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Guide to buying windshield wipers


Choosing an efficient windshield wiper is a very important task, since it is the part of the vehicle that is responsible for giving you the best visibility when driving under adverse weather conditions such as rain, sand or snow. For this reason, it is advisable to choose the model very carefully, making sure to acquire the one that best meets our requirements and needs. Faced with an almost infinite list of wiper models to choose from, we’ve put together a guide to buying the best wiper blades. In addition to looking for the cheapest model, we must take care to choose the best quality windshield wiper.


Shopping guide


Choose the type of wiper

Taking into account that there are two main types of windshield wipers to choose from, it will be essential to choose the model that suits you the most, before asking yourself how much it costs. For this reason, first of all, it is important to differentiate between traditional windshield wipers, which are made of metal and in which the rubber is fixed, so the complete part will have to be changed when it is time to make a replacement.

On the other hand, the new generation windshield wipers are those in which the entire piece is rubber and flexible. These models are cheaper than the traditional ones, but, on the other hand, the rubber part tends to damage more quickly, since exposure to the sun and rain causes the material to deform. This factor is very important when choosing, since it will determine if what we are going to acquire is just the rubber or the whole piece.


Determine which wiper you need to change

All cars use a set of front and rear wiper blades, so eventually you will have to change the part or at least its rubber . For this reason, it is important that you choose the corresponding windshield wiper that needs the replacement, in addition to that you must be aware of the direction of your vehicle, since there are countries where the direction is on the opposite side, which affects the wiper washer.


Choose a model that is compatible

In any comparison of windshield wipers, it is important to bear in mind that each make or model of car has a different type of adapter, so you should be attentive to this feature before buying the product to avoid purchasing the wrong windshield wiper. All replacement wiper blades typically include a list of the cars they are compatible with, as poor adjustment will result in gross inefficiency. So getting a windshield wiper that fits your car perfectly will bring you a host of benefits in all weather conditions.


Look for the best durability

Normally, we turn on the windshield wipers when we want to drain the water that falls from the rain and wets our glass or we want to withdraw some type of society to have a clear vision of the road. For this reason, this accessory will always be exposed to rain, snow and sun, so that, over time, it is normal for them to wear out and crack.

In this sense, it is very important to make sure that you choose the wiper that is made with quality and durable materials, which will guarantee its resistance to adverse weather conditions. Also, remember that vehicle windows have a slight degree of curvature, so the material must be flexible enough to adapt to the shape of the vehicle glass.


Wiper Size Matters

In today’s market, you can find a wide variety of different wiper blades, due to the large number of makes and models of cars that we have at our disposal. It is very important to note that the size of the replacement windshield wiper must be the same as the one that your car brought from the factory, in case you need to change it, otherwise there is a risk of a collision between the windshield wipers.


Attentive to the type of connection

Previously, there was not as much variety of connectors in the case of the windshield wipers, so the user did not have much problem when choosing. However, thanks to technological advances, a large number of new models and connection systems have been introduced, especially taking into account the great boom in the consumption of custom car parts and spare parts.

In this sense, we recommend that you pay attention to the type of connection that your windshield wipers have, so that the replacement fits well in your car, choosing between the hook or bayonet system.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to clean the wiper duct?

In addition to windshield wiper sprinklers, windshield wiper lines also tend to get clogged with accumulated dirt. The duct system is made up of hoses and nozzles that eventually become clogged, so the liquid stops coming out with the appropriate force. The ideal way to clean the system is with compressed air or using a long wire with which you can drag all the dust particles. When you have managed to uncover the ducts a bit, proceed to clean with plenty of water.


Q2: Where is the water for the windshield wiper put?

Because the windshield washer fluid reservoir may be located in different places on the vehicle depending on the make, model, and year of manufacture, it is necessary to look carefully when locating it. You can commonly find it near the windshield in a compartment near the engine and is recognized by being marked with a symbol in the form of a windshield.

Remove the compartment cover and identify which liquid level the guide marks. Try to remove the lid and set it aside so that you don’t dump any waste inside the tank, as you can cover the sprinklers. Finally, using a funnel, add the required amount of windshield washer fluid until the guide on the reservoir indicates.


Q3: How to change the wiper arm?

In general, wiper arms very rarely need replacement, being generally required due to the arm bending, the joints rusting, or the internal spring loses tension. First, you will need to identify the type of connection on your windshield wiper and lift the cover to expose the nut that you will need to loosen. Remove the arm by moving gently until it is completely released and place the new arm in its place.


Q4: Who invented the windshield wiper?

The person in charge of inventing this important piece for the vehicle was Mary Anderson, a born businesswoman with a great imagination, who was born into a humble family in the United States in 1866. The idea came to Mary, during a The journey he made by train, which had to stop every so often so that the drivers could clean the windows of the rain and snow. This situation motivated him to create several prototypes before finally presenting the invention in 1903, registering it under the name of ‘rotating arm to clear the windshield’.


Q5: How to uncover the windshield wiper blades?

Before trying to unclog the sprinklers, check the operation of the pump by turning on the sprinklers, and if you hear a hum but no liquid comes out, it means that the sprinklers are clogged, which is normal in very cold weather.

In the event that your windshield wiper sprinklers have their main duct clogged, you will have to find a way to unclog them so that the water can flow through their holes again. We recommend using the point of a pin or needle to accomplish this without ruining the sprinkler. You just need to gently press the pin into each hole until the clog clears.


Q6: When to change wiper blades?

Due to the great importance of windshield wipers in helping you with road visibility, it is not advisable to wait until something happens that makes you realize that you should have changed them long ago. Among the different clues that the windshield wipers can give you that indicate that it is time to change them is noise. However, the main reason for a replacement of this part is when we begin to notice that the windshield wiper leaves a veil of dirt on the glass after passing.


Q7: Can the windshield wiper be used when it snows?

You can actually use the windshield wiper when it snows, but you do have to be a little careful. If there is some ice, you should clean it before using your car. Therefore, when winter arrives , it is time to give special care to the windshield wipers, forcing us to carry a little extra winter fluid, so that it helps us clean the ice and snow from the windshield.


Q8: Why do the windshield wipers ring?

The sound is one of the main indications that the windshield wipers give you to warn you that the time has come to replace this part. The main reason for this noise is when excessive friction occurs between the windshield wiper and the glass. Another reason may be that the windshield wipers are not connected properly.




How to use a windshield wiper


Knowing the correct operation of the windshield wipers is of great importance, since they are safety devices that allow you to see when driving, clearing your windshield from rain or snow. For this reason, it is recommended that you inspect your windshield wipers periodically to make sure they are working normally. Next, we briefly explain how to install and use the windshield wipers, so that you can give this accessory a correct use.




Start your vehicle’s engine

First, you must start the engine of your car, placing the switch in position II. In that on position, the vehicle will light the dash indicating it has been started. Current vehicles emit a waiting sound that indicates that the car’s computer has been turned on, in addition to that it is the moment when the air bags inflate, so it will take a few seconds to proceed and turn the keys until they turn on completely the car engine.


Turn on the windshield wipers

Then, with the car running, proceed to turn on the windshield wipers using a lever that is located on the side of the steering wheel. With this lever we can choose the level of power that each fan will have, since there is a second lever that is in charge of starting the lights of your vehicle. You should be careful to stop the windshield wipers when they are upright and then proceed to stop the vehicle.


Raise your arm

When the wipers are in the upright position, lift them up to remove the old blade and fit the new one. In some cases, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you will have to raise the hood to be able to do this. Proceed to grab the mobile arm and firmly squeeze the tabs, pulling them to disengage them. Make sure to press down hard on the tab. If you still can’t disengage the mechanism, check the manufacturer’s manual.


Install the new brush

After you have removed the worn brush, you must place the replacement in the same way, so it will be necessary to carry out the same steps, but in reverse. You will need to insert the brushes until they fit perfectly. It is advisable to carry out the same process with the remaining brushes, so that you can take the opportunity to leave the brushes in better condition.




Check the operation

After you have fitted the new wipers, fold the arm back and start the vehicle again. Turn on the windshield wipers to see if they work properly, so you will have to remove it and reattach it, in case it remains ringing.


Remember to make the replacement

It is advisable to pay attention to the time between replacement of the windscreen wipers, since these accessories must be changed after one or two years of use, however, there are two clear indications that announce the right time to change this accessory. You must take into account the moment when this piece begins to generate noise when operating or when it leaves dirt on the glass when the brush passes.




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