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Motorcycle Trunk – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Motorcycles are small vehicles that have little space for storing safety equipment and personal items during trips. In order to expand this space, manufacturers have created motorcycle trunks. Although there are many options available, two stand out as favorites. First of all, the Shad SH29 is a model that weighs 3.5 kilograms and is suitable as a luggage rack, because its dimensions are compact. It is closely followed by the Vramack Seven VR01-002 alternative , which has a sleek black design, with a volumetric capacity of 40 liters and a key lock system.

Shopping guide


A motorcycle trunk is a suitable alternative for those who want to expand their storage space and have a place to store helmets and clothing safely, in order to avoid having to carry them. The options are varied, but not all are suitable and, for the purchase to be intelligent, it is necessary to look for properties that denote quality and functionality. You can take as an example the characteristics that we will detail in the following guide to buy the best motorcycle trunk on the market.



The construction and materials that the manufacturer has used to make the product can give an estimate of how much a motorcycle trunk costs, since, depending on the raw material, its cost can be higher or cheaper.

It is convenient and recommended that these pieces for storage be strong and resistant, so that they withstand inclement weather, sun, rain and have an adequate level of protection for the articles inside.

Some alternatives are made of ABS plastic and others of lower-density plastic. Likewise, there are proposals that incorporate aluminum or carbon fiber, so they are more resistant. According to the materials, the weight may vary. In this sense, it is important that they are light, but they should not be weak.


Security system 

Unlike cars, motorcycles are left out in the open, so objects cannot be left on the saddle and, sometimes, carrying them with you can be annoying. That is when motorcycle trunks are essential.

However, these functional pieces must be equipped with a security system or lock, which blocks this compartment and keeps the objects inside protected and safe from possible thieves.

The vast majority of available models have a small but efficient lock, which is locked with a key and can only be opened by inserting the key. Also, certain trunks may have some buckles or rivets to increase security and completely isolate the interior. It is important that the model includes at least one set of keys (two units), to be able to solve a problem in case of loss.



If you plan to make a comparison of motorcycle trunks, you must include the design as one of the characteristics to contrast. This is because, although they serve a common purpose, the style and color may vary from one model to another.

The most conventional trunks are those that are available in black and have a small lock in the central part. However, you can find other interesting proposals in relation to colors, finishes and even shapes.

Some models are equipped with wide reflectors, others have one on each side. Similarly, there are designs that look like silver safes and others include spoilers or backrest, for a better rest for the passenger.



A good and cheap motorcycle trunk is an alternative that attracts many users, but, in addition, it is important to analyze the capacity that this piece designed for storage has.

In the current market you can find some proposals of compact size and with reduced capacity for a volumetric estimate of 30 liters. Other alternatives have a larger capacity, which can exceed 48 liters.

In kilos, the capacity can vary between 5 and 15. In addition, these trunks can be stored from small objects (preferably in compartments), to modular, integral helmets and others. There are even some models that have the possibility of housing up to two helmets inside and have a security mesh, where you can add small objects such as keys.


Compatibility and accessories

There are all kinds of motorcycle trunks, from those that have been specifically designed for a specific model and brand of motorcycle, to others that can be installed without inconvenience on any motorcycle. The latter are the so-called universal trunks and fit correctly any prototype.

For this, they include a kit that facilitates the installation of this trunk. These options are generally easy to attach and remove and include a user guide to help you complete the process successfully. Similarly, there are some proposals for motorcycle trunks that are equipped with all accessories, so that it is not necessary to purchase them separately, but rather include the plate, screws, brackets and other components.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a motorcycle trunk?

Using a motorcycle trunk is easy if the equipment is already installed on the motorcycle. Otherwise, it will need to be attached to the grill using the installation kit, which includes the necessary bolts, nuts and brackets.

To complete the assembly, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and match the parts according to the model (most of the alternatives only accept motorcycles with a grill).

Once the process is complete, it will only be enough to use the key to open the trunk lock, store the objects inside and lower the lid to then lock the lock and secure the contents.


Q2: How to get on a motorcycle with a trunk?

Getting on a motorcycle with a trunk is a simple and fast process, in which confidence and security have an important weight. The technique consists of maintaining stability and leaning on the driver’s shoulder to gain momentum.

The general recommendation is for the rider to move forward slightly so that there is more room to pass the leg. The convenient thing is that, after the pilot authorizes the action (when he has the stability), he should go up on the left side. To do this, it is necessary to lean on the stirrup and hold the rider’s shoulders to achieve momentum.


Q3: How to close a motorcycle trunk?

The process to close a motorcycle trunk will depend on the model and brand of equipment, since each manufacturer may include its own security system. However, we will try to give a general guide.

The first thing is to have the key to the trunk, because, if it is not possessed, the mechanism cannot be unlocked once it has been closed and the lock would have to be forced. If you already have the key, the next thing is to lower the trunk lid and make it coincide with the base. Some alternatives have additional mechanisms using buckles that must be secured. If they do, then they should be closed.

Similarly, in the most conventional models, the key will have to be inserted into the lock and the system must be secured or locked so that it cannot be opened without the corresponding key.


Q4: How to remove the trunk of a motorcycle?

To remove the trunk from a motorcycle, the reverse installation process must be followed. In some cases, these parts are movable and can be easily attached and removed. Either way, you will require the assembly kit with the Allen keys to remove the nuts and bolts.

The motorcycle should be parked on a flat surface with the engine off. With the help of a wrench, each of the screws that hold the plate to the grill must be loosened. To do this, reverse force must be applied. When loosening a screw, the nut, the washer and the screw must be removed, which in turn will release some small rotating supports. When they are removed, you just have to throw and can be removed.


Q5: How to paint a motorcycle trunk?

If you want to change the color of the motorcycle’s trunk, either to recover color or to make it combine with the rest of the structure, you should only use plastic spray in the color of your choice.

It is important to remove the trunk of the motorcycle to be able to move it and paint more freely. Before starting, the trunk needs to be cleaned and allowed to dry. Afterwards, masking tape taped newspaper should be placed on the parts of the structure that are not to be painted, so that the lock and reflector areas should be covered. The next thing will be to start applying the paint in several layers, but it is necessary to wait for the drying times between one and another. To conclude, let it dry for a whole day and then remove the excesses.


Q6: How to install a motorcycle trunk?

Each trunk includes an instruction manual that must be followed to complete the process. You should first check if all the assembly parts are included. It is necessary to locate the support base and the rest of the hardware.

Afterwards, it is necessary to attach the base to the grill of the motorcycle. First, the structure plate must be placed on it, for which the grill pattern must be followed and adjusted with the necessary hardware. Once the plate is installed, it is a matter of adding the trunk according to the mechanism of the model. Finally, it is fastened to the bracket so that it is installed.


Q7: How to make a motorcycle trunk mount?

Making a trunk support for a motorcycle can be an inexpensive and interesting project to undertake if you have the necessary time. To do this, a large plastic container is required, the kind that has a capacity of 20 liters or more.

One of the faces must be removed with a cutter, which will be what will serve as the base plate or support. This sheet will have to be adapted to the grill of the motorcycle through a secure hold. The rest of the boat could be used as the trunk itself that should be placed on the already cut sheet. It is recommended to place a layer of soft material on the bottom and paint to achieve a better aesthetic.



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