car roof rack, learn how to ride and drive with it

When the trunk is insufficient for a lot of suitcases, there is no other option but to transport the rest of the luggage outside the vehicle. For this, car racks are the most suitable alternative to carry comfortably and safely, all the things we need when we travel as a family.


When planning a vacation trip with the whole family, some items can be carried in the trunk; However, many vehicles do not have a large space in this cabin, which together with the large number of suitcases, backpacks and things that we usually take on a trip, it is impossible that everything can go inside the car. For this reason, a car roof rack could be the solution to transport the load outside the vehicle, since it allows you to carry all the things that in no way fit inside.


Advantages and precautions in using a car roof rack

Something that began as a simple structure of bars that are mounted on the roof of the car, has evolved today into roof boxes. However, unlike the roof rack that offers greater storage freedom, the chests have limited capacity, since they are totally closed products; with the advantage in their favor, that they are safer and more aerodynamic. It should be noted that the trunk or trunk must necessarily be mounted on the roof rack; so in any case, it is essential to have this structure.

With a roof rack perfectly anchored to the roof of the car, we can safely transport suitcases and larger objects, such as surfboards, bicycles and even ski equipment. This accessory allows to expand the load capacity when we travel on vacation; However, before leaving on a trip, we must comply with some safety measures regarding the maximum load that we can carry, so that the stability of the vehicle is not compromised.

In this sense, we must be aware of the MMA (maximum authorized mass), a figure that we can find in the technical sheet of each vehicle and if we need to carry any bulky object, we must make sure that it is allowed by law, that it does not hinder the visibility of the driver and that does not represent a risk to other vehicles.




Some tips for installation

The roof rack can be installed on the roof or also on the boot lid (especially in the case of a sports car or convertible). There are universal and specific roof racks on the market, so we can choose the most appropriate model for our car. Some roof racks differ in front and rear bar design, as well as steering; so it is convenient to verify that the bars point in the correct direction and that each one goes in its corresponding place.

Each vehicle in particular has its trick when it comes to mounting. Most SUVs and SUVs incorporate what they call railing, which is bars raised a few centimeters from the roof with a fixing system, so we will not need a kit to fix the roof rack. Likewise, there are integrated rails that offer a more elegant design, since they do not rise from the roof of the car; which favors aerodynamics and does not need an installation kit.

Similarly, there are vehicles that have fixing points for anchoring, these are usually hidden under sliders or flaps on the outside of the roof; In these cases, we must look for a roof rack with a kit compatible with these fixing points. There are also cars that offer a normal roof, so they do not have a rail, or fixing points and do not have any bars.

At the time of purchase, we must verify that the package contains two bars and 4 couplings. To mount the bars, we just have to adjust them and attach them to the fasteners on the ceiling. In any case, manufacturers usually offer an explanatory user manual, where the installation is detailed step by step; We can also find videos on the web that teach this work.


Learn to load a roof rack

Once the roof rack has been mounted correctly, the next thing is to make sure that all the load that we put on it is well tied; since we must avoid that in the middle of the way we lose a bicycle, or that our suitcases are thrown through the air; which could cause a serious accident.

Although it is the best roof rack for a car , it is convenient to know that the excess weight that the vehicle carries generates instability; For this reason, we must try not to load heavy objects on the roof rack, which must go inside the vehicle and leave light things to carry outside. When it comes to several things or several suitcases, it is best to cover them all with a net or canvas, in order to achieve a single package; In addition, if we put a plastic on the load, it will be more protected from the elements.

In the case of carrying long objects, such as surfboards or snowboards that protrude from the roof of the car, we must use a signaling type V20, in order to warn other drivers.




Driving with a roof rack may have its limitations

When we carry a roof rack on the roof of the car, it gains greater height; so we must be careful when parking in a covered space or when we pass through a porch. Likewise, the load modifies the aerodynamics of the vehicle; For this reason, the acceleration will not be the best, it will increase the noise and also the consumption. In addition, in curves you will tend to lean more and stopping distances could increase.

In this sense, it is advisable not to exceed the speed limits, since consumption increases especially after 100 km / h and the wind could damage the load, damage the car and even cause an accident. Likewise, we must leave more space in relation to the car in front of us, since the brakes do not offer optimal performance with an overload.

On the other hand, considering that the vehicle has increased its center of gravity, in curves there is a greater risk of rolling and overturning; For this reason, it is advisable to balance the weight and take the curves with low speed and caution. In addition, we must check from time to time that the load is perfectly adjusted and in place.


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