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Common Faults In Ford Cars

There are things you need to know about that Ford machine you’re planning to buy or already own. The common problems and faults in Ford cars that are outlined here are the ones that have actually occurred to users in the past and present.

Therefore, this information is of vital importance for any user of a Ford car or even for any admirer of a Ford brand vehicle who is considering buying one. It is the wish of anyone that the car they buy is ideal for their use and therefore it would be unfortunate if they experience any challenges other than those that are unforeseen.

Common faults in Ford cars

It is important to know what possible problems that Ford car you want to acquire may have, especially after working hard to make that purchase possible. However, the machines are made by humans and therefore are expected to have some problems.

The following information will therefore be essential to give you an idea of ​​what to expect from that Ford vehicle you own or are about to own. Here are the common problems and failures in Ford cars.

1- General transmission problems

This problem has become a major nuisance to the engineering section of the Ford Motor Company. The company has hit the headlines of late due to ongoing complaints from users of its models regarding the drive gears.

The issue, which was recently addressed and identified by the company as being caused by a seatless transmission shift cable, affected many Ford-built vehicles. The clipless seat may allow the transmission to be in a different gear state than the position the driver intended it to be in.

In the event that the driver wanted to park his vehicle, he would be in danger because there is nothing to warn him that the car is not in the expected position . Once the key is removed, the vehicle can still move, which means it is not safe. There is a risk of an accident occurring resulting in injury to anyone nearby.

Among the vehicles affected by this recall are the 2018 Ford F-150 and some of the 2018 Ford Expedition models. The company intends to test and ensure that the shift cable lock clip was installed correctly.

2- Failures in the tire pressure sensor

When the tire pressure sensor has a problem, it means that there is a failure in the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The fact that this system is essential for all vehicles manufactured after 2007 makes it a serious problem that cannot be given little attention.

The fact that when the tire is overinflated problems such as reducing the useful life of the tire occur . The driver may experience a rough ride while driving and also timing belt breakage are some of the problems this failure can lead to.

A problem of this caliber has been observed in the Ford Focus and some of the users of this model comment that there is a message that appears in the information section illustrating that the tire pressure sensor has a fault. In case you see this, you shouldn’t worry too much as it can’t do much damage. However, one must be aware that the pressure monitor has failed and the user must fix it as soon as possible. The general rule is not to risk anything.

3- Engine problems

There is a common saying that the engine is what makes up a vehicle . You can eliminate fuel and still power your engine with electricity. There’s not much you can do with a car that’s missing an engine. The last thing any car owner wants to hear is that their vehicle has engine trouble.

Ford recalled some of its models in Europe and North America to have this problem looked at. One of the main reasons that made it necessary is the fire risk that the engine posed to people.

Among some of the vehicles that were recalled by the company are the 2013-2014 Ford Fusion cars, the Ford Compact Fiesta and the 2014 Ford Escape. The reason why the engine in your Ford is likely to fail is due to the Overheating from improper circulation of coolant in the engine resulting in cracking of the car’s cylinder head.

4- Failures in the valve cover gasket

When it comes to securing the engine, the gasket is the element that does all the dirty work . You should keep in mind that the valve cover gasket keeps the cylinder head protected. Most of these valve cover gaskets are usually made of plastic or cork. However, the valve cover gasket weakens over time due to being subjected to various unfriendly conditions.

Some of the tips to look out for when looking for a failing valve cover gasket are: the smell of burning oil, the fact that the engine is low on oil, or even other times that the engine runs rough causing misfires . ignition .

Although the numbers are significantly low, some Ford models have had complaints of a faulty valve cover gasket, including the Ford Fiesta. However, it has not yet been established whether the problem was due to the company using sub-par gaskets or if there were other external factors responsible for this. However, it would be important to keep track of your vehicle’s valve cover gasket as it acts as the protection for your engine.

5- Fuel problems

The Automobile Company has received some casualties considering the number of complaints that some of its customers have been issuing. In 2016, it had to recall about 88,000 of its cars located in North America. According to Reuters, this was after the company became aware of some engine problems some of its models have.

Some of the Ford engines are likely to stall at any moment because some of them have a problem with the fuel pump.

Some of the affected vehicles include the Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS sedans, and MKT SUVs manufactured between 2013 and 2015. The reason the fuel pump is faulty according to the company is that some of its control models may fail . when starting the engines . However, no crashes have been reported as a result.

6- Ejection of the spark plugs

Proper, well-maintained spark plugs are a must for the efficient performance of any vehicle. The Ford Company has been in trouble after problems arose in connection with the Ford Explorer V8. Ford is apparently notorious for having problems with its V8 engine ejection spark plugs.

The problems start when you hear knocking noises. This is then succeeded by a misfire of the engine at all speeds leading to the illumination of the check engine light.

When the spark plugs are ejected, the cylinder heads are damaged and therefore there is no choice but to repair the threads of the spark plug holes and the cylinder head gasket. The Ford Company has recommended a method of cylinder head repair that prevents the spark plug from being ejected when it is used in the future.

This is very useful as it prevents double damage. Also, it is not necessary to replace all spark plugs. However, the best option for any Ford Explorer owner would be to purchase an updated spark plug design that will prevent such a thing from happening in the future.

7- Brake failures

The braking system is not something you would take a chance on if you knew the vehicle you are using had braking problems. This can be a matter of life and death for the driver and also for other drivers on the road. The risk posed here is significant and can scar users for life, not to mention the kind of damage it would do to the reputation of a company that is responsible for that. A lot of vigorous testing of the brakes is necessary to ensure that there is no chance of this happening.

Ford F150 models that were built between 2013 and 2014 were tested by the United States government for brake failure. The result caused about 270,000 Ford F-150 trucks to be recalled due to potential braking problems.

However, this should not be taken to mean that all trucks of that model have braking problems. Although, car manufacturers are not expected to take any chances on this. There have also been complaints from several users of the Ford F350 model who complain that the brakes of their vehicles actuate themselves. No matter when the problem occurs, it’s best to play it safe and make sure your brakes are working like they’re supposed to .

8- Heating and air conditioning problems

Nothing can be as irritating to the user of a car as the discovery that the vehicle’s ventilation has a problem and therefore will not be of much use to them when that time comes. Driving while trying not to concentrate in the scorching heat in places with high temperatures can be very annoying.

The same can be said when driving in sub-zero regions and the heater not working. It can become a nightmare.

The Ford Edge SE has been one of the Ford vehicles whose status has caught the attention of manufacturers. The model that was brought to the market at the beginning of 2007 has registered in the past cases of having ventilation problems.

Some of those affected stated that they had a problem with the air not coming out of the ventilation ducts. However, the Ford company has not recalled the Ford Edge model as a result of this problem. Therefore, it would be important and prudent to clarify this matter in case you are the owner of this particular model.

9- Failures in the lighting system

The lighting system of a vehicle provides security when driving in the dark or in places with unfavorable weather conditions , such as during a snowfall or in places with a lot of fog. Unsurprisingly, systems need to perform at their best and therefore lighting system failure can only spell doom for the driver.

According to reuters.com, Ford recalled its Ford Crown Victoria and Ford Mercury Grand Marquis models to replace its lighting control module. 300,000 units were recalled due to headlight failure.

Some of these failures had terrible experiences for drivers as some of the lights would not come on. A few crashes and injuries here and there could have happened later. So you need to be aware of this challenge that your Ford is likely to throw at you in unforeseen circumstances. Keep in mind all the common faults in Ford cars for and quickly solve the problem.

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