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Code P1682 General Motors. Ignition Switch 1 Circuit 2 Failure

A P1682 General Motors code indicates an ignition switch 1 circuit 2 failure. It can be caused by many factors, but it can also be easily fixed. In this article, we will look at the causes of this error code, how to diagnose and fix it.

If you’re driving and your check engine light comes on, it can be a bit of a scary experience. You may not know what’s wrong with your car or what you should do to fix it. In this post, we will explain what this code means.

What Is Code P1682 General Motors?

A P1682 error code generally means that the ignition switch or its circuit is damaged, but only if it is from the brands associated with General Motors. The ignition switch is responsible for providing electrical current to the starter motor so that the car can start.

This can be caused by several things, including a bad ignition switch, a wiring problem, or a problem with the ECM.

If you see this code, it is important to take your car to a mechanic to have it inspected. There may be something wrong with the ignition switch and it is important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Code P1682 It will turn on the check engine light, the battery check light and may cause other problems in the car.

The ignition switch is sometimes part of an anti-theft system. Testing an ignition switch occurs when you have replaced a faulty ignition switch with a new one.

Doing this requires your ignition key to be programmed since the anti-theft system has been retooled.

When the battery warning lights come on, this is usually the first sign that there may be something wrong with the ignition switch.

However, this sign is not accurate as the warning light is very general and may be indicating a problem with the battery or any component of the charging system.

Symptoms of Code P1682

There are a number of symptoms that indicate a problem with the ignition switch. Let’s see:

1. The engine does not start

Failure of the engine to start is a clear symptom of code P1682. When this code is activated, it can prevent the car from starting completely.

Code P1682 causes a car engine not to start by interrupting the flow of electricity to the ignition switch. Without electricity, the car cannot start.

2. A car that does not accelerate

When your car is not accelerating as it should, it is very likely that the P1682 code is activated. When this code is activated, it can cause problems with the way your car accelerates.

If your car feels like it’s stuck in the mud, there’s a good chance it has this code.

This is usually because Code P1682 It interrupts the flow of electricity to the ignition switch, which can cause your car to not accelerate as it should.

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3. Check Engine Light Activated

check engine light is one of the most common symptoms of code P1682. When this code is activated, it can cause the check engine light to come on.

This means there is a problem with your car that needs to be fixed.

4. Headlight dimming

One of the most common symptoms of a bad ignition switch is dimming headlights. Sometimes, if the ignition switch has a serious problem, the instrument panel and warning lights may also be affected and become dark.

If you notice that the headlights dim as you accelerate and get brighter as you slow down, the ignition switch likely has a problem.

The lights may flash instead of dim, but both indicate a faulty or burnt-out indicator.

5. Dashboard lights go out

Another symptom of the P1682 code is when the dashboard lights go off. This may include headlights, taillights, and dashboard lights. When this code is activated, it can cause these lights to turn off.

6. Battery discharge

A weak battery usually indicates a bad ignition switch code. Since the power switch is supposed to recharge the battery, it would mean that if the battery is weak or dead, the power switch is also bad.

Once the ignition switch fails, the vehicle’s electrical components will draw power directly from the battery, draining it faster and causing it to drain quickly.

7. General electrical faults

We have already seen that the ignition switch is responsible for powering all the electrical components of the car.

If you notice that these components are failing or acting at the same time, this is not a coincidence: it is very likely that the ignition switch has gone bad.

Causes of Code P1682

There are a number of causes for the code P1682, and each one must be solved in a different way. Some of the most common causes of this code include:

1. Damaged ignition switch

A bad ignition switch is one of the most common causes of code P1682. If your ignition switch is damaged, it can cause problems with the way your car runs.

This is because the ignition switch is responsible for sending power to all of the car’s systems for operation.

2. Fuse problems

When there is a problem with the fuse that supplies power to the ignition switch, it can cause the P1682 code. This is because the fuse is responsible for keeping the ignition switch circuit energized under favorable conditions.

3. A wiring harness in poor condition

A wiring harness supplies power to the ignition switch and, if bad, can cause the P1682 code. A faulty wiring harness can be repaired by replacing it with a new one.

But before changing it, you should check why it was damaged.

4. Problems with the ECM

The ECM (Engine Control Module) It is responsible for controlling most of your car’s systems. If it does not function properly, it can cause several system DTC codes to appear, including P1682.

Problems with the ECM often manifest as a wide variety of different symptoms, and can even completely disable the car.

How to Diagnose the P1682 Code?

Below are the diagnostic steps to the P1682 fault code on General Motors.

1. Connect the scanner

As with any other code, the first thing you should do is connect your scanner to the vehicle and verify that you really have the P1682 code activated.

This code can occur in combination with other codes, so you should be aware of it to detect the fault quickly.

Clear all codes and try starting the car again to see if the fault returns. If the code appears again, you should perform a visual inspection of the system.

2. Check the system fuses

The visual inspection should begin by checking the system fuses. On many models, these fuses are located under the steering wheel, near the driver’s pedals.

Refer to the electrical diagram to check the fuse for the ignition switch system. Check its condition and if it is damaged, replace it with one of the same characteristics.

If you do not detect the fault here, you should check the wiring harness, which is generally the most common fault.

3. Check the wiring harness

Look for cut, burned, or disconnected wires. Repair if possible. If it cannot be repaired, you must replace the entire wiring harness.

If you do not detect the fault in the wiring harness, you should check the ignition switch. These switches have a useful life and it is logical to think that they can be damaged.

4. Check the status of the ignition switch

Disassemble the switch and check its condition. Check that the connections are good, and check that the switch works correctly.

If it is positional, it must send signals accordingly. If it is a button, it must send the start signal when it is pressed.

If the switch is OK, you should check the signal circuit between the switch and the PCM. If the PCM receives a weak signal from the switch, it may activate this code.

5. Review of the PCM by a specialized service

If none of this has helped you, you should check the PCM, but this requires a specialized test bench. You should take your car to technical service for a more in-depth diagnosis.

How to Test an Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is responsible for providing electrical current to the starter motor, so the car can start. The following steps show how to test your ignition switch.

For this procedure, make sure you have a voltmeter.

  1. Open the starter panel under the steering wheel and remove the starter fuse.
  2. Check the fuse for damage such as burns, and if present, replace the fuse with a new one.
  3. Use the voltmeter by connecting the red terminal of the voltmeter to the positive terminal of the battery. The black end should touch anywhere on the car frame.
  4. The voltmeter should read 12.6 V. Anything less than 12 V means the battery is discharged.
  5. Start the engine and if it does, the ignition switch is fine. Otherwise, the switch is defective or not connected correctly. If you hear a clicking sound, then the switch is not the problem.

Is Code P1682 Serious?

We can consider this code moderate severity. Everything will depend on whether the ignition switch actually lets you start the car or the severity of the intermittency.

Many times the code is activated, but it does not affect driving, allowing the car to be taken to the garage without problems. Other times, however, it turns off the engine and won’t let you start the car, leaving you stranded.

Sometimes, the car can stay on, but consume the battery because the charging system is disabled by the fault. In this case, it is a matter of minutes until you have another additional failure, battery discharge.

In any case, it is best to take the car for diagnosis and repair as soon as possible. We do not recommend that you drive in these conditions at the risk of being stranded from one moment to the next.

How Can I Avoid The P1682 General Motors Code?

This system rarely fails, and if it does, it is due to end of useful life. Changing fuses, or changing the damaged switch, are actions that are taken after the fault is activated.

There is no preventive maintenance for this system other than using it correctly, not hitting the switch, and keeping its connections safe.


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The power switch is rarely damaged. However, when it happens, it is recommended that you repair it immediately by replacing it with a new one.

Also, remember to reprogram the locking system to accommodate the new ignition switch.

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