused by throttle body issues .

On average, the problem goes out around 77,000 miles in the life of the vehicle. Some owners have found that replacing the throttle body or even just the throttle body actuator solves the problem.

4- Power steering failure

The 2011 Ford Fusion has been widely reported to have problems with its power steering system. There have been reports of the power steering not working properly. There have also been some problems with the car’s electronic power-assisted steering (EPAS) system, with some owners saying the system broke completely.

On average, this issue starts going off just around the 80,000 mile mark, although it has been reported to occur on some models with lower mileage. The EPAS fix to solve this problem is usually very expensive.

5- Warning lights on the control panel

Keep an eye on your dashboard lights as there are known issues across the range with the ABS sensor lights coming on even though there are no faults with the system. Also, beware of 2008 Fusion models where the check engine light may also come on for no reason.

6- Creaks and creaks

Some owners have reported hearing squeaks and creaks in their cars when going over potholes and when turning. This is usually one of the common Ford Fusion failures, it shows up on many Fusion model years but is more common on older ones like the 2006 model.

Many Fusion owners report experiencing the squeaks and creaks around 100,000 miles. They are usually caused by lower control arm problems or a bumper rubbing against a dry strut. Possible solutions range from simple lubrication of the stop to complete replacement of the strut assembly .

7- Failures in the transmission

There are several models with transmission problems across the range. Among them are the rough shifting and rattling of the 2007 edition, the slipping on the 2008 models and the bumping on the 2012 2.5L models. In some cases you can get away with simply reprogramming the powertrain, in other situations you can get away with it. requires a complete replacement.

8- Swollen wheel nuts

Swollen lug lug nuts have been a common problem seen on many Ford models built after 2010. It is one of the most well known 2012 Ford Fusion common failures. The problem stems from Ford’s decision to use steel lug nuts with aluminum caps .

Most other lug nuts are made as one solid piece of hardened steel. Aluminum Ford nut covers tend to swell and dislodge due to high temperatures or excessive torque when the nuts are tightened or loosened. They are also known to trap moisture, which leads to corrosion.

The problem was that the nuts were either too large for standard wrenches or had seized so tightly that they couldn’t be moved without the aid of a drill and torch.

9- Door locks in poor condition

All door latches are prone to breaking, especially on 2008 versions of the car. If these don’t work then replacement is fairly simple, although if the car is family owned then obviously it will cause some problems.

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