best tricks to clean your car

Are you among the users who wash their car every week or among those who allow months to pass before taking it to a car wash again? Regardless of the group of people with whom you feel most identified, we present you some of the best tricks to keep your vehicle completely clean.


Carrying out a complete maintenance to our vehicle to keep it clean at all times is a habit that, although it has favorable results by keeping the car in excellent condition, it also turns out to be an activity that in many cases takes considerable time and effort. This is why we have made the decision to present you with some of the best cleaning tips and tricks that will help you keep your vehicle in perfect condition.

It is important to bear in mind that the aesthetic care that a person may have for their vehicle speaks a lot about their personality. For this reason, many people say that being an educated and hygienic person is very important when it comes to transmitting to people how you really are, as the same happens with vehicles. If you want to make a good impression at all times, showing how clean and hygienic you are, it is vital to always keep the vehicle clean.

However, we all know that this is a task that is not entirely simple, since to continuously take it to specialized service we will have to invest a certain amount of money and time, which in many cases we do not have to spare.

To this is added that, as much as we want to keep it shiny at all times, it happens that the moment we need to go to our work or our homes, we will inevitably go through sections of the road where a quantity of dust will rise that will get dirty again . This is without taking into account that nowadays it is normal for us to lead a hectic life, so we usually accumulate an extra pair of shoes, bags, bottles, among others in our car.

For this reason, it is important and totally advisable to know all the tricks and listen to all the possible tips that can help you keep the vehicle as clean as possible, as well as having some useful products and tools that are of great help in cleaning vehicles, as it is often said that vehicles require the same care that is provided to homes. For this reason, many drivers do not hesitate for a moment to buy the best car vacuum cleaner to always have it at hand.


Unfortunately, we cannot control the factors that ruin the cleanliness of the vehicle, especially the exterior of the vehicle. But, on the other hand, the interior is a different case, since you will be able to keep it clean and tidy after continuous supervision, complying with certain guidelines. A small example is establishing with the people who are going to get on it that they cannot enter with food uncovered, much less eat inside the car. Logically, this is something that, as well as your passengers, you must fulfill yourself.

The main idea is to keep the vehicle clean constantly so as not to have to waste time with long maintenance days. In this way, the time invested to carry out this task will be much shorter.

A practical recommendation is to have in the place where you usually park your car a flannel or sponge, as well as a container for water, with which you can do a quick cleaning when you get home after the end of the day. Thus, when you arrive from the street, you can quickly wipe the wet sponge or flannel around the outside of the car to clean the dirt that you have accumulated throughout the day.

This is something that will not take more than approximately five minutes, always depending on the model of your car. Especially yes, and when you arrive you notice that it is not too dirty, but that it only has a little dust, it will be enough to shake it with the dry flannel. On the other hand, it is advisable to have another cloth in the glove compartment, with which you can clean the interior of the car and the parts that you usually touch like the dashboard, the steering wheel and the gear lever.

As for the seats in your car, which are one of the parts that most tend to get dirty and show aging over time, the ideal is to have them acquired dark in color. Although light tones are the most popular, it is precisely those that tend to suffer more from stains due to the fall of a product. On the other hand, if you want to protect your car seats even more, you can choose to put a protective cover on them from the many alternatives that are sold in the market.

Another place that you can keep clean constantly fairly easily is the vehicle’s windows. It is very normal to notice a large number of footprints and marks on the windows of the cars, either when trying to defog them from the inside with your hand or because your child has found a way to amuse himself by drawing with his finger while they are going home . To counteract this, you can use a cloth to blot up the fogging to significantly improve your vision. However, it is recommended that from time to time you wash the car windows with water to avoid the accumulation of excess dirt.


What are the real benefits of cleaning your car frequently?

In addition to the benefits of keeping your vehicle clean and presentable with some small tips, finally we will give you the concrete advantages of doing this task with a certain frequency.

First of all, it has been shown that this way the paint will last longer with a flawless appearance, in addition to that you can avoid the accumulation of rust on the body. Likewise, you can preserve a much cooler interior environment and away from agents that may cause allergies to you and your passengers. And, finally, your vehicle will be better valued if you decide to sell it.


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