Best Motorcycle Tires Review 2021-Step by Step buying Guide

Motorcycle Tires – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


When it comes to putting your motorcycle on, you have two options. Either look for the cheapest tires you can find or spend some time searching and investing in a quality model, with which to adjust the tire to your needs. Something that will help you gain safety and comfort during the trip. The good news is that the wide current offer makes it easy to choose the tire that best suits your type of motorcycle, giving you these benefits without having to spend too much. The proof is found in models such as the Michelin 14 66S CITY GRIP TL tire , which has a special design to move around the city on a scooter, with a wide tread that generates greater water evacuation capacity and better mileage. But if your thing is the circuit, then the tiresPirelli Diablo Rosso II are what you need. Tires with an improved design, which offers more contact surface and a very adequate performance, both on the track and during regular use of your motorcycle.

Buying guide – What are the best motorcycle tires on the market?


As with car tires, when we look for motorcycle tires, we find a wide variety of products, with different patterns and designs. Since selecting which is the most suitable for our use can be complicated, we offer you our guide to buying the best motorcycle tires, in which we reveal the keys with which you can choose wheels for your motorcycle properly adjusted to what you need.



Tire measurements

The first aspect that we must assess before making a motorcycle tire comparison are the measurements we need. An aspect that we must strictly respect, since if we do not comply with these measures, we may not be able to mount the tire on the motorcycle or it may not meet all the technical requirements necessary for it.

To avoid problems, the easiest thing is to go to the technical sheet of your motorcycle, which is where the measurements of the tires that you can mount are collected. These measurements include the three common parameters, such as the width of the tread, the height of the tire and the rim. Parameters to which the load and speed index is added, which also varies according to each vehicle.

In any case, keep in mind that motorcycles can also have different sizes. In this case, it is necessary to previously verify the size of the rim you have mounted to avoid errors.

Something that you can easily check, reading the size of the tire that you already have mounted. However, keep in mind that many motorcycles have two different measures depending on whether we are talking about the front or rear tire, so it is advisable not to mess with these measures and the equivalences that we have discussed before.


Vehicle type

If we think of a motorcycle in a simple plan, we will see a two-wheeled vehicle and little else. But if we take an in-depth look at the market or just take a walk down the street, it is easy to realize that the wide variety of motorcycles on the market require tires specifically prepared for each of them, due to their different characteristics. capabilities.

So, for example, if what we have is a scooter, we will surely find urban-cut tires, with good grip in the wet and a simple tread design. But if what we have is a high-displacement motorcycle, we will have different designs designed for the road or even for running on the track, with notable differences in their casings, their drawing and how much the product costs.

The same also happens with the different models of trail or field bikes. Depending on the characteristics of the terrain, we can find motorcycle tire profiles adapted to dirt, stones, sandy terrain or more general approaches.

And we cannot forget the custom bikes, generally large and designed for the road, which obviously also have their own tires. So when buying tires take into account all these parameters.



Terms of use

To close our advice, we have to consider different parameters related to the conditions of use that we are going to give the motorcycle for which we are looking for wheels. Because it is not the same to drive a scooter in a place where the weather is always good than to take a dirt bike in rainy and snowy conditions.

This brings us to the first aspect and to a common question on the market: are there winter motorcycle tires? Well the answer is yes, although it is true that the offer is scarce.

In any case, it is possible to find a wider range of tires specially designed for bad weather, for wet routes or areas with a lot of rain, so that if the climatic conditions of your environment require it, it is possible to gain in safety by adapting these wheels.

The other fundamental aspect that we are going to assess is precisely the use that we are going to give the motorcycle. It is something that we have already advanced when talking about the type of vehicle we drive and the terrain in which we find ourselves.

The advantage is that if you are not sure what terrain you are going to cover, it is easy to find general purpose tires that perform well in almost any area.

How to use a motorcycle tire


Being able to maintain your motorcycle with the best tires and accessories available on the market would be an advantage that would facilitate a very comfortable and safe mode of transport. Well, it’s no secret that tires in particular are a very important element in terms of safety.

That being the case, after having acquired yours, you must carry out an appropriate assembly to be able to ride your motorcycle freely. That is why paying attention to the steps described below could be of great help to you.




Gather the necessary tools

To carry out a correct mounting of the new tires on your motorcycle, you must first gather the necessary tools to carry out this action. In this sense, make sure you have a spray silicone, a lever bead breaker , a manual bead breaker , a pressure gauge, a valve bleed and, of course, the new tires on hand.


Remove old tires

To mount the new tires on the motorcycle, you will first have to remove the old ones. In this sense, you must remove all the air available in the rim of each of them, opening the air valve of course. To open the air valve you will need to have on hand a tool called a bleed valve that you would have to screw into the air outlet so that you can release the tire comfortably.

It should be noted that this action must be carried out while being very careful to avoid any type of incidents. It is also very important that you get all the air out of each tire, otherwise they could break during the change process.


Remove each tire from the rim

To remove the rims from each tire you will need to use the bead breaker. In this sense, place the tire correctly on it, now with the bead breaker you will have to apply pressure so that the tire is disassembling properly. Right during this process you could also include the use of manual bead breakers, so that you can move the tire so that the rim comes out of the rim.




Mount the new tires

Now proceed with the fitting of the new tires. To do this, you must apply the silicone spray around the inner contour of each tire. Of course, make sure to use enough so that they are soaked in silicone, since this would give you a much more comfortable and safe assembly.

In this sense, you would already have to start mounting each tire on the corresponding rim, so using the manual bead breakers will be necessary and essential. It should be noted that this task could take you a little time, that is, you should not despair, because carrying out a totally correct tire mounting will largely guarantee your safety while riding your motorcycle.

In this way, while you are mounting the tire, you must remember not to insert it completely since you must also insert the rim into the tire and supply the corresponding air for filling.


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