Code P1564. Steering Switch Failure in Cruise Control

If you have a car that is giving a P1564 OBDII code the scanner should indicate the following “Steering switch failure in cruise control“. This is a specific code, and has different definitions according to the make of the car.

Some scan tools also give an error code “Automatic speed control device switch“, or also “ASCD switch out of range“. All three definitions refer to the same thing.

The onboard computer (ECM) detects a failure of the cruise system direction switch. If the car is a Nissan brand, the fault will refer to the ASCD system.

Cruise Control System Operation

Cruise control system Its objective is to maintain a stable speed previously set by the user, automatically, according to driving conditions.

The cruise control system controls the speed of the car by automatically adjusting and upon request, the position of the butterfly valve to control the power and speed of the engine.

The driver can configure the control system, through the control switches located on the dashboard or on the steering wheel. But if the system is armed and the ECM does not receive a valid signal from the control switches, it activates code P1564.

In some cars, activating this code disables cruise control until the fault is resolved. Others, however, have problems controlling speed in a stable manner, producing erratic behavior.

What is a P1564 Code?

A P1564 code It is an OBDII error of the cruise control device’s automatic switch. Although it is a brand-specific code, they may have different definitions, but they all refer to the same failure.

For example, in Nissans, you will not see “Switch failure Cruise control system” in its definition, but “Switch failure ASCD speed control system”. But they refer to the same thing.

Cruise control system It is not one component, but consists of several components, including a control switch, a foot switch, and the ECM (Electronic Control Module).

If the ECM detects an out-of-range voltage signal coming from the cruise system steering switch, it activates code P1564.

Causes of Code P1564

The causes of code P1564 are related to the cruise control system and its components, therefore, they are easy to detect compared to other fault codes.

  • Defective cruise control steering switch.
  • Steering switch harness open or shorted.
  • Damaged cruise control steering circuit wiring causing poor contact.
  • Defective ECM.

Many models and brands have the cruise control switch integrated into the steering wheel. Nissan is one of these brands. Others, however, have it as part of the control on the dashboard.

When the switch has a problem, the on-board computer (ECM) will give a P1564 OBDII error code. Stores the code in the OBD2 system and activates the Check Engine light on the dashboard.

Components that can go bad include the steering switch, harness, or wiring. It may also be the ECM, although this is not common.

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Symptoms of Code P1564

Being a specific failure of the cruise control system, the symptoms are related to its functioning. Of course, the main symptom is the activation of the malfunction indicator light, known as check engine light.

In addition to this, you may see erratic behavior in the cruise control system or that it does not work at all. But it will not affect the driving of the car.

How to Diagnose the P1564 Code

Let’s look at the steps to diagnose the P1564 code.

  1. For any of the error codes that may be activated on your car, the first step you should take to correctly diagnose is to connect the scanner to check the code.
  2. Then, erase the code with the help of the scanner and take a test drive to see if the code appears again. With this step, you are ruling out an intermittency problem.
  3. If the code returns, you should begin the inspection at the wiring harness. The wiring harness runs from the cruise control switch location to the ECM.
  4. You must check that there are no problems with the wiring. Check the general condition, and if you find it damaged, the entire harness will need to be replaced.
  5. The ECM is usually behind the glove box, and the connection can be checked with a multimeter for continuity.
  6. You should also check the continuity of the built-in switch with the multimeter. If this switch is damaged, the entire assembly is usually replaced.
  7. Before disassembling anything on your dashboard, you need to disconnect the battery and wait 10 to 15 minutes so the airbag doesn’t trigger accidentally.

Fortunately, this code refers only to this system and nothing else. Therefore, fault detection is quick since you only have to identify which element of the system has problems.

How to Test a Nissan Cruise Control Switch

Although the switch is usually replaced, you should check the following values ​​to see where the fault is.

  • If the values ​​match the factory specifications, it is most likely the switch.
  • If one or more of the values ​​do not match factory specifications, it is likely the harness.

ASCD Switch Values

  • If the direction switches, ASCD It’s in “OFF”, the value must be close to the 0 Volts VDC.
  • If the switch “CRUISE” It’s in “ON”, the value must be 0 Volts VDC.
  • If the switch “CANCEL” It’s in “SWITCHED ON”, the value must be close to 0 Volts VDC.
  • If the switch COAST/SET It’s in “ON”, the value must be close to 0 Volts VDC.
  • If the switch ACCEL/RES It’s in “ON”, the value must be close to 0 Volts VDC.

How to Repair Code P1564?

Repairing code P1564 It will depend on what the diagnosis carried out shows. Typically, the faulty cruise control switch is replaced.

In more extreme cases, the wiring harness, or the entire assembly, has had to be replaced.

Is Code P1564 Serious?

The P1564 code is low severity. It does not affect the driving of the car nor does it put your safety or that of the car at risk. You simply will not have the option to use cruise control enabled until you resolve the fault.

The car will continue to run without problems and you can take it for repair and diagnosis whenever you see fit.

We believe that the most annoying part of this activated code is the fact that you cannot use the cruise control, which is only activated on some occasions, and that the Check Engine light will remain activated until you solve the problem.


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The P1564 code is one of the slightest faults you can find in your car. It does not affect the driving of the vehicle or your safety. Only you will not have cruise control available, something that is only used for long road trips.

Even if it is minor, we recommend that you repair the code as soon as possible so that you can turn off the Check Engine light. Remember that this light indicates any malfunction that may occur, and if it remains activated for code P1564you will not be able to detect the incoming fault.

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