best sports motorcycle boots on the market Review 2021

When it comes to looking for motorcycle boots, we have many options at our fingertips. But if it comes to finding sports boots designed for the most demanding environments, then you have to bet on specific products.


Every good rider knows that when riding it is necessary to have complete equipment depending on the terrain on which it moves. Because a motocross helmet is not the same as one for a road motorcycle and the protection we need to travel around the city is not the same as to drop the knee on the track. Precisely the same thing happens when looking for the best sports motorcycle boots is concerned. So that the search does not pose a problem, you just have to take a look at some of the most outstanding products on the market, which we analyze below.


 Alpinestars SMX-6

We find a mixed boot, suitable both for riding on the street and for pumping your bike on the circuit. An aspect in which a mixed approach stands out and that maintains a controlled torsion when rolling, through a high-level biomechanical axis. A first-rate approach with which to improve the control of the bike and push a little more without risk of falls. In addition, the inside of the fingers also includes a special reinforcement, to protect them when performing all kinds of maneuvers while driving. All this in a boot made in sizes from 36 to 50 and that has a price of approximately 220 euros.


 Axo Aragon

The Axo Aragón model is another high-level boot with which to enjoy pleasant sensations when moving with your motorcycle. Among its fundamental elements we find a water-repellent leather upper that adequately releases moisture, as well as a very advanced closure system that is hidden in the main design of the product. In addition, the approach of the boot offers a high level of fit, for those who want to maintain maximum control of the boot’s torsion when riding, counting on an anti-torsion vertebra made of polyurethane. The product is finished with sliders equipped with titanium toe caps, for greater comfort and safety during filming. Regarding its price, the catalog price is around 330 euros, although it is possible to find models on sale at just 100 euros.

Gaerne G.RW

These Italian-made boots have a simple and straightforward design that, despite its approach, generates pleasant sensations when riding. The main body has aids such as a floating protection system for the ankle, where there is no lack of reinforcements in the front area of ​​the shaft or additional protection in the ankle area. In addition, the internal ventilation membrane of the boot generates a pleasant sensation and evacuates the hot air and humidity from the interior, so you do not worry about the stress when circulating. This Italian design product has a price of around 180 euros, depending on models and sizes. Ideal so that enjoying all its advantages and looking stylish in any circumstance does not cost you too much.

Held Cartagena

If you want to enjoy pleasant sensations on any terrain, you only have to resort to high quality boots such as the Held Cartagena model. This product offers you an all-round, high-top design, which makes it much easier to maintain control and ride comfortably both on and off the track. A model that includes the usual torsion guide with which to customize the behavior of the boot to what you need, also incorporating an improved ergonomics that few products can reach. So you can adopt a very natural and comfortable posture when riding, maintaining full control over the behavior of your motorcycle. It is finished with details such as its textile lining made entirely of polyester or improved ventilation, to give you greater comfort and internal cooling of the feet.

KTM Supertech R

To talk about KTM Supertech R sports boots is to talk about products that are one step ahead of their competition. Something that is perceived with the naked eye but that we can even adjust to what we want, since it is one of the models that offers more options when it comes to customizing its behavior. These motorcycle sports boots have been specially designed to give you good protection on the shin, ankle and foot, for which the product incorporates a removable bootie in its own approach and little seen in the market. This piece adds an extra protection to the foot and it fits perfectly into the plastic material shaft that is part of the outside of the boot. In addition, this element also facilitates putting on and taking off shoes. The only but of all this protection is that the maneuverability is somewhat compromised, although the investment in security is worth it. As for its price, this is around 400 euros, so it is in the highest part of the market.


For those looking for a slightly cheaper model than those we have been commenting on, we find the XPD VR6. A traditional style product, although with a more aggressive design and integral construction, in line with the latest trends in this market. A detail that makes the boots suitable to give you all the protection you need without causing the price to skyrocket. Among its strengths we find a microfiber fabric that is very pleasant to the touch, a polyurethane sole or the resin sliders, which give you all the comfort you need when moving. As for the price, as we mentioned, this is very tight and is currently around 200 euros.



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