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Common Failures Of The Nissan NV200: Problems, Reliability And Breakdowns!

If you have a small business, the Nissan NV200 can be a great asset. The NV200 not only costs less than its competitors, it also consumes less fuel than the average commercial van. But not everything is rosy, it also has its fair share of problems, so we suggest you read the common faults of the Nissan NV200.

Despite having a lower payload capacity and fewer safety features, the NV200 offers generous legroom for taller drivers and easier loading due to its low floor. The NV200 is available in two versions. The 2021 NV200 S costs $23,530, while the 2021 NV200 SV costs $24,580.

It is estimated that the NV200 will depreciate 54% after five years. Maybe it’s because most NV200s used for business are probably worn out by the time they’re sold. Although there are second-hand NV200, we recommend that you buy a new one to avoid problems in the future.

How good is the Nissan NV200?

Some reports from reliable sources gave the Nissan NV200 a high reliability score of 4.0 out of 5.0, ranking it first out of 21 commercial vans tested. It is estimated to have an average annual repair cost of $645 due to its low repair frequency.

There are very few major issues for the NV200 . According to the US Department of Energy’s fueleconomy.gov, the 2021 model gets a combined 25 MPG in city and highway driving. If it’s like the 2020 model, then you can expect to spend $750 on gas a year.

Failures and common problems of the Nissan NV200

Although the Nissan NV200 is a reliable commercial van, some models are known to have problems. Here are some of the common reported Nissan NV200 failures :

1- Failures with sliding doors

Sliding doors are more prone to getting stuck due to their design. Dust, dirt, hair and crumbs can collect in the crevices of the main door assembly and restrict movement. Excessive use can cause the door handle and actuator to wear out.

This means that commercial vans like the Nissan NV200 are prone to sliding door problems . Owners of the 2018 NV200 have reported this issue. Sliding doors that do not open or close all the way need to be repaired as they pose a safety hazard.

Replacing sliding door components can be a slow and tedious process. Installing a new actuator, for example, would require removing the clip holding the inner panel. Just keep in mind that regular maintenance is essential for a safe and reliable van.

2- Problems with airbags

Nissan has had two airbag recalls and one class action lawsuit for the Nissan NV200. Nissan’s first OCS recall, which was announced in 2014, covered certain 2013 Nissan NV200 models with faulty Occupant Classification Systems (OCS).

OCS is a Nissan-developed safety feature that uses multiple sensors to track the occupant’s weight and seat position to determine how quickly the airbag deploys. In addition to monitoring the occupant’s weight and position at all times, the OCS also monitors whether the seat belt is properly fastened.

If the OCS detects an empty seat, a yellow light on the control panel illuminates . Based on the recall, the OCS may incorrectly classify an adult passenger as a child or classify an occupied seat as empty.

As a result, the front air bag may not deploy in the event of a collision. The second recall, which was announced in 2016, included some 2014, 2015 and 2016 NV200 models. According to reports, 4,286,648 Nissan and Infiniti vehicles were affected by the OCS issue.

A working air bag system is critical to safety. If the warning light flashes even though the front seats are occupied, you should contact your dealer immediately because you may have a faulty OCS.

3- Problems with EVAP systems

Nissan has announced a massive warranty extension for defective Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) Systems on all 2013-2017 Nissan vehicles. Although not specifically mentioned, some NV200 models may be included in this recall.

EVAPs are designed to prevent fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere with the use of activated carbon pellets in the carbon canister. Vapors are drawn from the canister and burned in the engine as part of its combustion cycle. There are breather tubes located between the fuel tank and the canister, which can become clogged with debris.

Once this happens, the NV200 can produce a strong fuel odor inside the cabin, which can cause headaches after prolonged exposure. An EVAP malfunction can also lead to performance issues, as the purge valve that connects to the EVAP can get stuck.

The most common symptom becomes apparent when refueling. It may not be possible to fill the tank because unburned vapors take up space inside the EVAP.

Despite this setback, Nissan maintains that its vehicles are safe to drive and should only be taken to a dealer if EVAP issues arise. If you suspect that your EVAP system is clogged, we recommend taking your Nissan NV200 to a mechanic to rule out any potential problems. Fumes from a bad EVAP can cause serious health problems, so it’s important to get your unit fixed.

4- Problem with tire wear

Tire wear is common on large vehicles, such as commercial vans. It can happen prematurely when the camber gets misaligned, giving the tires a lean look. Many owners have complained about premature tire wear on the 2014 Nissan NV200, but other models are just as vulnerable to tire damage and camber issues.

Be sure to take note of the tread patterns of your tires when performing maintenance, as certain patterns can indicate problems with your van’s suspension.

For example, a scalloped or cupped tire can be a sign of bad struts and loose ball joints . A bad tire can make a simple ride feel bumpy. You may have to ask for a replacement tire if the old one is beyond repair.

In conclusion

As previously stated, the Nissan NV200 has very few problems. Its great fuel economy, its large space for passengers and its cargo design make it an essential vehicle for small and medium-scale logistics. The NV200 makes up for the lack of load capacity with excellent reliability.

Unlike full-size commercial vans, the NV200 can easily maneuver and get into tight spaces thanks to its compact body. If you are thinking of buying one, we suggest that you do your research on the best possible models to avoid unforeseen repairs in the future.

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