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Common Failures Of The Volkswagen CC: Reliability, Breakdowns And Solutions!

The Volkswagen CC is not just about style. This vehicle also has a lot to offer in terms of power and driving dynamics. But just like any other vehicle, you may encounter problems with this car as it gets older. Learn here the common faults of the Volkswagen CC and anticipate these problems.

In this post we will take a look at what Volkswagen CC experts and owners have to say about the reliability of this model.

How good is the Volkswagen CC?

The Volkswagen CC has had an overall reliability score of 2.5 out of 5, ranking last out of 24 cars in its segment. Specific model years scored better, with the 2013 model receiving an 80/100 and the 2017 model earning a 74/100 quality and reliability score.

Common faults of the Volkswagen CC

As we have already reported, the Volkswagen CC is a stylish car. This car has a lot of power and dynamics when it comes to driving. Here are some of the common Hyundai Veloster failures you may encounter with your Volkswagen as it racks up the mileage:

1- Failure of the timing belt

One of the main items on the list is common 2012 Volkswagen CC problems that have to do with the vehicle’s engine. Several 2012 owners complained of engine related issues and/or engine failure at around 86,800 miles. Repairs for engine problems can cost up to $6,100.

Owners have reported their cars making rattling noises, losing power and stopping suddenly while on the road. Mechanics later determined that their vehicles were low on engine oil, which may have caused the timing belt to go bad and the engine to lose compression.

Luckily, replacing a faulty timing belt (or timing chain) can fix this problem.

2- The engine shuts down

Engine problems are also common on some 2010 model units. In one driver’s case, his car suddenly stalled and his engine stopped running as soon as he passed 40 mph. Transmission and clutch issues were identified as the cause of the problem. Other owners were not so lucky and had to change the engine.

3- Transmission failures

Transmission problems are a fairly common concern among 2010 model year owners of this car. Affected units had transmissions that were jerky and difficult to shift between gears.

These signs are not to be taken lightly, as transmission failure can compromise vehicle safety. One driver recalls how his car’s “D” shift indicator would flash as his transmission unexpectedly jumped into neutral. Fortunately, he was able to find a safe place to stop and restart his vehicle.

As soon as you suspect that your vehicle has a transmission problem, immediately take it to a mechanic for an accurate diagnosis. Transmission repair can cost up to $2,100. In the worst case, you may have to replace the entire transmission.

Repairs for this problem can cost up to $10,500. As soon as you notice the symptoms related to engine stalling or misfiring, take your Volkswagen CC to an auto repair shop immediately. This can save you time and money on expensive repairs.

4- Malfunction of brake lights

Some 2010 Volkswagen CC owners report encountering problems with their brake lights . These were seen in low mileage vehicles with as little as 27,750 miles on the marker.

Most of the complaints are about the vehicle’s left brake light repeatedly breaking. One owner said that mechanics inspected electrical wires and other related components to get to the root of the problem.

5- Carbon accumulation problems

Some 2009-2016 Volkswagen CC with direct injection engines are prone to carbon buildup. Affected vehicles may experience issues such as rough idling when cold, hard starts, slow throttle , misfiring, black smoke (under hard acceleration), and an illuminated check engine light.

To fix the problem, a mechanic may have to clean the intake manifold and intake ports. Because it can take a long time to do this, the labor costs for this type of repair can be expensive.

6- Smell from HVAC vents

Several owners of CCs from the years 2009 to 2014 have reported a musty odor coming from their vehicle’s vents due to condensation in the heater box. To fix the problem, mechanics may need to inspect the drainage system for debris. Also, cleaning the Volkswagen CC heater box can help get rid of the problem.

7- Problems with the VW subframe

Some 2009-2014 Volkswagen CCs may make noises when accelerating from a stop or downshifting after hard acceleration. Drivers also reported feeling a slight impact under their feet and changes in the alignment of the front end of their vehicle. This may indicate that the bolts and spacers that secure your vehicle’s subframe have been stretched , making the subframe unstable.

To end

These are just some of the potential problems you may encounter with your Volkswagen CC on the road. If you want to know if the Volkswagen CC you are thinking of buying is part of a recall, you can read this article or go to the website of the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) in the US for more information.

By doing your research, choosing the model year that interests you, and following the recommended maintenance schedule, you can maximize the life of your Volkswagen CC.

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