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Chevrolet C60 Specs: Before the Silverado


1959 Chevrolet C60 Pickup

A great classic truck is something that truck collectors and car enthusiasts strive to own. The Chevy C60 is one of those trucks that has captivated a nation for decades. This truck will forever be considered a classic and will go down in history as one of the best trucks Chevy has ever made.

Notable specs on the Chevy C60:

  • Incredible power and towing capacity to handle tough jobs like towing, hauling, and more.
  • A huge motor allows for easy mobility and the power you need to tackle even the toughest tasks
  • Superior handling for such a large vehicle with suspension that helps smooth out bumps in the road

Although the Chevy C60 is no longer in production, that doesn’t mean this truck isn’t still waiting for you to pick it up. We’ve compiled stats and specs for this vehicle so you can decide what you think makes the Chevy C60 so special.

The C60 was part of the C/K range of work trucks released by Chevrolet in 1959. It was a work truck that was released to have more power, more traction, and be more useful for those who did a lot of work every day.

The C60 remained virtually unchanged in styling and engine for the first few years of production. In 1968, however, the C60 received a total redesign with a new, more powerful engine, as well as more rear axle options, to help increase and improve overall towing ratings.

The C60 was in production until the 1980s when it was phased out along with the rest of the C/K trucks. New models and body styles took over, making way for the trucks we all know Chevy is popular today.

Engine and towing capacity

The C60 was a work truck. This means it was designed to perform through a hard day’s work without warping or complaining. The C60 originally had a 366 V8 gasoline engine or a DH-478 diesel engine depending on the option chosen.

The tandem rear axle construction allowed it to carry 30,000 to 34,000 pounds and the brakes were vacuum hydraulic.

In 1968, the engine was upgraded to a 427 cubic inch V8 engine and all 23,000 rear axle options were upgraded to 60,000-pound ratings. The engine offered 300 horsepower and this truck was used for heavy duty jobs such as construction sites and road works.

body type

The body style of the Chevy C60 was boxy and boxy, much like the old Chevy trucks we still see today. These trucks were intended for a day’s work and had to be easy to use, easy to drive, and useful for those who worked every day.

Since these trucks were intended for work, they were not very comfortable. That means they didn’t have high-end interior options, they didn’t have many extras, and they didn’t have many entertainment options either. They had radios, but that was it.

These trucks were designed to be able to cross the road, traverse almost any terrain, and be a truly useful trucks for those who needed a work vehicle that could handle anything that was thrown at them.

It’s also a vehicle that wasn’t very great when it came to safety. It has basic safety elements such as seat belts, but elements such as active braking and any type of technological safety system will not be present.

Is the C60 for you?

C60s aren’t a production truck yet, so if you’re looking for a new C60, you’re out of luck. With the C60 you will look for used trucks that are on auction sites or sold by private sellers.

The C60 is a great classic truck. It’s a fantastic truck if you’re looking for something that catches your eye, and gives you a real look, but doesn’t give you huge gas mileage. It’s definitely not a daily driver and not something you would get if you wanted to drive this truck to and from work.


  • Very powerful, designed to handle even the toughest workloads
  • Very large engine and towing capacity, 427 cubic inch V8 engine
  • Super cool to see

The drawbacks:

  • Hard to find, they are no longer in production.
  • Expensive, costing around $40,000 for this rare truck
  • Not good for efficiency or gas, get less than 12 miles per gallon

If you are looking for a C60 as a collector’s item, this is definitely a great truck to buy. When it comes to finding a vehicle, it is always best to take the time to look at the specifications.

Vehicle history is a great resource that can help you learn more about your potential vehicle so you can truly get the right information to make the right decision.


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