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Common Faults Of The Mini Cooper Countryman: Problems And Solutions!

The Mini Cooper Countryman is a roomy SUV that has all the bells and whistles you want in a vehicle made by the iconic automaker. This car, like all the others, also has problems and breakdowns, for which we have listed the common faults of the Mini Cooper Countryman . Stay and keep reading!

Its stylish looks can match its reliability, performing well with its responsive handling and competent engine power. It can also hold its value, depreciating just 44% after five years.

How good is the Mini Cooper Countryman?

Surveys give the Mini Cooper Countryman a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5.0, which puts it 19th out of 21 vehicles in the same category. Aside from its performance and capability, it also offers a comfortable ride quality with its fine interiors and seats.

However, first-time Mini owners may find its features confusing at first . If you take care of your Countryman properly by following its correct maintenance and service schedule, it can last for more than 150,000 miles with hardly any problems.

Common failures of the Mini Cooper Countryman

Despite being a reliable vehicle, the Mini Cooper Countryman has its fair share of problems by model year. Here are the common failures of the Mini Cooper Countryman with various model years:

1. Transmission problems

The 2014 Mini Cooper Countryman can be susceptible to various transmission problems. Transmission-related problems can include jumping during acceleration, unusual noises, a burning smell coming from the hood, shift lag, excessive shuddering, and squealing.

If not fixed immediately, these complications can progress, leading to poor fuel economy and total transmission failure. Experts advise owners to have their transmissions checked routinely to prevent any serious wear or damage . Also, practice proper transmission care by inspecting and changing the transmission fluid at appropriate intervals, depending on how often you drive your SUV.

2. Sunroof failures

One of the most alarming problems with the 2013 Mini Cooper Countryman is its faulty sunroof, which can explode unexpectedly. It can reportedly happen with low mileage vehicles at around 11,000 miles. Some owners have experienced driving normally and suddenly hearing a loud bang. They were alarmed and when they checked the back seat, the sunroof had been shattered.

This is extremely risky because the resulting explosion and debris can cause harm to the vehicle’s occupants. Some owners have shared that repair costs may be covered by the vehicle’s warranty, but it’s best to confirm with the dealer first. They have also reported that replacing the sunroof with a shatterproof material can help solve this problem.

3. Motor overheating

Engine problems with the 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman are common, ranging from mild to severe. According to reports, the engine tends to overheat, usually linked to water pump failure.

Some have reported running into various problems, such as illuminated check engine lights, blown head gaskets, coolant leaks, and total engine failure . However, other Countryman owners have reported that overheating can also be caused by bad core plugs, which can fail and cause coolant leaks.

Replacing faulty parts can help, but some owners have reported having trouble finding the right components to fix their vehicles.

Symptoms can begin to appear around 39,000 kilometers. If you notice any engine-related problems on your 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman, see your mechanic immediately to pre-empt any complications.

4. Internal oil leaks

One of the most notable problems with the 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman is its tendency to develop internal oil leaks, which are not visible from the exterior of the vehicle. An owner has shared that during a component replacement, the mechanic detected an oil leak at the oil pump solenoid valve.

Oil was dripping onto the wiring sheath. If oil gets into the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), it can short circuit and cause serious damage . This is reportedly a common problem that can occur with other different Mini models as well.

It is best to have your Countryman checked periodically for any internal oil leaks to prevent oil from dripping onto other components connected to your electrical system.

5. Seat belt alarm failures

The 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman can develop an annoying problem with its seat belts, which have alarms that can go off intermittently for no apparent reason. This usually happens with relatively new vehicles with only about 4,800 to 9,000 miles on them. Some owners have shared that their alarms would go off even if their seat belts were fastened properly.

They have also reported that they have tried to restart the engine to turn off the alarm, but after a while it would happen again randomly. Some have tried to have their vehicles checked out by their mechanics , but they couldn’t find anything wrong. If you’re experiencing this with your Countryman, you’re definitely not the only one.

6. Airbag malfunctions

Among the many 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman problems, airbag malfunctions are common in low mileage vehicles. Some owners have reported that their air bags deployed erroneously in a minor impact. The most common sign of airbag problems is a “passenger airbag off” light, which can be found on the vehicle’s overhead console.

The symptoms usually appear between 8,000 and 24,000 kilometers. There is no clear cause linked to these airbag problems . Some have taken their vehicles to their dealerships, but the mechanics have been unable to detect any problems. All components and systems have come out with normal results after diagnosis. If you are experiencing the same symptoms with the airbags in your Cooper Countryman, see your mechanic as soon as possible.

7. Brake problems

The 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman can develop loud and annoying noises from your brakes. Some owners have experienced this with low mileage vehicles that have less than 2,000 miles on them. They have tried taking their SUVs to the dealership to replace the brake pads and rotors, but it has happened again.

They found it alarming because the loud squealing noise can get worse despite repairs being made. Some have shared that they had to visit their dealerships multiple times, but the mechanics couldn’t find anything wrong with the vehicle. Some have expressed anxiety about this problem because they felt unsafe driving their fairly new vehicles with squealing brakes.

In summary

Whether you are going to buy a new or used Mini Cooper Countryman, you must be prepared for its possible problems. As a responsible vehicle owner, you should research and take note of the most common problems you may encounter in the model year you are interested in, so that you can manage them well when they do occur. Be sure to clarify all important details with the seller before making any purchase.

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