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Common Failures Of The BMW 328i: Problems, Solutions And Reliability!

There are many reasons to love the BMW 328i: its powerful engine, its good fuel economy and its innovative features, but there are also reasons to hesitate about your purchase (if that is what you want), join us and discover here the common faults of the BMW 328i .

It has a good resale value. BMW 3 series cars depreciate by 53% after five years. Reading through these common BMW 328i 3 Series problems should help you figure out what is wrong with your BMW, or simply what you should pay attention to in the future.

How good is the BMW 328i?

The BMW 328i has average reliability . While it’s considered one of BMW’s most reliable models, it doesn’t fare well compared to other midsize cars in its segment. It has been rated 2.5 out of 5, ranking 30 out of 32 of all car brands. The average annual cost to repair this vehicle is also higher than most cars.

Common faults of the BMW 328i

Although it’s been years since the 328i has been in production, the model is still a popular choice among drivers. BMW doesn’t drastically change the designs of its vehicles over the years, so drivers who decide to buy a BMW 328i can enjoy driving a car that doesn’t look too different from later models.

The BMW 328i is a nice vehicle to own, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its flaws. Here are some of the common failures of the BMW 328i through the model years:

1- Problems with the distribution chain

Problems related to the vehicle’s timing chain are at the top of the list of common 2014 BMW 328i problems. Many owners have complained that their timing chains were jumping on the sprockets, preventing the crankshafts and crankshafts from working properly. the camshafts. The pistons and valves collide with each other, causing the engine to stall.

Many owners of the affected BMW vehicles had no choice but to shell out thousands of dollars to repair the engine, so they filed a class action lawsuit.

The automaker denied any liability, but later settled in court, compensating for repairs carried out at BMW dealers and independent service centers. BMW also offered an extended warranty for the vehicles up to 8 years or 100,000 miles. However, the owners still had to cover some of the repair costs.

2- Engine overheating

The engine overheats too quickly, even on short journeys . One of the common faults across the BMW 3 Series range is overheating, this tends to be a sign of a faulty water pump.

These are tough BMW parts, but eventually they reach the end of their useful life and need to be replaced. Most experts recommend installing a new thermostat and a new thermostat housing when changing the water pump.

3- Failure in the fuel system

Another common complaint about the 2014 BMW 328i is that it can develop problems with its fuel system. A driver reports that his vehicle suddenly lost acceleration while driving at 55 mph. Although he was able to safely stop and restart the engine, the problem recurred several times. Upon inspection, a mechanic determined that the fuel pump was bad .

In other cases, the power steering and brakes suddenly stopped working while the BMW was moving at 45 mph. This used to happen due to a broken fuel pump. The bomb would implode and pieces of its metal contaminated the system, causing the vehicle to stall.

4- Refrigerant leakage

Sometimes the engine starts to overheat quickly and there are signs of spilled coolant on the road. The 3 Series’ coolant system consists of many plastic components that are prone to breakage. Please check all plastic accessories, clips and reservoirs to fix this problem quickly.

5- Electrical problems

According to owners of the 2013 BMW 328i, the electrical problems are typical of the model year. At least one unit caught fire in the parking lot due to a faulty electrical system on the model. The driver of the affected drive reported problems with his iDrive system, which persisted even after updating the software.

Other drivers report problems such as the passenger seat malfunctioning, the check engine light coming on, and the iDrive system failing.

If you notice that your BMW’s electrical system is malfunctioning, don’t hesitate to take it to an auto repair shop right away. Some of these problems can cause a fire if they are not corrected immediately.       

6- Drop in engine performance

There may be a general reduction in performance of the car, and it may be leaking oil . Very common on a BMW 328i 3 Series, this is usually a blocked crankcase breather system pipe. Unfortunately, this is not a part that you can simply clean, and you will have to replace it. Find a new tube and check out some guides if you’ve never done engine work before.

7- Faults with vehicle speed control

Any list of common 2011 BMW 328i failures would not be complete without mentioning cruise control issues. Many owners have reported that their ABS and anti-swerve systems would suddenly stop working under hard braking. Some also noted that the vehicle was hesitant to accelerate while driving at low speeds . In most cases, the culprit was a faulty wheel speed sensor.

Also, in some cases, the BMW felt propelled forward even when the brakes were applied. Some drivers have complained that their vehicle suddenly accelerated violently while driving at low speeds.

8- Illuminated rear light

If your taillight is off warning light illuminates then there are a few potential reasons for this, but the most common is a bad circuit board within the taillights themselves. To fix this you only have to change the circuit board, otherwise you can reinforce all the components. You can also look for the corresponding connectors and terminal pins in the rare cases where they have blown.

9- Problems with the air conditioning system

The automaker recalled 2006-2011 BMW 328i models due to overheating wiring and electrical connectors in the heating and cooling system. The blower regulator wire harness on affected units may malfunction over time due to the way the wires were routed.

Because of this, there is a high chance that corrosion combined with very high current could damage the wiring and cause a short circuit . The automaker reported that it first received a similar report 10 years ago on a 2006 BMW 3 Series. Engineers were unable to identify the cause of the issue at the time. They received similar reports in 2011.

Engineers found that the connection between the blower controller wiring harness and the blower controller itself on the affected units was frayed.

10- Oil leaks

Many 2007 BMW 328I owners have noticed a burning odor inside their cabin. Some of them changed the cabin air filter, but the smell remained. Most of them have found that the leak is due to a bad valve cover gasket. Others discovered that broken engine head bolts were the cause of the problem .

To complete

Apart from the problems mentioned above, your BMW 328i may show other signs of problems as the mileage accumulates. But do not worry. As long as you are aware of these potential faults and follow the correct maintenance schedule, you can surely maximize the life of your BMW and avoid costly repairs in the future.

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