Code P0011. Timing Is Disabled On Camshaft “A”

The code P0011 tells you that timing is off on your “A” camshaft. When this happens, it is usually due to a problem with the oil’s viscosity.

However, it can also be the result of a solenoid failure or a stuck valve, so you should check the system thoroughly before making repairs.

Problems with engine timing can quickly turn into more serious problems, so you should fix this trouble code as soon as you notice it. Read on to find out how to diagnose and repair it.

Code P0011

Operation Of The Variable Valve Timing System

The code P0011 is present on vehicles with variable camshaft timing or variable valve timing. This controls the angle of the camshaft which regulates the oil as requested by the engine controller (ECM).

The ECM receives the signal that sends the on/off pulse to the intake timing control according to the driving state. This controls the intake valve by increasing torque and output speed.

When it arises the code P0011, indicates that the camshaft angle is above a set limit. When this happens, it is often caused by several things, the main one being the viscosity of the oil.

It can also be caused by a stuck valve or solenoid failure, so check the system thoroughly before making any repairs.

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What is Code P0011?

When there is a camshaft timing problem, it generates error code P0011. This indicates that the position of camshaft “A” in bank 1 is further advanced than commanded by the ECM.

When P0011 activates, it tells you that camshaft “A” in bank 1 is in a more advanced position than it should be, which is the camshaft that is on the intake, which could be the camshaft left or front, depending on your vehicle.

Generally speaking, you can interpret the P0011 code to indicate that the intake camshaft timing is off. The engine does not run at the same level the entire time you drive.

The ECU varies the valve timing in response to the engine RPM range.

Diagnose and repair correctly the code P0011 It not only means returning it to the correct position at this time, but also finding out what caused the timing error in the first place.

That part of the process can sometimes be complicated, depending on your vehicle and the reason for the trouble code.

The P0011 code in some brands

Although the P0011 code is generic and refers to the same fault in all cars, the definition and way of attacking it change for each brand. Let’s look at some examples.

At Nissan when the intake operating angle of the fixed valve is further advanced than what the ECM has commanded, code P0011 will be activated.

At Volkswagen, variable valve timing (VVT) changes the distribution of gases entering and leaving the combustion chamber. When the timing is further advanced than required, code P0011 will be indicated.

At Hyundai, P0011 indicates that the camshaft actuator is going out of timing or there is a system performance problem. This means that the oil pressure has changed and there is a deviation in the timing.

At Audi, the ECM controls the OCV (Oil Control Valve), which regulates the camshaft angle change. When the optimal time is exceeded, the code P0011 will be indicated.

As you will see, in any brand, the P0011 code is related to a timing problem with the variable valve timing system.

What Are the Symptoms of Code P0011?

You will usually notice driving problems when activating the code P0011. These symptoms include:

  • The engine malfunction indicator light activates.
  • Noise in the engine.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Change in overall vehicle performance.
  • The engine runs rough, hesitates, and even stops for no reason.
  • If the vehicle stops, the engine will have difficulty starting.
  • The emission test will fail.

These symptoms may change depending on the timing position. It means that in some cases, you can find pronounced symptoms, while in others they are almost non-existent.

What Are the Probable Causes of Code P0011?

  • Defective wiring around the intake timing control valve system.
  • Variable camshaft timing solenoid failure.
  • Incorrect oil viscosity.
  • Camshaft phasers are stuck in an advanced position.
  • The oil control to bank 1 is stuck or clogged.

How to Diagnose and Correct Code P0011

Diagnosis and repair of the P0011 fault code may vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Before beginning your diagnosis, read the service manual.

Let’s see the steps you must take to diagnose the code P0011.

Tools needed

  • OBD2 scanner.
  • Hand tools to access the actuator and timing components.

1. Scan your vehicle

  1. Use the OBD2 scanner to scan other codes and make sure you take all the data. Uses freeze frame ECM data to help identify the problem.
  2. Check for other trouble codes, specifically related codes such as P0010, P0012, P0021, or P0022. If they are present, they can help you identify the cause of your failure.
  3. Clear the codes that appear and normalize the light “Check Engine”.
  4. Perform the test drive to verify that the P0011 code appears again. If the code appears again, proceed to the next check.

2. Check the system wiring

  1. Carefully remove the engine compartment to access the camshaft. You can refer to the service manual on how to do it.
  2. Check for wiring, connector, or valve problems on the camshaft for bank 1 and repair if necessary.

3. Check the condition of the oil

  1. Check if the oil is clogged or if there is a crack or fracture. If everything is fine, then the problem may be a lack of oil or low oil pressure.
  2. This may be because the oil in the system is too thick or too thin. To fix this, flush the system, replace the filters, and fill it with new oil of the proper viscosity.

4. Check the variable timing solenoid

  1. Use an OBD2 scan tool to read the freeze frame data. View live data while you disconnect the oil control valve on the exhaust camshaft.
  2. The data should change. If so, the valve is working correctly. If not, you may have a more serious electrical problem with the engine control module, which is rare, however, as this trouble code often points to a mechanical problem.
  3. Check the variable timing solenoid for damage and replace if necessary. First, you should clean the area of ​​cables or harnesses.
  4. Then locate the mounting bolt and carefully remove it.
  5. Make sure you don’t drop them in the engine compartment to avoid complications later.
  6. And finally, remove the solenoid connector and disassemble the solenoid.

5. Check the timing of the timing chain

  1. Check your timing chain alignment to see if it jumps, which could be causing your engine’s timing problems.
  2. Here you must locate the timing chain cover and remove it.
  3. Then turn the cam until the marks on the cam line up again.
  4. If they do not align, you must proceed to synchronize. The synchronization procedure varies from one car to another, you must rely on the service manual.

After completing each repair step, clear the trouble code and take it for a test drive. If symptoms persist and the code appears again, continue to the next step.

Don’t replace anything until you’re sure that’s the problem.

If the code is still present even after performing all these steps, seek the help of a professional mechanic.

Common Errors When Diagnosing Code P0011

A common mistake in these cases is replacing components or sensors without any indication of problems with them. Perform a complete diagnosis to identify the true cause of the problem before replacing anything.

This will save you time and money.

How Serious Is Code P0011?

The P0011 code It is moderately severe, meaning it does not need immediate attention, although this will depend on the severity of the symptoms.

The engine may have erratic or other problems that may decrease the vehicle’s drivability and fuel consumption.

In addition to that, the problem must be repaired to avoid possible internal damage. Rough driving caused by this trouble code can lead to further engine damage if you don’t address it immediately.

While you can drive for a while with this code active, you should repair the problem as soon as possible.

Tips to Avoid Code P0011

The solution for the P0011 is usually specific to the make and model of a vehicle. The manual will also describe the correct oil viscosity for your system, so it is the first thing to look for when the P0011 trouble code activates.

To avoid the P0011 code problem, you should change your vehicle’s oil frequently and perform a regular checkup. You should only use the oil recommended by the manufacturer, as different oils are designed to suit different engines.

If the oil is too thick or too thin, it will not move as intended, and problems will occur.

In addition to this, it is always a good idea to perform periodic checks on the wiring harness and electrical components to check their condition and detect damage before it affects the operation of the engine.

To close

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Doing a routine system check and performing oil changes as recommended by the manufacturer will save you a lot of headaches.

And if the P0011 code is present in your car, don’t wait too long to get it repaired. Many people don’t give it enough importance because the car can still be driven, but it can affect other systems, including your engine.

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