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10 Common Faults Of The Ford Mondeo: Problems And Solutions

The Ford Mondeo is one of the most successful and iconic models of this manufacturer, which took over from the Ford Cortina as the flagship four-door sedan car. Find out in this post everything about the common faults of the Ford Mondeo , if you want to buy one.

It is a very well designed car that has a small number of reported failures due to the high number of sales over the years. With good reliability and satisfaction scores, it is a good used car.

Common faults of the Ford Mondeo

There have been many iterations of the Ford Mondeo, including a very popular family car, and you will still see many of these vehicles on the road today.

If you are thinking of buying a vehicle like these, be sure to check out our list of common Ford Mondeo failures, so you can make a wise purchase.

1- Problems with the dual mass flywheel

Listen if the Ford Mondeo’s engine rattles. This is one of the telltale signs of dual mass flywheel problems , which is more likely to occur if the car has been driven at high speeds or has completed more than 120,000 miles. This is an expensive part to replace, requiring the services of a skilled mechanic.

2- Faults in the power steering

Mondeos built between 1996 and 1999 are known to have power steering issues, which can result in a knocking noise or a jittery sensation when cornering. This problem can be fixed by simply replacing the return duct, which will stop the noise and problems.

3- Problems with remote central locking

There is a common Ford Mondeo failure with remote central locking, so be sure to perform all the relevant tests by repeatedly locking and unlocking the doors before you go out and test it.

It could be a problem with the key fob , which may need new batteries or may require a complete replacement.

4- Disadvantages of electricity

Make sure you take the time to look at the car after it has been parked and idle for a while, as there is a fault with the car where the power windows go down on their own. It is quite difficult to check for this bug, so it may be worth having a discussion with the seller in advance about whether this problem is occurring.

5- Faults in the fuel injector

When the car is parked, walk around the vehicle and pay attention to the smell . If you can detect the smell of diesel in the air, there is most likely a problem with the fuel injector system, which could be leaking. This should have been fixed in a model-wide recall, so check the car’s service history.

6- Problems with the air conditioning

Air conditioning is known to be a common Ford Mondeo fault, with condenser unit problems preventing the system from working. When you sit inside any Ford Mondeo you’re considering buying, simply check to see that the air conditioning is working properly when set to the coldest temperatures.

7- Cracking noise from the gear set

There may be a creaking noise when moving into third gear. The 3rd gear synchronizer ring could be faulty. Ford has released a revised version of the Must Buy Ring.

8- Rapid wear of headlight bulbs and windshield wipers

Headlight bulbs burn out very quickly and wiper blades wear out much faster than expected.

These two complaints are the most common problems you’ll have with the Mondeo, and it’s nothing more than a design flaw. Purchase longer-lasting bulbs and longer-lasting wiper blades. Both are easy to install.

9- Problem with the fuel gauge reading

All Mondeos up to the year 2001 have been known to have problems with inaccurate fuel gauge readings. The cause is usually a fault in the fuel pump module.

The best way to fix this problem is to install a new fuel lever sender card.

10- Rear brake wear

The 2001-02 Mondeo may have excessive wear on the rear brake pads due to sticking. This can be fixed by changing the pads and making sure the support area is clean and then very well oiled.

To complete

The Ford Mondeo is a good choice for a second-hand car and there are plenty of parts available at a competitive price in case it fails later. A very economical purchase that will allow you to circulate without having to waste too much money on your purchase.

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