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8 Most Common Failures Of The Nissan Micra: Problems And Solutions

Nissan is a highly respected Japanese car manufacturer. They’ve had some success with big cars like the Skyline, as well as smaller city vehicles like the Nissan Micra. This vehicle is undoubtedly fabulous, but learn here the common faults of the Nissan Micra, before you decide on one.

With over three decades of history under its wheels, this is a car that is both economical and easy to drive.

Common failures of the Nissan Micra

If you are thinking of buying a second-hand Nissan Micra, you must be wondering what are the possible failures? This time, let’s explore some common Nissan Micra failures that you should be aware of.

1- Brake problems

Inspect the brakes on any potential purchase. If there is a fluid leak from the calipers or an abnormal sound coming from the front of the car when braking, the most likely cause is that the calipers are seized and need to be replaced. You must also be aware of the strange sensations you may have on the road .

2- Worn speed joints

Another common problem with this small city Nissan is steering. Does the car shake from side to side on a test drive? Is there a general shaky feeling in the steering wheel when accelerating? If this is the case, it is likely that the CV joints on the flywheel are worn, which can be quite expensive to fix.

3- Failures with engine performance

The engine in the Nissan Micra needs to be regularly pushed to its performance limits on the road. Be wary of any car owned by an urban driver. If the vehicle does not get enough antifreeze, the head gasket can blow out on the road. The danger signs are poor performance , rough idling, and slow throttle response.

4- Battery problems

One of the common failures of the Nissan Micra lies in the electrical system. Faults in the immobilizer, software and keyless access system can cause the battery to drain prematurely.

There are very few obvious signs of this problem, which will require a check of the electrical systems, so ask the owner and find out if they have found the car having difficulty charging and starting.

5- Faults with the turbo

Some Nissan diesel engines in the Micra are known to have problematic turbos, which can blow up. If the turbo has been replaced, check that the exhaust gas recirculation valve , which is usually the culprit, has also been replaced on the vehicle by checking the service history.

6- Problems with the MAF Sensor

When you take your used Nissan Micra for a test drive, be aware of the sudden loss of power on the road. This could be due to issues with the MAF sensor, which is known to cause some significant performance issues, requiring a complete replacement of the part.

7- Failures in the trunk

Be sure to check all the door locks on any used Nissan car you are thinking of buying. There is a common fault of the Nissan Micra known with the car trunk lock, which is prone to failure. If the car is still under warranty, the dealer will fix it, otherwise you will have to spend on the replacement part and labor.

8- Clutch problems

This is one of those most common problems , and one that you should be fully informed of in your purchase. If there is a knocking sound when the lever is moved or any stiffness then this should be a huge red flag as the clutch is on its way out and this is not the used car for you.

To end

The Micra is a good purchase option, especially for those looking for a second car or a first car for a new driver. Its combination of road-toughness together with the large number of parts available means it will never cost you too much in terms of repairs and with good fuel economy, it’s an attractive option on the pocket.



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