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Common Failures Of The Renault Megane: Problems And Solutions!

We all have our preferences when it comes to cars. Some prefer fancy cars, others prefer to be seen in a nice, robust 4×4. Some prefer a comfortable ride, others prefer a sharp and fast ride. But all this does not take away the fact that a car, no matter how efficient it may be, can have problems, so we bring you the common faults of the Renault Megane.

Some are looking for a sporty look, while others have 3 children to carry and need good access to the rear seats. The point of looking for a reliable, comfortable car that convinces you of being what you need is that it covers all your needs, but not even the best car is without problems.

Common problems and failures of the Renault Megane

Megane owners say their car is good value for money, especially when compared to some very expensive German brands that generally don’t give better options or quality. They describe it as a very attractive car that makes heads turn. It is low to the ground and has a unique face. The Coupe has more aggressive styling than the 5-door version.

It is available with many extras such as power folding mirrors, keyless entry and cruise control. Comfortable and pleasant to wear . It is barely affected by crosswinds. Good fuel and tire economy. Gear shifting is light and precise. Enough space for luggage. The turbodiesel is said to be very feisty and quick to get off the ground.

Only the legroom in the rear is a bit limited and the indicators are not always noticeable by other drivers.

Whatever car we like, there will always be common problems that need solving. Below are some common failures of the Renault Megane:

1. Loud and vibrating motor

The noise can be described as a moaning sound. This mainly occurs when the engine is started when it is cold.

What should you do?

Two causes have been indicated. It could be the intake pipe that is vibrating or the fuel pipe clip has broken and is now allowing the pipe to rub against the airco tubes. Both options are fairly easy to fix with a couple of spare parts.

2. Rough engine running and idling

Quite a few Megane owners have noticed some irregularity in the operation of the engine. Some have described it as a gruffness and a stutter. This not only happens when driving, but also when idling.

What should you do?

When you have a problem like this, it is very likely that there is a failure in the ignition coils. Get them checked out.

3. Faulty injectors

Several Megane owners who have purchased new cars have mentioned having problems with misfiring injectors. Some have even had this problem three times within the warranty period .

What should you do?

You will have to get the injectors.

4. Hesitation or failure of the power window mechanism

This is probably one of the most common problems. It usually causes windows not to open all the way or not to go all the way down. Since the driver’s side window is the most used, it’s more likely to be noticed first on that side. But it has also happened in other windows.

What should you do?

There is a fault in the electronics of the door operation. You will have to replace the Temic module.

5. Headlights off

This is an issue that hasn’t been pointed out by many homeowners, but it’s still worth mentioning. This happens randomly . It can happen while driving in the dark. Obviously, this would be a pretty scary experience.

What should you do?

In most cases the fault is in the electronic system of the automatic headlights. You’ll have to get it checked out.

In conclusion

Reading through these common problems can help you figure out what’s wrong with your Megane. And knowing that high-quality used replacement parts are available without breaking the bank could help put your mind at ease.

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