Best Portable Car DVDs Review 2021

Portable Car DVD – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Although many cars already include this accessory from the factory, if you do not have it, it is not a bad thing to add a portable car DVD to your vehicle, with which to keep our little travelers entertained and make our trips more pleasant. Among the most prominent models, we have the Wonie BS-WN-ES1011 , equipped with two 10.5-inch screens and which is easy to mount and manage, thanks to its compatibility with an SD card and USB port. For its part, the Apeman PV1060 model is limited to a screen, although it expands its size to 12.5 inches, maintaining good autonomy and performance.


Shopping guide 


A long trip can become quite boring, especially for the little ones in the house. Therefore, investing in a good entertainment solution for our vehicle is not a bad idea. Currently, we have many options to equip the rear of our vehicle with screens, so taking a look at our guide to buying the best portable DVD for a car is an adequate help to know what to look for when opting for a model or other.


Screen Format

To begin, let’s see what the product offers us in terms of screen or screens. And it is that today there are many products that have not one, but two screens, so it is easier to enjoy a comprehensive experience. Obviously, that our future car DVD has two screens influences how much the equipment costs, although the cost increase is no longer so noticeable.

Given the number of screens, the next step is to assess their size. As with mobile phones or tablets, we have different proposals on the market, ranging from 9 inches for the economically priced models to 12.5 inches for the screens present in the larger ones. The larger the screen diagonal, the more space there is to see everything clearly when playing content.

Finally, it’s time to take a look at your screen resolution. Given the size that we have discussed before, we will not find 4K resolution products or anything similar, but it is true that there are differences in this regard. In general, the larger the screen in size, the higher the resolution should also be, since it will signal a better image. So do not forget to verify this aspect when opting for one product or another.


Connections and compatibility

Another issue to consider when faced with a comparison of portable DVDs for cars is the connectivity offered by the device. This section refers to the number of ports it includes, as well as their nature. The greater that connectivity, the better options for use we will have, although we must also evaluate compatibility, which goes hand in hand with said connectivity.

The usual thing is that the equipment includes the DVD reader where we should have the ability to use all kinds of discs, whether they are recordable, rewritable or conventional. Another common data source is the USB port, from where we can load our favorite content. And if we have an integrated card reader or a port for those SD cards, even better.

All of these media are very interesting, but you also need good file type compatibility. In general, almost any DVD plays files in the most classic formats, such as AVI or MPG. But given that many current contents are in other formats, such as MKV or ACC, it does not hurt to bet on a product that is capable of reading these formats. The higher the compatibility, the better.


Food and autonomy

The last important aspect when it comes to getting a DVD is the product’s power system and the autonomy it offers us. Starting with the power system, the usual thing is that the equipment works connected through the car’s cigarette lighter, and it is also advisable to have a traditional plug to charge the battery integrated in the equipment.

This battery is already far from the autonomy of the older and cheaper models, which was barely around two hours. Nowadays, the usual thing is that any portable DVD that we find in the market offers us batteries with a capacity of use of 4 or 5 hours, at least. Obviously, the greater the autonomy, the longer we can enjoy its functions.

By the way, some models are capable of adjusting certain parameters such as screen brightness, which can help us save battery during use. The same is true for computers that include power-saving features, such as automatic shutdown or shutdown in case of inactivity. All these complements give an extra life to the energy, helping us to make better use of it.



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