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7 Common Failures Of The Kia Cadenza: Problems, Disadvantages And Opinions

The Kia Cadenza is a comfortable and stylish sedan with plenty of space and plenty of features. It doesn’t have the most exciting driving performance, but it outperforms its rivals, offering a comfortable interior with a smooth ride. Read on to the end and find out all about the common faults of the Kia Cadenza .

There have been a few issues with the Kia Cadenza, including interior, engine, and wiring issues. If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the Kia Cadenza, keep reading until the end.

Most common failures of the Kia Cadenza

The Kia Cadenza is a perfect vehicle for drivers who want to drive a luxury car, but don’t care about performance.

Acceleration and handling aren’t anything to write home about, but the Cadenza packs a suite of safety and driver convenience features that make you feel like you’re driving a more expensive car – not to mention the roomy, beautiful interior.

Here are some of the most common Kia Cadenza problems reported by owners themselves:

1- Problems with the sunroof

Although Kia has not publicly acknowledged this phenomenon, there are cases online of sunroofs on Kia Cadenzas cracking spontaneously.

Owners have reported that while driving, the sunroof breaks. They are sure that the sunroof was not struck by an object or otherwise damaged. This creates a loud noise that startles the driver and showers the front seats with broken glass.

This is still a relatively rare occurrence and does not happen to most Kia Cadenza owners. However, it has happened in several cases.

There is no information available on what could cause the sunroof to crack . Some owners who have had this problem state that prior to the incident the sunroof was beginning to curve outward due to design and the pressure placed on it.

2- Knocks when starting

On some Kia Cadenzas (especially the 2014 model) there have been problems with engine noise – particularly a knocking sound on start-up.

This was the #2 complaint on the forums etc. which comes after an average of only 7,000 miles. There is no explanation or solution for this problem at this time, and when owners took their Kia Cadenza to the dealer they were unable to replicate the problem.

Engine knocking is usually caused by an improper fuel to air ratio. Modern cars, like the Kia Cadenza, use computers to optimize engine performance and make sure these ratios are correct.

If you hear engine knocking, you may need to repair or replace internal engine sensors – such as the oxygen sensor and air mass sensor . You may also want to check the fuel injectors and fuel pump.

3- Bad acceleration

Some Kia Cadenza owners have reported slow acceleration. There are several possible causes for this, from clogged air filters to worn spark plugs to faulty catalytic converters.

You can use the Kia Cadenza’s on-board diagnostic device to help identify any problems with the sensors and electronics.

If the sensors and computers are working correctly, the solution is likely mechanical and requires a new round of diagnostics.

4- Failures with daytime running lights

Most modern cars come equipped with daytime running lights – headlights that come on during the day. The Kia Cadenza claims to have daytime running lights, but many owners were disappointed to discover that these are actually high-powered LED ” marker lights .”

There is an active debate as to whether this is a problem at all. Some experts believe that high powered position lights are safe and effective for use as daytime running lights.

If daytime running lights are important to you, just keep in mind that the Kia Cadenza doesn’t offer the same exterior daytime lighting output as some comparable vehicles.

5- Loose steering wheel

One of the most common Kia Cadenza failures is a loose steering wheel (particularly on the 2014 model) which made it difficult to keep the car on the road. Owners report that starting at 2000 miles the steering wheel became less responsive and the car began to drift out of lane unless constantly corrected. This problem occurs at both low and high speeds.

Dealers have been unable to isolate the exact source of this problem, and owners who reported these issues claim they were told the car ” performs as designed ” and sent home unrepaired.

Although it is classified as a serious problem, there has not been any case where the direction has been lost or the driving situation has become dangerous. Slack steering overcompensation is annoying and the problem doesn’t seem to get worse or lead to complete failures.

6- Set of defective multifunction switches

Exterior lighting issues have been reported with the Kia Cadenza, and several owners have traced these issues to a faulty multifunction switch assembly.

An owner of the Kia Cadenza reported that their headlights began flickering while driving home at night. A few minutes later, the headlights failed . They had to drive home slowly, using their emergency lights, receiving a ticket in the process.

When they took the Cadenza to the dealership, they discovered that the problem was not faulty wiring as they had expected. The problem was the multifunction switch assembly. It wasn’t telling the headlights to come on.

There was a similar issue with the Kia K900 that led to a recall. Some owners have speculated that the same problem exists with the Kia Cadenza, although it has not led to an official recall.

7- The engine shuts down

Engine problems and stalls are a possibility with any vehicle, but Kia Cadenza owners have reported sudden shutdowns on the highway and in other hazardous driving conditions.

A Kia Cadenza owner reported that his newer, 2018 model with only 11 miles on it began to stall repeatedly, both in motion and at idle. The dealer determined that the problem was a bad crankshaft sensor, but the stalling recurred after replacing the crankshaft sensor.

There are so many issues that could cause an engine stall that it’s difficult to diagnose a particular structural or design issue on the Kia Cadenza. However, some users have had problems with unexpected stalls – both while the car is parked and while driving.

General advantages and disadvantages of the Kia Cadenza

The Kia Cadenza is a great sedan with some great features. Here are some of the things that Kia Cadenza owners brag about and appreciate the most:

1. A smooth ride

The Kia Cadenza slides across the pavement. This car is built for maximum comfort and is almost silent at high speeds on the highway. At idle, it can be so quiet you’ll wonder if the engine is running.

You can hear the engine at low speeds and there’s always some wind and tire noise, but you never have to raise your voice to be heard in the quiet, comfortable cabin.

2. Great security features

The Kia Cadenza comes standard with a great set of driver safety features.

Adaptive cruise control, 360-degree parking camera, forward collision warning, automatic emergency pedestrian detection with braking, rear cross-traffic warning, lane-keep assist, and spot warning blind come standard on the 2020 model.

These features make the Kia Cadenza an easier and safer car to drive.

3. Lots of legroom

Compared to some of its rivals, the Kia Cadenza offers plenty of legroom, especially in the roomy rear seats. If you’re worried about feeling cramped, the Kia Cadenza packs plenty of room for your arms and legs. You’ll never feel boxed in with such a spacious cabin .

This is the kind of car you can stretch out in. There’s so much extra room that even when the front seats are pushed back for the Cadenza’s easy-entry feature, they won’t bump the knees of rear-seat passengers.

4. Affordable luxury

The Kia Cadenza feels like a high-end saloon and offers the comfort of one without the driving performance. At this price point, it’s a great value and offers a smooth and comfortable driving experience that mirrors much more expensive vehicles.

It is an affordable luxury saloon . It looks great inside and out, offers the best driver comfort and safety features, and provides a smooth, quiet ride.

There are also some cons to consider.

Here are some disadvantages of the Kia Cadenza:

  • The Kia Cadenza has slower acceleration and worse handling than some of its rivals.
  • There could be better headroom for people taller than 6′.
  • The trunk is small and the rear seats do not fold down.

Reviews and opinions of the Kia Cadenza

The following opinions and criticisms about the Kia Cadenza were made by users of the car:

  • The car is spacious and quiet, with easy to use controls. The ride and handling are nothing special, but they are nice enough.

  • The 2018 Kia Cadenza prioritizes space and comfort over driving commitment. It’s long on value, too, and comes equipped with plenty of luxury and driver-assist features.

To end

There have been issues with the Kia Cadenza, including some scary ones like exploding sunroofs and engine and exterior lighting failures while driving.

Most of the mechanical and technological problems with the Kia Cadenza stem from 2 model years: 2014 and 2015. Earlier and later models are more reliable, and owners of these models report fewer problems.

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