Car GPS Mounts Review 2021

Car GPS Mount – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


A GPS is a modern equipment that can keep you located in each space where you return, that is why they are widely used in cars because they give you the exact directions of the place where you want to go and also allow you to visualize the different routes to take when you are driving, that is why it is important to keep this equipment always in sight so that you can handle it comfortably, but to be able to do so you need to have good support. In the commercial world you will find different types and the variety is quite wide, so choosing just one can be a complicated decision, so to help you we analyze the main models and we can recommend the Aukey 0711091202692 first.that can be adjusted to the air conditioning outlet of your car without complications, managing to always have it at hand and is made of resistant materials; and secondly, the Mpow PAMCM3-V that you can place in the CD slot of the player and it is very safe, you can move it at a 360 degree angle, it is very useful.

How to use a car GPS mount


Today, there are so many ideal devices to make your life a little less complicated, such as GPS, which gives you the opportunity to help you with those unusual directions that you do not know how to get to or, even if you are traveling, this could clearly show you the route to take. That is why it is very important to be able to keep your GPS device always in sight.

So having a good GPS support would not be bad since it will allow you to see the different routes to take comfortably, without having to use your hands while driving. In this way, giving the correct use to your support will help you to manipulate the GPS with total comfort.




Unpack and read the instruction manual for your GPS mount

Once you have purchased your GPS mount, the first thing you should do is carefully unpack it and check that everything is in good condition. Also, taking a look at the instruction manual would help you understand more easily both the installation process and the use that you will have to give your new GPS mount.


Proceed to install the support for your GPS

Depending on the model you have purchased, you will have to take into account the installation process that you will have to carry out. It should be noted that, in the case of such a simple GPS support, it will not be necessary to use tools or screws to adapt it to your car. On the contrary, the installation process is usually easy, convenient and straightforward.

If you have the GPS mount that works by magnetism, it will be easy and simple to install it in your car. You simply have to position the base of it in one of the air grills; This, in turn, will be held by four handles that work under pressure and will later be inserted into the channels of said grid.

Now, to achieve that the GPS can be held on the base of the support, you will simply have to place under the lining of the same the metal plate that, when making contact with the base, will quickly attract, causing the union of both parts and that’s it.

On the other hand, if you have the model that is simply installed in the player’s slot, you only have to place the base in that slot and it will be delicately held. So you will not have to worry about any damage that may occur in the long run. What we do consider important for you to know is that, while you use this GPS support, the player will be unusable, so if you want to play a CD, you just have to remove the GPS support and that’s it.

Now, if it is that model that has the most common installation system, you will only have to install it using suction cups that, in turn, you will have to position on the windshield and voila, you will now be able to enjoy greater access to the screen. from your GPS.




Position it in the angle that seems best to you

Being able to have a better view in terms of your GPS screen would be adequate to be able to see clearly and accurately the direction you must follow. In this way, and if your model allows it, you can rotate it at an angle of up to 360 ° , ideal for positioning your GPS as you see fit, so that it can be seen from any of the vehicle’s seats.




The most popular brands


A fundamental part of using GPS is finding a good support that allows you to manipulate the product hands-free. Taking into consideration the importance of these tools, and that a good part of our regular readers are curious about the subject, in this section, we want to analyze the most popular brands of GPS mounts for cars. Here we explore the most important information around a few prominent manufacturers.  




Garmin Ltd. is known as one of the most influential companies in the manufacture of quality GPS. Founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao, it had its origins in Kansas in the very heart of the United States.

The Garmin name arises from the union of the names of both creatives. This company has dedicated all its resources and ingenuity to the development of GPS equipment focused mainly on the civil field. Its products offer free navigation data that help users to reach a planned destination.

Garmin has developed one of the most popular GPS systems and equipment in the world. The company’s success is based on the creation of an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, as well as software with very accurate and updated data.

Although its main focus is navigation systems for land traffic, the company has also developed naval and air systems throughout history. Among its most notable successes we can highlight: its many car navigation models, its wearables, cameras and physical activity monitoring systems.




For its part, Mpow is a company dedicated to the creation of consumer electronics and various accessories. The company has a wide catalog of articles, which have been developed based on the observation of the environment. As a company, they keep an attentive eye on the needs of users and seek to develop technological equipment that results in full satisfaction of those requirements.

In addition to a listening system attentive to user needs, Mpow’s other focal point is always on simplicity and ease of use. In this way they pursue that each of their creations respond to a simple use system that can be executed mainly by those people who are not very skilled in the use of modern technologies.

It is a great option when looking for GPS mounts for cars, as well as other complementary accessories in our day to day. The company manufactures a variety of models in the following categories: sports headphones, various headphones, Bluetooth speakers, cell phone accessories, and car accessories.




Finally, Carchet is one of those accessory supplier companies that, we believe, deserves to be among the most popular brands of car mounts due to the good level of acceptance and good reputation that its articles have on the web. According to official information, it is a well-known auto parts supplier that is mainly dedicated to providing a series of services in the automotive sector.

These services encompass the development of a variety of products, including automotive electronics, customization, but also automotive decoration. Among its catalog of options you can find a small variety of GPS navigators, lighters, lighting systems, intercom headsets and many accessories.

The good reputation that Carchet has developed in the market is due to the fact that its main focus is always on the needs of the user. As a company they seek to provide both the person and the car with safe, fun and comfortable solutions. The real passion of the work team that makes it up is the love for motor vehicles.


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