Best Steering Wheel Covers Review 2021

Steering Wheel Cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


A steering wheel cover could be seen as another accessory to buy for the car, however, this accessory is not only a way to add a touch of modernity to the wheel; It is a product designed to protect this area and give you greater security. A product like Mayco Bell 921 is designed to give you the best qualities of a steering wheel cover, for a reasonable price, so you can buy it without problems. On the other hand, models like the Labellevie QP004H give you a discreet and universal design, with adequate resistance and the comfort you require.

Shopping guide


Finding a suitable accessory for your car is key to continue the correct functioning of this and all its parts. For that reason, a good steering wheel cover could help you have more control over your driving, and achieving this depends on knowing exactly what to look for in it.



A cover of this type is an accessory designed to give you security and also to protect the wheel due to the constant use that is given to it. To make a correct choice, knowing how much a product costs is very important, however, when said item has been designed to keep you safe or to take care of your most precious possessions, an affordable price should not be the only determining factor when it comes to Make the purchase.

In the case of steering wheel covers, the first and most important aspect to consider should be the security it provides and the protection it provides to your steering wheel. If a cover does not fit correctly, it can move while you drive causing discomfort at best, and at worst it can even lead to an accident if you lose control of the vehicle.

For that reason, it is necessary that you verify the size of the tire so that you can acquire the correct one for your car. The model considered universal is one that can be adapted to 37 and 38 centimeter wheels, however, if you drive large vehicles such as a truck, it will be necessary to buy specific products.

To this we must add the protection that the cover can give your steering wheel. These products work to reduce the wear and tear of the steering wheels, preventing scratches and even discoloration. These are the details that you should highlight when verifying the products, before moving on to observe other qualities.



Driving can be a tedious activity when it is something that is done frequently and for long periods of time, therefore, the second aspect that is worth attending is the comfort offered by the product.

If the cover makes you uncomfortable or tires your hands in any way, then it is not a functional product and therefore it is necessary to take this into account when verifying the design of the article. Those cases with a material such as leather that also provide details in the textures facilitating grip are among the most outstanding. Your hands won’t slip, nor will they tire from the effort.

In turn, this must have another quality that will improve the use of the product and that is the correct perspiration. Although materials like leather provide a firm grip at the start, over time you may experience an uncomfortable build-up of sweat that interferes with your riding ability. For that reason, read the indications on the cover and make sure it offers good breathability as a quality.  

On the other hand, in case you are vegan and do not want to use materials such as leather, many manufacturers have created materials that mimic this element. This will allow you to get the same quality without relying on genuine leather.

When comparing steering wheel covers, you will notice that some models combine materials to offer a better grip. This can also be an alternative. It all depends on your tastes.



The last thing to consider is the installation process. The different models of cover that exist in the market vary in terms of the form of adjustment to the steering wheel they have. Some of them need to be sewn, while others only require stretching until the product wraps around the steering wheel. These processes do not indicate that one model is better than another, however, they could make a difference when it comes to ease of installation.

By now in your guide to buying the best steering wheel cover, you should have chosen the correct size for your car; that way you can focus on other aspects of the fit. Regardless of how the cover is installed, if you find a customized model for the type of car you drive, then choose this alternative, as it will undoubtedly be the best. However, if you cannot find a specialized product and you need to choose one that suits several cars, then you can give more importance to the installation.

Try to find products that come with an instruction manual. This simple detail will make the difference, because you will not have to doubt about the resistance of the cover when stretching it, for example.

Besides that, a good and cheap cover option is one that gives you more in the same purchase; For that reason, make sure that your choice comes with the necessary accessories for its installation. This will avoid having to spend money on extra accessories.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a steering wheel cover?

To use it, you need to make sure it is snug and well positioned. Without a firm grip and safe maneuverability, the consequences can be regrettable. Generally, stretching and sewing are the installation methods and both will require some time and patience.

To place a cover that you must stretch, a good trick is to make it more flexible by heating it for a few seconds with a hair dryer or in the microwave. Proceed to flatten from the top, stretch downward, and finally to the sides.

Stitched covers generally fit easily and are adjusted with a sewing process. Usually they bring their needle, thread and directions. Before putting on the cover, remember to clean the dirt from the steering wheel first.


Q2: How to sew a steering wheel cover?

Commonly, the cover comes with the needle and ball of thread kit. After threading, center the steering wheel and place the cover over it, shaping it with your hands, especially at the intersection points.

Make the first insertion of the needle from the inside and continue the sewing pattern by guiding yourself through the holes it brings or making the conventional zigzag by sliding under the outside stitches.

The most important thing is to push the needle and pull hard so that both sides are well joined. Finish with a knot and remove any excess thread, repeating the sewing process for each section.


Q3: How to make a leather steering wheel cover?

The most important step to take care of when making a leather steering wheel cover is taking measurements. Since this material stretches when it begins to be handled, those who work with it recommend subtracting 2.5 cm before cutting the measurement of the longest point of the diameter and 1.25 cm for its shortest point.

So taking this into account, transfer the measurements with a chalk to the back of the leather and proceed to cut the rectangle obtained. With a hole punch, poke the holes along both sides and proceed to sew.


Q4: How to clean the steering wheel cover?

Keeping the cover clean and dry for driving is very important. The cleaning method depends largely on the material of manufacture and the advice that the manufacturer suggests for washing.

For example, if it is made of leather, fur, or other synthetic material, a microfiber cloth removes the dust and leaves no trace. The application of a special product, from time to time, is a good way to take care of the cover.

If it is fabric, a neutral detergent is the most recommended and you should check if you can wash it by machine or by hand. To avoid unpleasant odors, make sure it is completely dry before putting it back on.


Q5: When to use a steering wheel cover?

Using the cover can be for the sole purpose of adding visual appeal to your steering wheel. However, your main goal is to avoid areas of wear or to hide them if you already have them. Wear is a characteristic to attend to, since an uncomfortable sensation in the hands or that causes them to slip reduces the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.

So feeling a good comfortable grip texture, shielding the steering wheel from the sun, or customizing this piece with colors and patterns that you like are all justifiable reasons to use a steering wheel cover.


Q6: Which is better, a stitched or traditional steering wheel cover?

Both have a particular installation mode that requires patience. However, the traditional steering wheel cover will take less time and dedication to get the best fit. In the same way, it is more practical to remove and wash when there is a need to do so.

For its part, a stitched steering wheel cover usually has a more affordable cost. Although it takes a bit more work to place, it achieves full thickness and fuller coverage of the steering wheel. So it will depend on the style you like the most.


Q7: How to repair a steering wheel cover?

It all depends on the repair that needs to be done. If we talk about the detachment of the seam, it can be tried again with the needle and thread. If that doesn’t work, you can try a very tight-fitting type of original design fabric with your hands over the entire thickness of the steering wheel from one end to the other.

In case you see some parts of the cover worn, you can make inserts of the same material to replace them. It is up to you whether you want to choose a similar tone or contrast with different colors.


Q8: How to know the size of a steering wheel cover?

A good advice is to not trust fully and blindly buy a cover that describes being standard measurements. There is much more guarantee when the actual measurements of the steering wheel are compared with those offered by the cover to be purchased.

A tape measure is the instrument to use, especially for the thickness of the steering wheel. To find the diameter, stretch the tape and measure end to end horizontally and to measure the thickness or grip thickness, wrap the tape around the steering wheel. 



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