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Common Faults Of The Skoda Fabia: Breakdowns, Problems And Solutions

Fast, agile and fun. The Skoda Fabia is one of those small cars that everyone loves and rightly so. It first appeared on the roads in 1999 and is the natural evolution of the Felicia. If you are interested in buying a car of this model, we recommend that you learn more about the common failures of the Skoda Fabia.

All available models have a clear focus on fuel economy over speed and power, making it a truly quality urban vehicle.

Common failures of the Skoda Fabia

Renowned in the industry for its reliability, there isn’t much we can include in this article about common Skoda Fabia failures, but no car is completely immune to failure, and the Fabia is no exception. Use this article to make sure you have all the information before you start looking for used Fabias.

1- Skoda Fabia loses strength

A sudden loss of power is experienced when accelerating, and the heater control light may come on. This tends to be a simple case to fix, where you have to buy a new accelerator pedal position sensor and replace the faulty one. In some cases it could be the pedal assembly itself, but this is quite rare.

2- Problems with the electrical system of the instrument panel

Not that you should think about buying a car with problems, but if the salesperson tells you not to worry about your check engine light or steering warning light, be a little hesitant.

After all, both of these lights are known to come on because of faulty sensors, and if they’re permanently on, you’ll never be able to tell when you have a real problem.

3- Failures in the suspension

The Fabia’s suspension is notorious for being a bit stiff, so if you’re feeling excessive bouncy when you hit the road, then you know the culprit is a problem with the suspension system , which is prone to failure.

Test the car with a simple bounce on the front of the hood and see that it comes back to position in 1-2 bounces. Otherwise he could be bouncing and cost extra.

4- Problems with the stability control system

When you go out, check that the stability control system works. Ask the owner to show you how to connect the system and check that the lights that warn that the system is not working correctly do not come on.

This is a very important feature that helps you drive in the worst weather conditions, such as ice and snow, and the car will suffer from handling difficulties without it. Make sure you have this important feature in your vehicle, as you will be in trouble if it doesn’t work properly.

5- Failures in the DSG gearbox

Some Skoda Fabias suffered from a serious problem with the VW-manufactured 7-speed gearbox. Chemical changes in the oil could cause a complete short circuit of the system when you were on the road.

Fortunately, most cars with this issue have been recalled, so check that your vehicle was part of this recall before parting with your hard-earned money. This is a problem that happens quite frequently, and that is why we include it in the list of common Skoda Fabia faults.

6- Problems with oil consumption

The Fabia is reputed to be one of the most oil dependent cars on the road. You need a constant supply of oil to keep your engine running at its best, but if the previous owner has been negligent in keeping the vehicle full of oil, chances are your car will suffer .

Make sure the oil is topped up correctly, as if it is running low it is a sign that the engine may not have received the treatment it needs over the years.

7- The fuel gauge goes to zero

Even when the fuel tank has just been filled, the indicator goes down to zero, this can be a common failure of the Skoda Fabia. This may be a software update, which could be done at any Skoda dealer. In some cases, it is due to a faulty fuel gauge sensor.

8- Problems with electric windows

The electric windows do not work. This will almost always be caused by a break in the wiring in the pillar. You will have to remove the panel and replace or repair any broken wires.

9- Failures in the windshield washer pump

If you have noticed a water leak in front of the front wheel on the passenger side, the cause is a leak in the windshield washer pump. To fix the problem, it is necessary to replace the windshield washer pump.

10- Water leaks

Take a look at the Skoda you’re thinking of buying before you take it out on the road. Do you notice any water leaks around the passenger wheel? If you think there is too much water on the floor, then you could be dealing with a small and annoying windshield washer pump failure . Although it is not fatal, you will need a replacement if you do not want to be refilling the tank every two days.

11- Smell of fuel in the car

If you smell fuel inside your car and fuel is left on the ground while driving, you have a problem to fix. The fuel filter on Fabias manufactured between April 2011 and October 2014 is faulty, which is prone to cracking around the inlet connection. This can slowly start to affect the handling of the car. Buy the correct fuel filter and replace it with the faulty one.

To end

The Fabia is a great choice as a used car and is one of those vehicles that manages to offer great economy on the road. Use it to complement a larger family car or buy it as your son or daughter’s first car. This is a versatile engine that should last for many years with proper maintenance and a good flush of oil at the appropriate times.

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