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Common Failures Of The Chery Tiggo: Disadvantages And Criticisms

The Chery Tiggo is a line of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) manufactured by the Chinese automotive company Chery. The name “Tiggo” is a combination of the words “tiger” (tiger) and “go” (go), suggesting a powerful and agile vehicle. But like other vehicles, it also has some problems, discover in this post everything about the most common failures of the Chery Tiggo and the criticism it has received.

The Tiggo model line has undergone several updates and redesigns since its introduction in 2005, all of these designs have pros and cons that will surprise you. The original Tiggo, known as the Tiggo 3, was designed in collaboration with the Italian company Pininfarina. Since then, Chery has released several Tiggo models, including the Tiggo 5, Tiggo 7, Tiggo 8, and Tiggo 9.

How good are the Chery Tiggo?

Tiggo vehicles stand out for their attractive design, modern features and advanced technology. The latest Tiggo models include features such as high resolution touch screens, high quality sound systems, rear view camera, cruise control, navigation system and more. Also, Tiggo models are known for their good performance and fuel efficiency . Overall, the Chery Tiggo is seen as an attractive and competitive option in the compact and midsize SUV segment.

The common faults of the Chery Tiggo

The Chery Tiggo is a popular and reliable vehicle, but like any car, it can experience common problems and faults. Some of the most frequently reported faults on the Chery Tiggo include:

1. Boot problems

If your Tiggo is having difficulty starting, it could be a problem with the battery, alternator or starter. The solution will depend on the cause of the problem. A dead battery can be recharged or replaced, while a faulty alternator or starter will require repair or replacement.

2. Dashboard warning lights

If the warning lights on the dash come on, it could be a problem with the vehicle’s electrical system, fuel system, or exhaust system. You should take the vehicle to a mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

3. Problems with the brake system

If the brake system is not working properly, it could be a problem with the brake pads, brake discs, master cylinder or brake fluids. The solution will depend on the cause of the problem.

4. Failures in the transmission system

If the transmission does not shift gears correctly or if you experience slippage, it could be a problem with the transmission oil , clutch, or shifting system. Transmission problems can be a headache, several owners have reported problems with the transmission, such as difficulty shifting gears or strange noises during gear shifting.

5. Problems with the suspension system

If the vehicle feels unstable or the steering feels loose, it could be a problem with the suspension or steering system. Some owners have reported problems with the suspension, such as noise or vibration when driving.

6. Faults in the air conditioning system

Some owners have reported problems with the HVAC system, such as the air conditioner not cooling properly.

Other problems

  • Owners have reported oil leaks in the engine.
  • Electrical problems are also highly reported, such as failures in the lighting system or problems with electronic systems.

It is important to note that these faults may vary depending on the model and generation of the Chery Tiggo, and the experience of the owners may be different. Additionally, many of these problems can be prevented or corrected with proper vehicle maintenance and care.

Note : To fix common Chery Tiggo failures, it is important to take the vehicle to a trusted and experienced mechanic who can diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. It is also important to perform regular and scheduled vehicle maintenance to help prevent future failures.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Chery Tiggo

The Chery Tiggo is a compact SUV that has gained popularity in many markets due to its good value for money. Like any vehicle, it has its pros and cons. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Chery Tiggo:

  • Affordable Price : The Chery Tiggo is an affordable vehicle compared to many other SUVs on the market.
  • Good safety features : This one comes with standard safety features like ABS brakes, electronic stability control, and airbags.
  • Ample interior space : The Chery Tiggo has a spacious and comfortable interior, with plenty of legroom and headroom.
  • Good Fuel Economy : The Tiggo car also offers good fuel economy compared to many other SUVs on the market.
  • Warranty : The Chery Tiggo comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers many of the problems the vehicle may have during a specified period of time.
  • Build Quality – Although the Chery Tiggo is affordable, some reviewers have argued that the build quality is not as high as some of its competitors.
  • Handling : Some drivers have noted that the handling of the vehicle can feel a bit clunky, especially on tight turns.
  • Reselling : Reselling the Chery Tiggo can be a bit difficult due to the lack of brand recognition and the concern of some potential buyers about quality.
  • Maintenance and repair : Some owners have reported that the Tiggo’s maintenance and repair costs can be a bit higher than some of its competitors.
  • Styling : The styling of this car can be a bit basic compared to some of its better looking competitors.

The Chery Tiggo is a good option for those looking for an affordable SUV with good safety features, decent fuel economy, and a spacious interior. However, as with any vehicle, it has its pros and cons, and it’s important to consider all of these details before making a purchase decision.

Reviews and comments about the Chery Tiggo

The Chery Tiggo has received both positive and negative reviews since its market launch. Some of the common criticisms that have been mentioned are:

  • Build quality : Several reviews have argued that the build quality of the Chery Tiggo is not as high as some of its competitors. Some owners have reported problems with paint, bodywork, and other components.
  • Handling : Several drivers have noted that the Chery Tiggo’s handling can feel a bit clunky, especially in tight corners. Some have also noted a lack of responsiveness and agility in steering.
  • Noise and vibrations : Some people have reported noticeable noise and vibrations while driving the Chery Tiggo. There are also complaints about excessive noise from the engine and exhaust system.
  • Seats and Comfort : Some reviews are about the Tiggo’s front and rear seats, these seats can be uncomfortable on long drives. Some have also noted that the vehicle’s suspension can be a bit stiff, contributing to an uncomfortable driving experience.
  • Lack of brand recognition : The Chery Tiggo is relatively unknown in some markets, which may be a hindrance for some potential buyers who prefer more well-known brands.

It is good to note that each car will have both positive and negative reviews and opinions, and that the choice of a vehicle should be based on the buyer’s individual needs and preferences. Despite the criticism, the common faults, the Chery Tiggo remains a popular and affordable SUV for many drivers.

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