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Modernizing your old car is possible with a hands-free device that, in turn, avoids distractions with your mobile while driving and keeps you connected to the Internet. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money because there are cheap products that are worth knowing to bring your old car to 2.0 technology.


Nowadays, the new cars incorporate Bluetooth hands-free systems to increase the safety of drivers, their passengers and pedestrians. In this way, an attempt is made to reduce the statistics that show that a considerable part of collisions and traffic accidents are related to direct distractions with the mobile.

However, the concern is with vehicles that have been in use for many years and do not include these factory systems. For this reason, the authorities promote the use of three devices to avoid the use of mobile phones while driving: car radios with Bluetooth, hands-free with installation and portable devices.

The latter are emerging on the market today as one of the most popular and cheap to modernize your car in a simple and fast way. So we invite you to know our ranking of the best hands-free of 2020 for your car and at the lowest price on the market. 


Ranking: The cheapest 

With this list we want to show you that you do not need more than 50 euros to buy a portable hands-free and that it will give your car all the connectivity options, or at least most, of your mobile to use it while driving without losing concentration on the steering wheel. 


1.Aukey BR-C8: Connectivity and savings

Aukey is recognized for the good quality and low cost accessories that it manufactures in the category of portable chargers, multi-ports, external batteries, among others. Now you have decided to venture into car connectivity with this BR-C8 device, noted for its compatibility with Android and IOS operating systems to incorporate wireless audio into the car stereo system.

Regarding connectivity, this model incorporates version 4.1 of Bluetooth for a fast and more stable link with the mobile so that the configuration process is much easier. 

This device also includes three USB ports so you can charge multiple computers simultaneously thanks to Ai Power technology, which also allows you to play music and charge your mobile at the same time. 

For its part, the intuitive button gives you access to phone calls or the music player easily to change songs without distracting your attention along the way. 

This Aukey model is marketed in the main platforms and digital stores such as Amazon for a value of approximately 20 euros, so it is a cheap option to use the hands-free, answer your calls and play the music on your mobile with great security. 


2.Aigoss T826 – user favorite

The possibility of using a virtual assistant like Google Assistant or Siri while driving, always keeping your attention on the road is an advantage offered by this Aigoss device. 

With a compact size and a totally intuitive user interface, this model can well be considered the best car hands-free of the moment , because it also allows two phones to be connected simultaneously, that is, the driver and a passenger can pair their mobile with the free hands.

In the same way, making calls, sending messages and browsing the Internet while driving will be much safer and easier because the microphone of this device incorporates noise cancellation for high definition sound. 

In terms of autonomy, this team can work 10 hours as hands-free and 3 playing music, while to feed it needs only two hours. For its part, the installation is done quickly by placing the clamp on the parasol and holding the handsfree with the force of a magnet. So when parking you can easily disconnect it and store it in your pocket or in a compartment of the car. 

Regarding the price of this model, you can also get it for 20 euros on Amazon. 


3.Energy Sistem and the multifunctional Energy Car Transmitter FM Bluetooth PRO

To acquire this model you must pay a little more than 20 euros, but the investment is compensated with the screen that incorporates the device, which is LCD and backlit, which facilitates browsing through folders to play music, as well as access to memories external.

The Energy Car is a hands-free car that supports USB memories and micro SD cards, in addition to which you can charge your mobile. All this without losing concentration on the road.

For its part, the intuitive design of the device allows easy access to the navigation, FM and call buttons. With this menu, pairing with the mobile is done almost instantaneously, offering good sound quality and a very positive cost-benefit ratio for consumers. 


4.Cellularline BTCARSPKK, the most expensive but functional on the list

This is the most expensive model in our ranking, and even so it does not exceed 50 euros, so it is still a cheap option to give connectivity to our car and more safety for us when driving without the distraction of the mobile.

This device has the advantage of being able to be linked to two smartphones, in a simple way and offering good sound quality, since it has noise and echo cancellation technology so that communication is clear.

In terms of autonomy, the performance of this equipment is very efficient, since it is capable of lasting up to 20 hours in call mode, while to fully charge it needs two and a half hours when the blue LED indicator tells us that it is ready. for your disconnection. For its part, when it needs power, a red LED indicator begins to flash, a function that is very useful to connect it at the precise moment. 

Regarding the design of this car headset, we highlight that it is compact, modern and very attractive, making it one of the user’s favorites, especially for its ease of use. 


Although some of these models are more versatile than others, any of these products will help you to use your mobile while driving, reducing the risk of accidents, keeping your attention on the road and being always connected.



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