Common Faults in Computer Keyboards

The keyboard is a vital link between the computer user and the screen. If the keyboard stops working or starts having problems, that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be replaced. People can solve some common computer keyboard faults .

Here we bring you a list of some of the top common keyboard issues that are probably the reason behind your keyboard failure.

Common faults in computer keyboards

The keyboard is one of the main components of the computer without which it is almost impossible to work on the system. A keyboard is needed for almost all system tasks. From web browsing to gaming, every task requires a keyboard for completion and initiation. In the rarest of scenarios, we have to deal with a keyboard failure that we never expected.

The keyboard is a sturdy device that doesn’t break or get damaged that easily , but sometimes it does fail. There are some common problems that you may face or may be facing due to some issue that you are not aware of.

1- Connection problem

One of the most common problems you may encounter will be an improper connection . Sometimes the keyboard stops working due to a connection failure. In order to get rid of this problem. Just turn off your PC and remove the keyboard cable from the port. After a few minutes, plug the cable back into the port and start using the keyboard once more.

2- Bent or broken plug

Sometimes the pins of the plug are bent or damaged , this usually happens during the removal or fixing of the plug in the port. If the pins are bent then unplug the cable and straighten them with the little pin tool. In case you find damaged pins or missing pins, then you have to buy a new keyboard in such a scenario.

3- Update notifications

After an update to remove all the bugs and issues that users are facing. If you suddenly encounter a problem with your keyboard, then check for updates. There is a possibility that your system needs a driver update . Visit the manufacturer’s website for a software update, if there is one then go ahead and install it immediately.

4- Bad brand keyboard

Keyboard layouts, set by the operating system, use different alphabets and accented letters for different languages. If you type a key and the wrong letter or symbol appears, the system may be using the wrong keyboard layout. Change the keyboard layout preferences back to the desired layout.

  • Every system has a set of operating systems on which the keyboard layout depends . If you hit a particular key and end up getting the exact opposite letter on the screen, then the system could possibly be using the different keyboard layout. You can change the keyboard layout as per your choice by going to control panel > keyboard settings.
  • If you have Windows, you may need to change the language to Spanish since it must surely be in English.
  • Laptops often have a ” Number Lock ” setting that turns a section of the keyboard into a numeric keypad. If some letters on your laptop keyboard produce numbers, check that you didn’t turn this setting on by mistake. A keyboard shortcut usually controls it.

5- The keys do not work

If there are certain keys that don’t work properly or respond slowly, then dust may be the reason for that problem. Turn the keyboard upside down to remove dust between the keyboard keys. If that doesn’t work then use a jet sprayer to do the job, you can also use a blow dryer, just be careful with the heat.

6- The function keys do not work

If the function keys don’t work, the problem may be that you have a function lock or an F-Lock key that needs to be changed. The F-Lock key is used to enable or disable the F keys (F1 to F12) or the secondary functions of the F keys.

  • Some keyboards may label the F-Lock key as the Fn key.

7- The keys of the numerical keyboard do not work

If the keys on the number pad don’t work or behave strangely (for example, if you move the cursor), press the Num Lock key . Num Lock is used to switch between the primary function (numbers) and the secondary functions (arrow keys, Home, Delete, etc.) of the numeric keypad.


The keyboard is not one of those sensitive devices that fail quickly . You can work on the same keyboard for as long as you want without having to change it. Keep all these points in mind whenever you are faced with keyboard failure. If the problem is not resolved, you may need to purchase a new keyboard immediately. Although you can also follow the following tips:

  • Try restarting your computer . It’s not uncommon for a program or operating system to cause problems with a keyboard that prevents some keys from working. If the restart didn’t help and you’re using Windows, try starting it in Safe Mode to make sure no programs are running in the background. If the keyboard works in Safe Mode, it is likely that one of the programs or device drivers you have installed is causing the problem.
  • Dust, dirt, hair, and other debris can fall onto the keyboard over time and obstruct a key’s movement or interfere with its circuitry. Try to remove the broken key and clean the area under and around it.
  • Some keys, such as the function keys (F1 to F12), do not work with all applications . Try the key that doesn’t work in more than one program, such as Notepad, a word processor, and your preferred Internet browser.

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