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11 Most Common Failures Of The Audi A6: Breakdowns, Solutions And More

The Audi A6 is a comfortable executive car manufactured by the well-known German manufacturer that is committed to comfort and driving quality. Audis have always been a sensation, but will they be free of problems? Learn about the common failures of the Audi A6.

This car is the evolution of the famous Audi 100, a popular car among businessmen in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Equipped with 4-wheel drive as standard, it is a powerful vehicle that can be used both for traveling long distances to do sprints in the city.

Common failures of the Audi A6

If you’re thinking of buying one of these impressive second-hand cars, you should be aware of common Audi A6 faults. Reading through these problems should help you find what is wrong with an Audi A6, or just what you need to look out for in the future.

1- Problems with the gearbox

Is the CVT, automatic or multitronic gearbox in the Audi A6 hesitant or does not work well when driving around the city? If so, it is most likely that you have a software problem that causes the vehicle’s quick gear change to fail.

This could mean that you have to have the gearbox reprogrammed by an Audi specialist , or in the case of high mileage cars the gearbox may need a complete replacement.

2- Excessive use of oil

The Audi A6 is known to be quite thirsty when it comes to oil. Make sure the vehicle is well fueled with regular dipstick checks, you should also make sure the oil level is well above the halfway mark to ensure the engine is well lubricated.

3- Engine vibration

When you are driving the Audi A6, can you hear an excessive vibration coming from the engine when you increase the throttle in neutral? If this is the case, there may be a problem originating from the dual mass flywheel . Have the vehicle checked by a professional, as this is an expensive part to replace.

4- Smell of air conditioning

A problem with the air conditioning is one of the common failures of the Audi A6, about 25% of all vehicles of this model suffer from this problem . This can manifest in a few different ways; either as a blast of very cold ice coming out of the air vents or as a musty or mildew smell. Be sure to check this system before you commit to buying a used vehicle.

5- Defective electrical system

The electrical system is also a common problem with the Audi A6, with particular problems with the regulators for the power window units. Be sure to check all of the car’s systems to make sure there are no wiring issues in the vehicle, from the interior passenger lighting to the stereo.

6- Rubbing of the arches of the rear wheels

If you are thinking of buying an Audi A6 S-line, be sure to check the car under load. It is possible for the tires to rub against the wheel arches when the car is loaded with luggage and passengers, which could damage the expensive tires. One way to look for this problem is to check for marks in the center of the rubber.

7- Faults in the timing chain tensioner

The A6s with V6 and V8 engines use a complex system of chains to keep the 4 valves per cylinder in time. These chains have plastic guides that attach to the hydraulic pistons, which have been known to fail, causing engine start-stop problems. If this problem is not detected in time, you could end up needing a completely new motor.

8- Possible airbag failure (Safety airbag)

There have been a very small number of early A6 recalls due to curtain airbag failure, in which the airbags on the sides of the car do not inflate properly due to a gas leak in the vehicle.

9- Leaks in the parking brakes

Be sure to check the brakes on any Audi A6 that was manufactured between 2012 and August 2014, as the vehicle may have an oil leak in the brake system that could cause problems when parking the vehicle. As you drive make sure you are achieving the correct stopping distances.

10- Problems with the turbo

The turbo has been known to blow out on occasion on these vehicles. If you have noticed blue smoke coming from the exhaust, or/and hear a hissing noise coming from the top of the engine, this is an indication that the turbo is failing. You will need to install a replacement turbo to fix the problem.

11- Water leak in the passenger foot area

If you notice that there is a water leak in the cabin , the cause is usually a blockage in the drain holes located under the windshield or in the air chamber. Leaves and debris get clogged in the weep holes, causing water to seep into the passenger footwell.

The plenum chamber is where the air conditioning system draws in air. When the drains in the chamber become clogged with water, it seeps into the footwell.

You will need to check these areas and unclog the drain holes to prevent water from seeping into the passenger footwell. You should also dry the rugs and carpets to prevent them from smelling or getting damp.

To end

You shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a used Audi A6 without any of the above problems on today’s used market and there are plenty of used Audi A6 parts available.

This car is an excellent choice for a quality car that still has the ability to turn heads and provide some serious pedal to metal power.



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