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Common Audi TT Failures: Problems, Solutions, Reliability And More!

The Audi TT is an iconic vehicle, and some say it’s inspired by the VW Beetle. The Audi company is pretty tight-lipped about the car’s origins, although we can be sure it’s named after the famous Isle of Man TT race. Stick around and find out the common faults of the Audi TT !

The Audi TT was originally built as a 2-door coupe, this car is a speedy roadster available from a lightweight 1.8L to a high-end 3.2L that will gobble up the highways.

Common failures of the Audi TT

As Audi is a brand that can be trusted, the TT is a very good investment as a used car. Thinking of buying one? Take a look at this article so you won’t be surprised by some of the common Audi TT failures.

1- Audi TT does not start

A common problem on this car, is that the coil pack fails. This problem is common on several other Audi vehicles, which they rectified by designing a revised coil pack. You may notice that the motor is misfiring, or performing very poorly. These are signs of a coil pack failure. You will need to install the revised coil pack to resolve the issue.

2- Disadvantages in the cam belt

It is not so much a problem with the car as with the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. Audi informed owners to replace the cam belt on their TT every 80K miles.

In fact, the part really does need to be changed every 60K miles, or it can cause serious engine problems. If you are thinking of buying a second-hand Audi TT, check when the part was last replaced.

3- Failures in the water pump

Like the cam belt, the water pump on the Audi TT also has a lifespan of 60K miles. Many online owner’s guides recommend that both parts be changed at the same time. Therefore, it is worth checking when the part was last replaced in the service history.

4- Gearbox problems

When you take the second hand Audi TT for a test drive, check the movement of the DSG gearbox . If it seems rather wobbly and you can’t feel the characteristic silky smooth motion that this part is supposed to give the drive, then the mechatronic drive is probably in the way. It is an expensive repair; you’ll have to pay at least four figures for a refurbished unit.

5- Failures in the suspension

Listen closely for a knocking sound when you take any used Audi TT out on the road. Any kind of knocking sound coming from the front of the car is likely to be caused by bad bushings.

In the case of the Audi TT, it is usually the anti-roll bar bushings, so you will have to replace both the front wishbones and the anti-roll bars to improve the vehicle’s ride quality .

6- Problems in the coil pack

When you leave your potential Audi TT idling, do you have misfiring and a generally rough ride? If this is the case, the cause could be a faulty coil pack in the motor.

This is a well known problem on many models in the Audi range and requires the faulty coil to be located before replacement.

7- Faults in the electric window switch

There is a common Audi TT problem with the power windows. Switches are often faulty and have been known to break , requiring replacement. When the car is stopped, take the time to check each window individually to make sure the window goes up and down.

8- Problems with the MAF sensor

If you have the feeling that your vehicle is suffering from a distinct lack of power or the handling is unstable, one of the possible causes is a faulty air mass meter or sensor. This is an expensive part to replace, so see how well your prospective Audi TT purchase behaves when you hit the gas.

9- Problems with the instrument panel

One of the most common problems with the Audi TT is the instrument panel and information readouts. This includes issues with lights and dials , which have been known to pop up as a late indicator that the part is failing.

Check that all lights are working and all temperature gauges are working correctly, as replacing this part, sometimes known as a dash-pod, can be very expensive.

10- Brake problem

The front brakes make a squealing sound when applied. Don’t assume it’s a problem with the brake pads or discs. In fact, Audi claims that the squeak is totally normal. They even printed a brochure about brake noise, simply because so many people complained about it.

This problem does not affect brake performance, but if the squeal becomes too annoying, changing the brake pads with a fresh set will solve the problem .

11- Suspension problems

When you are driving over speed bumps or rough surfaces and you hear a knocking noise coming from the suspension, this is because the anti-roll bar bushings are faulty. Replacing the stabilizer bar bushings will solve the problem.

12- Windows stop working

One or more of the electic windows stop moving up and down, and may get stuck in one position.

The window regulators on the Audi TT are a known weak point, and very prone to premature wear. Remove the interior door panels and fit a new regulator.

To end

The Audi TT is a good second hand car and has a very nice ride compartment and looks good on the road. It’s a car that has the power to get noticed, though its use is probably a bit stretched as anything but a couples or singles car due to a serious lack of space in the rear.

Convertibles are quick to convert and thanks to the vehicle’s lightweight construction, there’s plenty of fuel economy too and there are plenty of second-hand models still on the road today which means availability of used Audi TT parts is high.

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