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Common Ford Freestyle Faults: Reliability, Problems And More!

Although the Ford Freestyle was discontinued in 2009, it’s still a great option for those looking for a roomy pre-owned vehicle. We recommend you read this list of common Ford Freestyle failures so you know what to expect.

Before you decide if this model is right for you, let’s take a look at its reliability ratings and frequently reported problems by owners throughout the model years.

How good is the Ford Freestyle?

Used Ford Freestyles have received good reviews in terms of reliability. For example, the 2006 Freestyle scored 4.4 out of 5 on consumer review pages, while the 2007 model scored 4.5 out of 5.

The Ford Freestyle also scored well in terms of safety. The 2007 model, in particular, earned 5 stars in frontal and side crash simulations conducted by the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) in the US.

Common faults of the Ford Freestyle

If you’re looking for a practical car for daily driving with a smooth transmission and flexible seating configurations, you can’t go wrong with a Ford Freestyle.

As reliable as it is, this crossover can develop breakdowns as it racks up the miles. Here are some of the common failures of the Ford Freestyle through its model years:

1- Transmission failure

Several 2005 and 2007 Ford Freestyle owners have complained of transmission failure, some as early as a few months after purchasing their vehicle. Drivers report that when the check engine light came on, the engine would experience poor acceleration and sometimes stall.

Replacing the transmission fixed this issue on some vehicles. If the transmission in your Ford fails, you may have to spend up to $4,460 to repair the car.

2- Problems with the air conditioning system

Defective air conditioning system components are a common complaint among 2007 Ford Freestyle owners. Problems with the crossover’s air conditioning valve and/or AC compressor can make cabin temperatures uncomfortable for passengers. .

Several owners have also complained that their air conditioner blows air from the wrong vents and switches between the defroster and vents, even though the driver hasn’t changed the settings.

Fortunately, most of the problems related to the air conditioning system can be solved by replacing its faulty parts. You can find air conditioning compressors one for a Ford Freestyle very easy.

3- Overload and/or loss of power

Sudden loss of power while traveling is a common problem for some 2006 Ford Freestyles . In some cases, the vehicle may go into ” limp ” mode. Many owners have also experienced a surge along with jolts and jerks, which can make driving dangerous in areas such as a busy highway.

Transmission rebuild and replacement resolved the issue in most affected vehicles. If you begin to experience transmission-related symptoms, don’t hesitate to take your Ford Freestyle to an auto repair shop for diagnosis and proper repair.

4- Uncontrolled acceleration

Reports also show that some 2006 Ford Freestyles often accelerate without warning. This makes the vehicle dangerous to drive, especially in areas that have heavy traffic, such as intersections and highways.

A throttle body replacement resolved the issue on most affected Ford Freestyles. Repairs for this type of problem can be quite expensive, reaching the equivalent of US$560.

5- Peeling paint

Corrosion of aluminum hoods is a common problem among Ford vehicles, especially those made between 2000 and 2007. The hoods of many Freestyles made in these model years are reportedly prone to rust and corrosion.

Several 2006 Ford Freestyle owners have complained that the paint along the leading edge of their hood bubbled. Some drivers have also reported peeling paint on the driver’s side door. In most cases, these paint problems occur around 91,450 miles. Refinishing or replacing the affected bonnet should resolve the issue .

6- Premature wear of the brakes

Many owners of the 2006 and 2005 Ford Freestyle have complained that their rear brakes wear out prematurely. In some cases, the brakes start to squeal a month or two after the purchase of the vehicle. Several drivers had to have their rear brakes replaced twice at 72,000 miles.

Replacing faulty components, such as rotors and pads, usually resolves the problem. The cost of repairing this type of problem is estimated at 250 US dollars. The price depends on the parts that need to be replaced.

7- Faults in the gear lever

Shifter problems are common on 2005-2007 Ford Freestyles. According to reports, the shifter slider binding can make the shifter difficult to move . Fortunately, bezel replacement usually fixes the problem.

8- Malfunction of the blower motor

Several owners of 2005-2007 Ford Freestyles that have manual temperature and fan control have complained that the fan motor only runs on the highest setting. The problem is usually caused by a failing blower motor resistor, and replacing it should solve the problem.

9- Abrasion of the wheel cover

Abrasion and snapping of wheel caps can cause these parts to make clicking and ticking noises. Most of the complaints related to this problem come from owners of the 2005-2007 Ford Freestyle. Lubricating the rear of the hubcaps (or the part where the wheels touch) will usually stop or reduce noise.

To end

Aside from the problems mentioned above, you may find other faults with a Ford Freestyle as it ages. But as long as you educate yourself about these potential issues, investing in this model should be low risk.

Remember to know well the common faults of the Ford Freestyle and comply with the maintenance program and replace any faulty component immediately to keep your Ford Freestyle in good condition for a long time.

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