Best Motorcycle Pants Review 2021

Motorcycle Pants – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


An afternoon of motorcycle ride should begin with you dressing appropriately to go out and being safe when driving, as the right clothing for this activity is what will keep you protected in different circumstances. It is advisable to choose between the best options to have more peace of mind when riding your motorcycle, such as, for example, the Great Bikers Gear GBG1069 model , designed with a very nice denim format but that does not limit your mobility when riding. More classic is the Lovo LvR34-Prime_2XL , a pants with an appropriate design for any weather and that incorporates removable protectors, so that you can use it even when going out with friends without your motorcycle.

Shopping guide


Do not take the choice of your motorcycle pants lightly, as these could save you or minimize the consequences of an accident. To know that you buy the right thing, take the time to know what you should take into account and make the best possible choice.



Depending on the manufacturer, the price and the type of pants, the main materials between one pants and another may vary. It is necessary to bear in mind that specialized motorcycle clothing is considered safety clothing, therefore, although with normal clothing you do not stop for a long time to think about the materials, when it comes to motorcycle pants, it is necessary that you do it .

Wearing pants made of a suitable material can be the barrier that protects your skin from a burn, for example, if you fall off your motorcycle. For that reason, when making a guide to buying the best motorcycle pants, in addition to looking for a good and economical option, this should be your first requirement.

Leather pants are definitely the most famous for this type of activity and in fact, they are a stereotype to represent people who drive motorcycles; however, there is a reason behind this. Leather is the most abrasion resistant material, so it is quite a safe element, despite being quite sensitive to temperatures and not protecting very well from the weather.

On the other hand, there are some specialized jeans with great density and with extra protection in sensitive places like the knees, for example. These models are a good alternative for those who want to use the motorcycle from time to time and want freshness to accompany their protection.

Finally, sanity pants are also used. This type of model is versatile and quite comfortable due to its thermal protection, its lightness, and also because it allows to equip protective accessories more easily.

Any of these materials are a good idea, you just need to know exactly what you want to make the decision. Therefore, try not to buy pants that use another type of fabric as the base element.



It is not necessary that your protection and safety begin and end with the materials of the pants you have chosen, since it is possible to enjoy extra qualities that will make you feel calmer when being on your motorcycle. The more complete the garment, the higher price it could have; However, your life is invaluable and, for that reason, no matter how much the pants cost, the most important thing is the level of protection it provides.

But do not worry, if you look carefully, surely it is possible to find inexpensive and quality pants, you only need to check the different models on the market.

Some pants come with removable protectors to reinforce security in areas that need more protection, such as the knees and hips, for example. In addition to all this, there are also some manufacturers that prioritize the coat and add removable thermal liners, so that your legs maintain their proper temperature, no matter how cold it is.

Other types of linings that can be removable or attached to the pants are those of Kevlar protection. This makes the pants much safer and will give you more peace of mind when driving.

As a last small but very important detail, the reflective stripes on some pants are a great quality. These allow the rider to be more visible at night, protecting him and other drivers as well.



Finally, you can take into account the design of the pants, since it is possible to be comfortable and look good with a safe clothing. The market for these clothes is very wide, therefore, it is likely that you will spend time comparing motorcycle pants until you find the one that best represents your preferences. One of the most noticeable things in the designs is the prints, as certain motocross pants have many colors and contrasting details, while others are more classic and maintain a one-color design, such as jeans or black leather pants.

Choosing between one color or another is irrelevant to the functionality of the pants, it’s just a matter of taste, so you can use the one that is most attractive to you. However, when detailing a little more it is necessary to give importance to the type of pants that it is, choosing whether it is winter or summer.

The design changes between the two types, since winter pants are usually closed, while summer pants have mesh or ventilation systems to give you better perspiration in high temperatures.

To finish, try to acquire a pair of pants with pockets and adjustment zippers. These practical details will increase your comfort and make you feel more free when riding the motorcycle.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use motorcycle pants?

There is no difference between wearing a motorcycle pants to a normal one. Putting it on is just as simple and the only rule to use it correctly is to wear it whenever you drive a motorcycle.


Q2: How to choose the size of a motorcycle pants?

To choose the correct size you must measure your waist, hips, thigh diameter and the length from your crotch to the heel. Usually these pants follow European or American standards, so you can buy your normal size, however, if not, then use the brand’s measurement table and compare the figures with your own measurements to choose the best model. .


Q3: How should the motorcycle pants fit?

The mistake many people make when trying on motorcycle pants is to believe that if the knee pads are slightly displaced while standing, it is not the appropriate garment. The pants should not be tight, but a bit long, as the true pants fit is when you sit on the motorcycle and bend your knees.

Test how he feels on your motorcycle if you can, and if you can’t, take into consideration the position you will have on your motorcycle.


Q4: How to fix a motorcycle pants?

In case, due to use, the pants have a hole, the first thing you will need to do to repair it is to find a piece of fabric of the same fabric and color to function as a patch. Wash the pants or clean the area before making the arrangement, and proceed to turn them over.

Get a strong glue, in case it’s leather pants, and apply it to the edges of the patch. Starting from the top, glue the leather together and pull it taut, ending at the opposite end. Let the glue dry for about half an hour.

Finally cut off the excess fabric and begin sewing the patch to lock it in place.


Q5: How to wash a motorcycle pants?

The process to wash motorcycle pants depends on the materials of this. If it is a model made of leather, it should be cleaned only with soap and water on the dirty area. A damp cloth and leather soap should help to remove stains and care for the product.

On the other hand, if it is a fabric pants, just put the garment in the washing machine with a gentle cycle and soaps that do not have bleach or very powerful chemicals. This will keep your pants with the same quality from the beginning.


Q6: How to make a motorcycle pants?

Motorcycle pants are not simple casual garments, they are articles of clothing specially designed by professionals, to protect from situations such as abrasion, flames, cuts and that, in addition, should provide you with comfort, freedom of movement, protection against the weather and impermeability in many cases.

Achieving this requires not only following rigorous processes, but also testing the part to show that it is adequate to keep riders safe when riding. Due to these complications and the protective measures necessary for their manufacture and evaluation, attempting to make homemade motorcycle pants is not recommended.


Q7: What is the difference between a winter motorcycle pants and a summer one?

The difference is in the thermal protection. A winter pants come with special fabrics or specific linings, to maintain a suitable body temperature and prevent the cold from reaching the legs.

Summer pants, on the other hand, focus more on proper ventilation to prevent excessive sweating and discomfort. The most modern models, however, come in most cases with qualities for winter and summer, as they have removable thermal linings and resistant mesh fabric.


Q8: What is the best fabric for motorcycle pants?

Today, motorcycle pants have advanced technology so you can be safe with removable protections and other qualities that increase safety. Because of this, pants often have combinations of different fabrics.

However, as the main materials it is advisable to buy pants that have sanity, leather or any type of pants that incorporate Kevlar for protection as a base element.

The first material is comfortable and strong and is usually excellent against high or very low temperatures. Leather, for its part, stands out for its style and its high resistance to abrasion. Either of these two could be the best fabric for a pant, depending on the specific qualities of each model.

If you want to look more relaxed and prefer to buy a jean, this is also safe as long as the pants have Kevlar and abrasion protections.



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