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Motorcycle rear view mirror – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Driving any vehicle carries a fairly large responsibility and therefore you must have tools that can increase your safety, as well as that of other people. On this occasion, we refer to the rear view mirrors; an essential element for driving. We first recommend the IssyZone E9 set , an approved model with a universal clamp, to facilitate its mounting on the vehicle. Second, you can evaluate the product of Lampa 90080 . This model provides lean angles, as well as the necessary homologation, to guarantee its quality, performance and compliance with road requirements when driving.

Shopping guide


It might seem that choosing a rear view mirror would not be a difficult task, but after reviewing the multitude of options available, it may take a little time to find the right one. If this is your case, we offer you a guide to buying the best motorcycle mirror, with which you may be able to make a decision and buy a good model.


Mirror homologation

Finding a cheap and good quality homologated mirror is not that difficult; since this quality indicates that the equipment is manufactured in such a way that it can meet road safety requirements.

Specifically, a model of rear view mirror for motorcycles that has approval, guarantees to be able to pass the Technical Inspection of Vehicles or ITV test for its acronym. This will prevent you from earning a fine for not having rear-view mirrors suitable for road traffic in your city.

On the other hand, it is convenient to evaluate it from the point of view of quality and performance. When a mirror offers this certificate, you will know that the equipment is capable of offering a good quality of vision, as well as the necessary safety, to circulate in a responsible way.


Mirror style

The characteristics of the mirror in the motorcycle rear view mirror that you want to buy must be able to satisfy certain aspects, in order to provide an effective and safe driving performance.

In addition to meeting the specifications to pass the ITV test, the rear view mirror for your motorcycle must be large enough to provide a wide field of vision, allowing you to drive safely when changing lanes.

When choosing which model to buy for your vehicle, you must make sure that the size of the mirror, whether based on its width, length or diameter, is large enough to allow full focus on the corresponding lane. Only then can you put this tool to good use, in addition to driving more responsibly.


Adjustable frame

The usefulness of rear view mirrors is focused on providing vision in the rear points, while driving a vehicle. Since the position of each driver, as well as their height, can vary from one individual to another, it is necessary that the rear view mirror can be configured according to the lines of vision of each one.

To avoid inconveniences when accommodating your rear view mirror, you must ensure that it has a mobile structure that allows it to be moved, either by turning it, tilting it, raising or lowering it.

Depending on the model you choose, you will get more or less freedom of configuration, so if you have specific requirements, it is convenient that you review the adjustment capacity, according to the design of its structure.

Considering these types of details, you can make sure you choose a mirror that is ergonomic, practical and effective for driving.


Manufacturing materials

How much a set of motorcycle mirrors costs can be influenced by the manufacturing materials used, both in the frame, and in the accessories or adapters. Being a road safety tool, it must be strong, reliable and durable.

In general, the most popular models have ABS plastic, aluminum or steel frames, some being more affordable than others due to the hardness of each material.

However, it does not matter if you buy a plastic or aluminum model, as long as it has robust and resistant manufacturing finishes, which allow you to adjust it firmly, so that they stay in place at all times.

Likewise, it must be considered that the rear view mirrors are one of the elements that are most often damaged on a motorcycle, because they can be hit easily when in traffic, so we advise you to choose products resistant to impacts, scratches and wear. usually.

Installation accessories

In a comparison of motorcycle mirrors it is common for buyers to show interest in the accessories that are included with the purchase of a certain model. So much so, that the inclusion of elements such as adapters or screws can be decisive for the purchase.

When reviewing the alternatives that have captured your interest, to give a new look to your motorcycle or to replace a rear-view mirror that has been damaged, we advise you to make sure you choose the correct thread diameter, to avoid installation problems.

Otherwise, you can also choose models that have adapters of different sizes, which will allow you to attach the mirror to the connection format. The same goes for the bolts, as the input size can vary from handlebar to handlebar.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to tighten the motorcycle rear view mirror?

The mirrors that motorcycles usually carry are integrated into the frame of the vehicle using screws, nuts and washers. To be able to tighten the rear view mirror for the motorcycle, the essential tool is a wrench, which can be fixed or adjustable, depending on your preference. If it is fixed, you must first check the diameter of the thread, in order to choose the compatible one.

Before doing any maneuver, you should sit on the motorcycle as if you were driving it, in order to alter the angle of vision; so that you can see the corresponding lane, depending on the side of the rearview mirror.

Holding it in position, locate the nut that is usually at the bottom of the mirror and turn it with the wrench until it is tight.


Q2: How to repair the motorcycle rear view mirror?

If you begin to notice that your mirrors vibrate when driving your motorcycle or move just by touching them, you should try to repair them immediately, to avoid a fine or an accident.

Generally, these types of problems occur when two fasteners are affected together or separately: the thread and the screw. In both cases, the solution is simply to replace them with others of the same size. The price of these parts is not usually high and you can easily do the repair yourself at home and with basic tools.

To change the thread, you must first remove it using a wrench. Place the jaws of the tool around the part and twist it to loosen it. Be careful to hold the mirror, as it will come off. Once outside, remove the damaged thread and install the new one, to put the mirror back in place and tighten with the wrench until it is firm.

In the case of the screw, in order to remove it, you must first remove the thread. Then, with pliers, hold the screw and keep it fixed, while turning the rear view mirror until it is removed. Take the new screw and install it in the base of the equipment to place the thread and re-mount the mirror on the bike.


Q3: What mirror is required on the motorcycle?

To comply with the requirements of traffic laws when driving any vehicle, in this case motorcycles, it is necessary to have the respective rear view mirrors, which are determined according to the speed that can be reached when moving.

In this sense, if the motorcycle in question does not exceed a maximum speed of 100 km / h, it can be circulated without problems with a left-side rear-view mirror installed. Otherwise, the vehicle must have this element on both sides.


Q4: How to know if a motorcycle mirror is homologated?

An approved rear-view mirror is one designed in compliance with all the requirements established by law, for urban motorcycle traffic.

If you need to check that the model you want to buy is approved, you should check whether or not it has its respective European approval password, as well as that they are separated by a distance of no less than 56 centimeters and, at least, 28 centimeters of the longitudinal axis of the handlebar .





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