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Common Failures Of The Volkswagen Bora (Jetta)

These compact city cars are available as 4-door sedans and hatchbacks and are great for fuel economy and space. Replacing the popular Vento in 1998, the vehicle has been replaced by the Jetta in 2005. Read to the end and discover the common faults of the Volkswagen Bora .

By reading through these common Volkswagen Bora problems you will be able to find out what is wrong with your vehicle, or just what to look for in the future. In addition, we are going to give you suggestions on what to do if your Volkswagen Bora has one of these problems.

How good is the Volkswagen Bora?

The Bora is a good city car that will keep you going for several years if well cared for with regular oil changes and service. This car has reliable German engineering, built to last .

Common faults of the Volkswagen Bora

As with many VW models, this car was certainly built to last and is a good investment for anyone looking to maximize their investment in a pre-owned purchase. However, there are a number of common failures that you should be aware of.

Below are some of the issues to look out for in the Bora/Jetta:

1- Clutch problem

If you feel there is a problem with the clutch, the first place to inspect is the clutch pedal itself. In the center of the pedal there will be a white patch with a rod attached to it, this rod is notorious for cracking as the welds that hold it together are not that strong.

This problem can be easily fixed by welding over the crack and reinforcing the weld points. If the dipstick is beyond repair, you will need to replace this part to resolve the issue.

2- Failure in the water pump

This is one of the common failures of the Volkswagen Bora since in these vehicles it is common for the water pump to fail over time. The water pump should be changed at the same time as the cam belt. If the pump has failed you will have to change the water pump to solve the problem.

You should know that there are many reports of problems with the Bora’s water pump, which can cause steam from the radiator and coolant leaks at the front of the car. This part needs to be replaced regularly.

3- Automatic transmission problems

Some high mileage Jettas with the automatic transmission have many different internal problems. It’s worth having a specialist check it out, but many of them can’t be fixed and many owners will simply need to change the transmission entirely.

4- DPF warning light

This is one of the common Volkswagen Bora faults, although it is very common in diesel-powered cars and not just Jettas and Volkswagens. Diesel cars equipped with a DPF do not handle short trips and stop-and-go city driving very well.

The DPF can become clogged due to these driving styles . The DPF will need to be cleaned, most of the time this can be done by driving on the open road at high revs for a sustained period of time. If this doesn’t clear the light, you may need to manually clean the DPF, or there could be a problem with the DPF.

5- Rough running or rough idle

If you’re having trouble with rough running, slow acceleration, and even rough idling, you probably have a problem with one of the coil packs . In the Bora as in any other car, the faulty coil will have to be replaced. It is normally recommended to change all coils at the same time.

6- Timing belt problems

You should pay attention to rattling noises at the front of the car and slow ignition, as this could be due to a timing belt problem, which is known when the car has exceeded 70,000 kilometers. You have to be careful with this inconvenience, since if it worsens it will require the replacement of the entire engine, not just the belt.

7- Engine failures

When you start the VW Bora, are there problems with the engine misfiring and shutting down frequently at start-up? If so, and you’ve noticed your engine misfiring, the usual cause on these cars is a coil tower failure. You will need to replace the coil tower to fix the problem.

8- Problem with the turbocharger

In the Bora 1.9TDL there is a known fault that causes a loss of power and problematic starts . This is because the turbocharger gets stuck and causes a lot of smoke to come out of the engine when you go full throttle.

9- Exhaust valves

Observe movement and feel at idle. If the Bora is giving you difficulty idling, then the culprit could be the exhaust valves, which are known to be problematic on many models in this range of cars. If it’s not the intake or exhaust valves, know that many owners have found that cleaning the throttle body fixes this problem.

10- The window does not close

If you’ve run into this issue, it’s due to a problem with the window slider clips. It is usually one of the common Volkswagen Bora faults and to fix this problem you will have to get a new regulator kit that will come with new clips. Installing these clips will solve the problem .

11- Problems with heating

If there are problems with the heating system, such as not working on certain settings, this is due to a faulty heating resistor . The car will need a new heater resistor to fix this problem.

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