Code P1345 BMW. Misfire On Cylinder 2 With Fuel Shutoff

The P1345 BMW code indicates a misfire on cylinder 2 with fuel cutoff. There are many different causes of misfires in BMW engines. Fortunately, the solution for P1345 is usually simple and inexpensive.

The P1345 code It is a manufacturer-specific code and will have different definitions depending on the brand. In the case of BMW, it means that cylinder 2 is experiencing a misfire. Let’s see more details of this problem.

What Is Code P1345 BMW?

The P1345 code bmw refers to a misfire that is occurring in one of the cylinders, specifically cylinder 2. A misfire occurs when the cylinder does not fire at all or does not fire at the proper time.

This occurs when there is a lack of fuel, oxygen or a spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture. When one of the three factors is missing, it can cause engine misfire.

Although the code explains that the fault is in cylinder 2, it can actually appear in any cylinder, even multiple cylinders at once.

This is an important aspect to track down the actual problem at hand, as detecting multiple misfires indicates a broader problem. In this case, in addition to the code P1345 other fault codes can be activated simultaneously.

An isolated misfire on cylinder 2 indicates a problem with that cylinder specifically. For our analysis, we will cover only this flaw.

Causes of Code P1345 BMW

Some causes of BMW fault code P1345 include:

  • Damaged spark plug.
  • Defective ignition coil.
  • Clogged or damaged fuel injector.
  • Defective fuel pump. In this case, the failure would be seen in other cylinders.
  • Intake vacuum leak. It also affects several cylinders.
  • Defective camshaft position sensor, affecting several cylinders.
  • Ignition coil harness or circuit.

The spark plug and ignition coil are usually the most common causes of engine misfires. BMW. However, some of this comes down to a model-by-model basis. The N54 engine, for example, has common problems with fuel pumps and injectors.

You can also get other fault codes. For example, if it’s something fuel related, like the injectors or gas pump, you’ll likely get a code that suggests your BMW is running poorly.

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Symptoms Of Code P1345 BMW

There are some symptoms that you may notice along with a fault code P1345. These include:

  • Irregular idle.
  • Power loss.
  • Difficulty starting.
  • SES light activated.

Most of these symptoms go hand in hand with engine misfires. The severity of your symptoms can help point you in the right direction.

For example, spark plugs and ignition coils may fail occasionally and suddenly, but if the failure is in the camshaft sensor, the failure will be persistent.

How to Diagnose Code P1345 BMW?

Let’s see what you need to do to diagnose the code P1345 on a BMW.

1. Connect the scanner to your BMW

With the scanner you can verify that the fault is really related to the P1345 code. You will also be able to see if there are any other related faults activated simultaneously.

Take as much data as possible from your scanner, and then erase the codes. This is to perform a test and verify if the code returns. If the code does not return, there is an intermittency problem and you must wait for the fault to occur again.

If the code returns, you should perform a system inspection.

1. Wiring Harness Check

If the failure is simultaneous in several cylinders, including cylinder 2, you should check the wiring harness to check the condition of the cables and rule out a general failure of the ignition system.

Check for damaged, burned, or broken cables and repair or replace them.

If code P1345 is alone, you must specifically check the spark plug, coil and injector of this cylinder.

2. Check the spark plug, coil and injector

Each cylinder uses its own spark plug, ignition coil, and fuel injector. Spark plugs and ignition coils are by far the two most common causes.

Both are standard wear and tear items that become less effective with age and mileage. Fuel injectors generally last the life of the vehicle, so we’ll skip them for now.

To diagnose code P1345 on spark plugs or coils, you can try this:

  1. Swap ignition coil 2 with the ignition coil of another cylinder.
  2. Drive around a bit and see if the misfire follows the new cylinder.
  3. Otherwise, replace spark plug 2 with a spark plug from another cylinder.
  4. Drive and check if the misfire follows the new cylinder

If the misfire follows the spark plug or ignition coil to the new cylinder, you’ve found your problem. You can start by changing the spark plugs if you wish.

However, the coil is usually easier since it is located on top. Finally, you can try changing the fuel injectors, but it is a fairly rare failure.

If it is the spark plug or ignition coil that is causing the problem, we recommend that you replace them all. They rarely fail suddenly, but wear out over time.

If one of these parts begins to fail, it is possible that the rest will also fail in a short time.

3. Fuel pump check

You can check the operation of the fuel pump by turning the ignition to the ON position without starting the car, and then check with a multimeter if the fuel pump has a voltage signal.

You can also check its continuity.

If you do not detect any electrical fault, check its working pressure with a fuel system pressure tester. We repeat, it is only necessary to perform this inspection if the failure is accompanied by other codes related to the fuel pump.

4. Intake leak check

Sometimes, a vacuum leak can affect engine ignition, thereby triggering the P1345 code. However, this failure can affect other cylinders, not just cylinder 2.

If this is your case, you should check that there are no leaks in the intake. Look for broken seals, damaged gaskets or punctured hoses, which could affect the air intake to the intake and cause failure.

5. Camshaft sensor check

The camshaft position sensor is also one of the most common causes of P1345 in BMWs. This is especially true on older BMWs, as these sensors tend to go bad with age.

Check the sensor and check its condition, you should look for bumps or wear that affect its operation. If everything is fine, check the cable and its connection. Replace if necessary.

6. ECM check

Although not common, a problem in the ECM can result in a false fault and trigger the P1345 code. In these cases, the condition and operation of the ECM must be checked with a special test bench.

If any problem is detected with the ECM, it is recommended to replace it. You must remember that the replacement of the ECM must be accompanied by its proper programming. For this, it is best that you take it to a specialized technical service.

How to Repair Code P1345 BMW?

The repairs you make to your BMW to resolve the P1345 code should be based on the information resulting from the diagnosis. Only replace parts and components that you have been able to verify are malfunctioning through diagnosis.

Common fixes for this code are as follows:

  • Replacing the cylinder 2 spark plug.
  • Cylinder 2 coil replacement.
  • Cylinder 2 injector replacement.
  • Cleaning and repair of cylinder 2 injector.
  • Wiring harness repair.
  • Replacing the entire wiring harness.
  • Replacing the fuel pump.
  • Intake vacuum leak repair.
  • Changing the camshaft sensor, in old engines.
  • ECM change, although this is not common.

Is Code P1345 BMW Serious?

The P1345 code In your BMW it has moderate-high severity. It all depends on the intensity of the symptoms. Sometimes the symptoms are so strong that it will be difficult to keep the car running.

For others, however, the symptoms are barely noticeable.

In any case, you should take your car for repair immediately. A misfire can affect engine performance and even some exhaust system components.

Can I Drive With The P1345 BMW Code Activated?

This will also depend on the intensity of the symptoms. If the code is activated alone, affecting a single cylinder, you can take the car to a workshop by driving, as the symptoms will be minimal.

On the other hand, if there is a combination of codes and more than two cylinders are affected, it will be difficult for you to keep the car on or start it.

We do not recommend that you drive in these conditions, at the risk of being stranded on the road.

How to Avoid Code P1345 BMW?

Since most of the time the failure is caused by the coil or the spark plug, you can avoid this code by performing a routine check based on the maintenance recommended by BMW for your car.

Remember that these are components that fail with age, and you can avoid this by replacing them within the recommended time.


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The P1345 BMW code It can be easy to repair, and would not be expensive in most cases. Only with a good diagnosis will you be able to detect the failed component and proceed to repair and replace it.

Having a scanner and a digital multimeter makes the process easier and will help you detect the fault. If you feel that you cannot do it yourself, you can always take your car to a trusted specialized service workshop.

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