Best Motorcycle Jackets of Review 2021- Step by Step buying Guide

Motorcycle Jacket – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Staying protected while riding your motorcycle will always be important so that you can avoid injuries to your body if you ever suffer an accident. That is why buying a good motorcycle jacket will never hurt. Therefore, we provide you with information about some models such as the LOVO LvR91 made of polyester textile material and with two removable linings in its structure, that is, one thermal and one waterproof. On the other hand, the JET Flurojack model has an attractive design in black with neon green and is made with materials such as polyester and 600 d cordura fabric.

Shopping guide


Today there are different accessories to keep you safe while riding your motorcycle. This time we are not talking about the helmet or the gloves, but about the jacket, a basic accessory that should be used to protect your body from different injuries in the event of a possible accident. If you are looking for a special model, you should consider certain details that will allow you to use a comfortable and suitable product, therefore, take a look at our guide to buying the best motorcycle jacket and have the appropriate information to carry out good choice.


If you are looking for a good and economical motorcycle jacket, you should take into account some details that allow you to enjoy it for a certain time, such as the manufacturing material. It should be noted that on the market there are infinities of models, each with different characteristics, therefore, even the material available in its structure varies.

Thus, when making a comparison of motorcycle jackets you cannot leave out the models made of leather, these par excellence are the most sought after to this day, since they are capable of providing you with the quality and durability you need to save expenses. unnecessary in the future, they are also resistant against abrasion. However, against them is the fact that they are not considered suitable for the summer season, since they are not breathable and much less waterproof.

There are also those jackets made with sanity and accompanied by a technology called Gore-Tex capable of providing you with a great wearing experience as it is a fresh, waterproof and breathable model.



Quite apart from looking at how much the jacket that most catches your attention costs, you should consider buying the size indicated for you, since this safety accessory must fit well in size so that it can fulfill its function.

In this way, the first thing you should do is measure the length of your arms with a tape measure, to confirm according to the size table provided by the manufacturer that the model you are about to acquire is the one you really need.

It should be noted that the protections of the jacket must be well positioned and placed in place, therefore, that the sleeves fit well in length will be decisive so that you can always be protected.



Most motorcycle jackets must have a series of special characteristics to provide you with an adequate level of protection, therefore you should make sure that the model you like the most is duly certified under the European standard EN 13594, which requires that the different models are resistant to abrasion, explosions or even punctures.


Winter or summer jacket

Before choosing the appropriate model for you, you should take into account what time of year it is manufactured for, since there are winter models as well as summer ones and those that, because they have some removable linings, could be used at any time.

In this sense, some experts comment that winter jackets could well be used throughout the year due to the shape of their structure and the way in which they are made, while summer jackets are only special for that time, since they have certain perforated spaces to provide a considerably good level of ventilation, taking into account that the sun could produce a lot of heat.

In this sense, you must choose the right one for you, so that you can avoid colds because it is not well covered, or excess heat because it is very warm.


A jacket without protections could not be chosen as an option for riding a motorcycle. That is why the model you decide to buy must offer you each of the appropriate protections to keep the upper part of your body safe. Mainly against the different accidents that you could suffer while traveling through the streets of your city.

The most common protections are those placed on the shoulders, elbows, back and chest. Therefore, while your favorite model has them, you will be opting for a safe and quality product.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a motorcycle jacket?

To use a motorcycle jacket, the first thing you should do is place each of the protections that are included with your purchase, whether they are the elbows, shoulders and back. In this way, put it on a table and locate each existing internal zipper to correctly insert each protection. Next, proceed to put on the jacket, so that you can make the necessary adjustments regarding the arms, wrists and hips.

Finally, when you feel comfortable, you can go out on your motorcycle while being protected. Of course, try to use the jacket during the appropriate time depending on its manufacture and material, to avoid discomfort with respect to perspiration and the level of ventilation that you could have at your fingertips.


Q2: How to choose the size of a motorcycle jacket?

According to the recommendations of some experts, to know the exact size of jacket you need to buy, you should have a tape measure at hand with which you can first measure your torso. In this way, first you will have to proceed to take into account the size of the circumference of the same, followed by the length of the sleeves. For this it is important that you bend each arm slightly. This is to prevent the jacket from falling short.

You will also have to measure the distance between your wrist and the shoulder to finally compare each result with the existing measurements in the size chart that the manufacturer generally provides.


Q3: How to put the protections on a motorcycle jacket?

Although it seems a bit complicated for some people to carry out this task, the truth is that you will only need a few minutes of your time to do it with ease. In this sense, the first thing you will have to do is locate each zippered compartment inside the jacket and insert the corresponding piece.

For example, most models usually have a back protector as protection, in this way you will only have to locate the zipper present in the upper external part, open it and insert the protection delicately, managing to fix it properly if necessary. In this way, it will only be necessary to carry out the same action with the remaining protections, these being those of the shoulders, elbows and chest.


Q4: What is the hump on the motorcycle jacket for?

This is considered by many to be the most important protection that a motorcycle jacket can include, as it is intended to protect you from spinal cord injuries. In this sense, in the event of a fall, the padding available on the back could adequately cushion an impact.

Regarding the construction of this hump, it is usually composed of different articulated elements such as a shell made of rigid polypropylene, which simulates an anti-shock shell duly accompanied by several layers of foam, to resist and protect your spine against any accident.


Q5: How to dye a motorcycle jacket?

If you are tired of wearing the jacket of the same color after a certain time, you could choose to dye it in the color you like. To carry out this action, what you should first look for is a special sponge, spray it with alcohol and rub the entire structure of the jacket without fear. With this action you will be able to remove all types of dirt while opening the pores of the skin to continue correctly with the dyeing process.

Now, you should have a dye that is of good penetration on your hand, these could normally be obtained with your trusted shoemaker. Later with the help of another dry sponge you will only have to apply this dye directly to the skin, this time with patience and delicacy until the entire structure is covered. To obtain a good final result, after confirming that the dye is dry, it is best to apply a moisturizing cream that is the same color on it, to repair any damage to the skin of the jacket.


Q6: How to wash motorcycle cordura jacket?

The first thing you should consider before starting to wash your sanity jacket are the manufacturer’s instructions, since in them you can find the appropriate instructions to avoid any type of damage to its structure. Later, it will be time to remove the protections found on the shoulders, elbows and back.

Now, continue with the washing, for this you must take into account that everything will depend on the state of the jacket, so in the event that there are many stains or adhered insects, the most appropriate thing would be to perform a superficial cleaning using a damp handkerchief . If there are grease stains, then it will be necessary to use the washing machine, first checking that said garment can be washed in this way.


Q7: How should a motorcycle jacket fit?

To enjoy adequate protection and comfort for driving your motorcycle, the jacket should be tight, but not excessively. It should allow you to flex your arms easily to be able to grab the handlebars and perform the movements that are necessary. Remember also that you should make sure that all the zippers are properly closed to prevent the passage of air inside, especially when you are in the winter season.


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