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10 Common Failures Of The Seat Alhambra: Breakdowns, Problems And Solutions

The Seat Alhambra is one of those cars that may not get the recognition it deserves. Originally hitting the streets in 1996, it was overhauled in 2010 to bring it up to date with all the new looks and modern features. On this occasion we will tell you everything about the disadvantages of this car, stay and discover the common faults of the Seat Alhambra .

Available in 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic models with a range of engines including a powerful 2.8L VR6 20-valve petrol model, this car offers great powertrain, impressive space and an attractive economy rate. Although not everything is rosy, so here you will read about all the cons of the Seat Alhambra.

Common failures of the Seat Alhambra

Overall, this Seat is one of the best cars we’ve reviewed during our common problems article series. There have been no recalls during its tenure on the roads, which is a testament to the build quality of this engine.

Nothing is immune to problems though, and while this model is pretty reliable, you could be on the verge of making a bad buy. Here is our list of the common faults of the Seat Alhambra, which you should even read before buying one.

1- Loss of power

The Alhambra is notorious for an issue where there appears to be no power. This fault is caused by the MAF ( Mass Air Flow ) sensor. You yourself may notice that there is a lack of power when accelerating or that there is this lack of power at high speeds.

You will need to remove the MAF sensor and clean it with a MAF sensor cleaner. Once it’s clean, you can reattach the sensor. This should solve the problem.

2- The air conditioning does not cool

The Alhambra’s air conditioning is notorious for not blowing out freezing air on the coldest settings. This is due to a problem with the capacitor. Installing a replacement capacitor will solve the problem. It can be an expensive part to replace.

3- Failures in the suspension

When you go out to test drive the Alhambra, make sure you take the car to some bumpy terrain and check if the suspension makes any strange noises . If you suspect there may be system issues, the usual culprit is the suspension arms.

When the car is stationary, take the time to push the hood and see how quickly the vehicle regains stability. Although this is a common problem, it shouldn’t cost too much to fix when you factor in the total expense on the vehicle.

4- Problems with the air conditioning

This is a fairly simple test. Make sure you roll up all the windows and test the full range of heat and cold coming out of the AC unit as this part is notorious for failing if and you are looking for a very strong bill you need to have to fix it later.

Repairs could be over a thousand bucks, so even if you’re thinking of buying in the dead of winter, take a little cold on your test drive or you could be paying a lot of money that will give you the creeps.

5- Black smoke in the exhaust

The diesel version of the Alhambra is prone to failure in the coolant preheaters. If these parts have failed, you will see black smoke coming out of the exhaust when you put your foot down on the accelerator. To solve this problem it is necessary to install replacement coolant preheaters.

7- Failure in the rear lights

If you have a Seat Alhambra that has a problem with taillights that don’t work, you’re not the only one. There is a cable that goes through the trunk (plastic tubes) to the trunk door. This wire can break, causing the taillights to fail. If the cables are changed, the problem is solved.

8- Seat belt rattle

On the popular 2.0-litre Alhambra, keep an ear out for a cam belt rattle and check that the drive belt has been changed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Problems with these parts can not only be expensive to replace, but can also cause failure and side effects throughout the engine if not fixed quickly. Avoid cars with these problems.

9- Central locking problems

A known problem in the Alhambra is that the central locking does not work properly. It has been reported that the driver’s door does not lock when all other doors are locked.

It has also been known that when the driver’s door is closed, the others do not close. This problem is caused by a fault in the wiring between the driver’s door and the A-pillar. You will need to replace this wiring to fix this problem.

10- Problems with the panoramic sunroof

One of the nicer features available on certain Alhambras is the panoramic sunroof. However, this part is prone to some edge leaks, causing water to enter the main compartment of the vehicle .

Take out the spy glass and do a good inspection around the edges to make sure there are no signs of old moisture or water marks, which are sure signs that this potential purchase might be suffering from this common Seat Alhambra fault.

To complete

If you want to get a good family car for a growing clan, with room to go on holiday or stop for the weekly shop with a carload of passengers, then the Alhambra is a great choice. You’re not looking for something fancy, but reliability, performance and good highway economy. This Seat ticks all the boxes and is nothing short of a great choice.

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