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10 Most Common Failures Of The BMW 1 Series: Problems And Solutions

When it was launched in 2004, the BMW 1 Series took over from the 3 Series as the manufacturer’s cheapest car. As a result, these cars are fairly well pursued on the desirability front, combining good looks with great driveability. If you are interested in knowing if this vehicle has some problems, we bring you the common failures of the BMW 1 Series.

With a true sporty feel behind the wheel and classic BMW styling, this is a great car that will hold its value for years to come. Even with the rear-wheel drive setup it still manages to deliver a consistent ride quality throughout its years.

Common failures of the BMW 1 Series

Like all vehicles, this stunning BMW is not completely fault-free and there are many known issues to look out for when buying a pre-owned model.

Here are the common faults of the BMW 1 Series that you should know:

1- Steering problems

Take a look at the front tires on the BMW you are about to buy. Is the wear uneven on the pair? If this is the case, the most likely cause is a problem with a faulty steering gear , which is known to skew the front wheels.

In addition, during the period from June 2007 to December 2011, several cars were recalled where the integrated control module did not meet specifications and could disable the power steering.

2- Turbocharger failure

Keep an eye out for excessive amounts of smoke coming out of the engine under acceleration when taking this BMW for a test drive. Known issues with the turbocharger are the likely source of this problem, which is prone to failure and will need to be replaced.

3- Brake problems

If the BMW 1 Series you are looking at was manufactured during March 2006, then it could be subject to a problem with a gasket in the brake system , which means that the brakes will not work at maximum efficiency.

Be sure to test an emergency stop procedure with any car you want to buy from this period, and check that it stops with a normal stopping distance.

4- Faults with the Airbag (Safety Airbag)

It is known to be a common fault with the 2008 BMW 1 Series to have an airbag problem, which means that the bag does not deploy properly in a crash. This is due to faulty BMW seat belt tensioner and wire harness, which can cause it to fail. Once again, check the service history to see if these parts have been replaced.

5- Manual gearbox with defects

If you are thinking of buying a 1 Series that suffers from very stiff gear shifting when the car is first driven on the road, be aware that this is not a fault. The car simply needs a bit of time to warm up and normal service should be restored when the vehicle is out on the open road.

6- Problems with the rear axle

Does the BMW 1 Series you are thinking of buying have a manufacturing date between May and September 2004? If so, you could be prone to rear axle failure that leaves the rear wheels out of alignment. Check that both tires are not worn and you may even feel the car pull to one side on a test drive.

7- Failure in the door handles

There is a common fault of the BMW 1 Series regarding the door handles. Perhaps the door handles do not return to their correct position after use. If so, this is a known issue on the Series 1, where the handle falls out of its holder after use. This is due to a failure of both the handle and the lock .

You will have to replace both the handle and the clasp to solve this problem. You will also have to try to get the handle in the same color, or if not, you will have to paint it in the same color as the body of your car. This can be an expensive replacement.

8- Ignition coil problem

Do you smell gasoline in the passenger compartment of the BMW you want to buy? If the engine runs rough and there are sudden temperature changes in the engine, it could be an ignition coil failure.

Coil pack failure is quite common on the 1 Series gas powered versions. If you are having issues with rough engine running and/or sudden rises and falls in engine temperature, this will be the cause. Replacing the coil pack will fix the problem.

9- DTC warning light

If the DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) warning light has appeared on your dashboard, it is usually caused by a faulty traction control unit. You will most likely have to replace the traction control unit to resolve the issue. If the car is still under warranty, it will be fixed free of charge.

10- Idling problem on cold start

Do you have problems with idling when you start the vehicle from cold? If so, this is caused by an issue with the ECU and seems to be a particular issue in cold weather. The car is known for erratic idling, where the needle jumps up and down instead of staying at a constant speed.  Reprogramming the ECU should fix the problem.

To end

When it comes to used cars, the BMW brand will always carry a bit of class and weight and it’s a general sign of good engineering. This little utility is a good buy for all the right reasons, offering long-distance driving and comfort in a package that’s cheaper than its bigger brothers.

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