Car Stickers Review 2021

Car sticker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Finding the best car stickers among the millions of options that we have is almost impossible. On the market there are stickers of all kinds, with color, in black and white, with the logos of the most famous spare parts brands, with funny messages, with shapes and also with some of the funniest characters from series and movies. To help you make a decision when choosing your car sticker, we have studied the best options and we have selected some such as the pack of 10 TownStix stickers with images of a happy family or the Vinilin kit  with two flags of Spain and the custom name.


Shopping guide


To continue with our comparison of car stickers, we are going to review some of the main factors that you should look at when buying one. In the next section you will learn how a good sticker differs from a bad one, as well as everything you should take into account before choosing the most appropriate one for your car.



When we talk about quality we refer not only to its materials, but to the entire manufacturing process, as well as the durability of the stickers. 

In this sense, when choosing a car sticker you should make sure that they have a good die cut. The best stickers are made with laser guidance systems, which allows the edges to be completely regular and well defined, this way when removing the sticker from the guide, it will not break or deform. Any good inexpensive sticker will be laser die cut, a factor that will be detailed in the product description.

On the other hand, when choosing a sticker you should also make sure that it has protection against UV rays and that it is also waterproof. This point will be especially important if your car “sleeps” outside, as the sun, rain and the elements will degrade the sticker to make it look very bad. For example, a sticker that does not have protection against UV rays will fade over time, until the design is unrecognizable, in addition, it will “dry” and crack, until finally it will come loose or break.

In the same way, higher quality stickers will have a better glue, which will not leave a trace when removed and will last longer.



Car stickers are usually made of plastic materials. The most common is that they are made of some mixture of vinyl and PVC. The highest quality ones will contain a good amount of PVC, which makes them waterproof and elastic, so that users can easily stick them on any surface, whether metallic or not.

The glues used are also important. A poor quality sticker will soon lose its adherence and will leave a trace of glue on the car’s paint, which can cause damage to the bodywork, especially if it is necessary to use corrosive or aggressive products to remove these remains. On the other hand, the better quality stickers contain very strong, but not aggressive, glues, which manage to stay in place and which, in addition, allow easy and quick removal.



We continue with this guide to buy the best car sticker talking about assembly. This, although it may not seem like it, is an important purchase factor, since a sticker that is difficult to place will be a real headache and, in the end, you may have to get rid of it without having placed it.

The best stickers contain complete instructions on how to place them, as well as mounting guides or clear vinyls that make mounting easy. Some stickers are divided into parts, which also makes them easy to put on. These characteristics should not affect how much the sticker costs, but they are important to make it look its best.

As always, the stickers must be placed on a completely clean surface free of dust and particles, so it is advisable to clean the space on which they are to be placed with a little alcohol, so that the sticker will grip better.



Size is another important purchasing factor. Make sure that the chosen sticker is the correct size, especially if you plan to place it on the window. A sticker that is too large can obscure and obstruct the view through the rear window, which could lead to an accident. 

In the same way, a sticker that is too small can be inconspicuous. In this sense, you must pay close attention to the size indicated by the manufacturer and, before selecting one, you must measure the space in which you have thought to place it. This will ensure that the sticker looks good and that it does not disturb your vision or is too small.



Some stickers are made up of several pieces. Some of them have the same design and allow you, for example, to stick one on each door. Others, on the other hand, offer a selection of designs that allow you to create a scene to your liking, being able to choose between several members of a family.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use the car stickers?

The most important thing when sticking a sticker on the car is to clean the area where you plan to place the sticker. For this, you should not use soaps or cleaners that leave greasy residues. To do this, it is best to do it with a cotton ball and some alcohol. It is also very important to dry the area well before applying the sticker, to do so use a microfiber cloth and, before finishing, examine the area well to make sure there are no traces of dust, water, soap or fibers from the cloth.

Read the sticker mounting instructions, then using the transfer paper, place the sticker where you want to place it, starting from one edge. Using a scraper or, failing that, a credit card, remove the transfer paper with one hand and with the other, run the scraper over the sticker so that it sticks firmly. 

If wrinkles or bubbles remain, you need to use the card or scraper to push the wrinkles to the edge of the stickers and you can remove the bubbles with a needle, make a small hole and use the scraper to remove the air. Finally, for a roller or scraper across the entire surface of the sticker so that it is perfectly placed.


Q2: How to remove the car stickers?

The stickers can be removed manually, although in this way it is common for traces to remain or the paintwork on the bodywork to be damaged. Oil and other corrosive materials such as gasoline can also be used to loosen the glue, in this case again there is a risk of damaging the paint.

One way to remove the stickers without damaging the paint is to use a hair dryer, since most plastic polymers react to heat. It is also possible to use a cold spray or a little baby oil, letting the glue soften before removing the sticker.


Q3: How to remove the glue from the car stickers?

Many times, when removing a sticker, remains of the glue remain adhered to the bodywork. You have to be very careful when removing these remains, since if you use a spatula, a screwdriver or aggressive chemicals you can end up damaging the paint of the body. 

It is best to remove these remains with a little alcohol, a microfiber cloth and a lot of patience. You can bathe the alcohol with edible or baby oil, softening it and making it easier to remove the remains.


Q4: How to make car stickers?

The first thing is to choose a design. You can choose from the millions on the Internet or make one yourself, using programs like Photoshop, Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Once you have finished and prepared the file with the correct design and measurements, you must choose the material. On the market, there are self-adhesive vinyls on which you can apply the design.

The vinyls chosen must have all the necessary protections against water and UV rays to last as long as possible. 


Q5: Why are there bubbles when affixing a car sticker?

Many times, when applying the sticker on the surface, air or small specks of dust can remain under the vinyl, causing annoying bubbles.



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