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Common Chevrolet Astra Faults: Reliability, Problems And Solutions

The Astra is one of the most recognizable cars from this popular manufacturer on the roads. Started in 1979, it was the first Chevrolet to use front-wheel drive, making it a great alternative to the VW Golf. In this post you will learn everything about the common failures of the Chevrolet Astra .

Available in hatchback and estate versions, the Astra is a durable car that has the power to stand the test of time and isn’t overly demanding when it comes to maintenance. It is also known as Opel Astra or Vauxhall Astra in the old continent.

How good is the Chevrolet Astra?

According to What Car’s latest reliability survey, the Astra came in a disappointing 19th out of 24 cars in the 31 estate car category. Regarding Vauxhall (another company that also assembles Astra vehicles) as a brand it obtained worse results than its rivals such as Seat, Skoda and Ford, ranking 27 out of 31 in the same survey.

Common failures of the Chevrolet Astra

The Astra is the type of car that often appeals to high mileage users, so it is always advisable to carefully check any service history, as well as closely examine the general condition of the interior and tires, and check for noise. untimely or unusual.

It’s a great option for a used car, but be sure to do your due diligence and go through some of the checks listed in this article on common Chevrolet Astra failures to look out for.

1- Boot failures

If the used Astra you’re thinking of buying takes a long time to start before activating full engine power, or if you hear a clicking noise when you turn the key into the ignition, there could be a problem with the starter motor or solenoid. . This can be fixed by simply cleaning the contacts in some cases, but often the entire motor will need to be replaced.

2- Problems with the MAF sensor

Is the Chevrolet Astra that you want to buy sputtering and not giving you a smooth and easy drive? One possible culprit could be the air mass sensor, which is known to be one of the Astra’s weak points. It supplies information to the ECU, which in turn controls the fuel-air mixture in the car. If it is defective, it means that the performance of the engine will be affected.

3- Faults in the camshaft sensor

Another common Chevrolet Astra failure that occurs when starting the car is a fault in the upper camshaft sensor. This could be responsible for slow starts or the car not starting all the way. Once again, the sensor can be cleaned to restore full function and allow the car to start smoothly.

4- Clutch problems

Thinking of buying a 1.6 or 1.8 liter Astra? Check the ground where it’s been parked for a serious oil spill. If you see a large oil slick, then you may be suffering from a crankshaft gasket issue, which will also cause severe shaking throughout the car when the clutch engages. The part is fairly easy to replace, but the damage caused to the engine by a poorly lubricated crankshaft can be significant.

5- Failures in the parking brake

If the Astra dealer insists on leaving the car in gear when parked with the handbrake on, that’s a sure sign that there’s a problem with the car’s brake , which is known to fail. This problem is quite frequent, which is why it is located in position 5 of the common failures of the Chevrolet Astra.

6- Suspension problems

Pay attention to road position and driving when you take your Astra for a test drive. If there is any kind of wobble or problem maintaining road position then it could be due to erosion on the front suspension bushings or corrosion on the upper struts. They will have to be replaced to regain full control of the vehicle.

7- Electrical failures

The Astra’s electrical system is notoriously problematic. It’s always good to check absolutely everything around the car, from the operation of the internal lights and power window systems to the fuel gauges and headlights. Problematic parts can be replaced , but you must take into account the costs that this entails.

8- Airbag and EML lights on

These lights can illuminate on the instrument panel unnecessarily due to loose connectors. These loose connectors are located under the front seats.

To fix the problem, turn off the engine and remove the connectors before you reattach them into place. You may need to clean the connectors, but make sure they are securely in place once you’re done.

9- Failure in the ignition coils

A faulty coil pack will cause the motor to misfire and cause hesitation when the motor starts. This is because the ignition coil sends power to the spark plugs and starts the engine. The only solution to this problem is to buy a new coil pack.

10- Seats that wobble

The front seats are not secure, causing them to wobble while driving. This has led to a recall on Astras produced in 2019, and the only solution is to properly weld the seat frames.

In more serious cases, you may have to buy and replace the front seats entirely.

To complete

The Astra is a car that will hold its value reasonably well over the years, giving you plenty of solid driving miles. It’s a good first choice for a new driver or for a second family car.


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