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Motorcycle Intercom – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison


To maintain proper communication during your motorcycle trips, it is essential to have an intercom, which helps us to maintain a clear communication path as well as talking on your mobile and listening to your music. Some functions that are present in models such as the EJEAS V6 Pro motorcycle intercom . This model has a high range, about 1,200 meters, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for your mobile. Features similar to those of the ESTGOUK V6-1200-2 model , which maintains sound at speeds of up to 120 kilometers and includes DSP technology, so your voice always sounds clear.

Shopping guide


Maintaining adequate communication with your traveler or with any other traveling companion while traveling by motorcycle is not easy. It is obvious that the lack of a bodywork to protect you impairs communication, so it is essential to have solutions such as motorcycle intercoms. These devices have the advantage of offering clear and efficient communication, although it is also important to know what to look for in order to find the ideal product for us. A task in which our guide to buying the best motorcycle intercom will surely be of great help to you.


Product connectivity

There are many options we have to organize a motorcycle intercom comparison. But since you have to start with one, we have chosen to choose the type of connectivity of the product. An aspect that marks both the technology it uses and its functionality.

To simplify, we are going to make two large groups of products. The first would be made up of Bluetooth motorcycle intercoms, which have been designed to talk at short distances with the person next to us. However, with a suitable design, it can also be used to talk with people who are further away, provided that the system is compatible.

The second large group would be the one formed by traditional motorcycle intercoms, which use radio technology with which to achieve distances of 1.5 kilometers and maintain active communication even between several users of the same system. The ideal solution to stay connected to your fellow travelers during your trips.

There is a third option, still under development, which are the models with WiFi. These would be the range superior to conventional radio models, with the advantage of expanding both the connection range to distances of up to 8 kilometers, as well as the ability to connect devices to several dozen of them. However, since it is a product for a very specific audience, they still do not have much presence in the market. Not forgetting the considerable difference in how much one of these models costs compared to conventional ones.


Wired or wireless

Today, whether a motorcycle intercom has cables or not is not something that greatly influences its price, as it used to be. Today it is easy to find an inexpensive model at an attractive price. Therefore, the price is not a reason to make one decision or another.

If it is comfort, since the models with cables are becoming less frequent, compared to those that use Bluetooth technology to connect to our mobile. Remember that all motorcycle intercoms have cables to connect the helmet speakers and also for the microphone, so these types of cables will never disappear.

Thus, the cables that disappear are the ones that go from the unit to our mobile, in case we want to connect it. A cable that is interesting to eliminate for convenience, without forgetting the greater controllability and advanced performance offered by Bluetooth models compared to conventional ones.



Another common parameter is the one available to the device. A range that goes from the few meters of the simplest Bluetooth models to the hundreds or even thousands that reach the most advanced models on the market. It is something that we have already discussed previously when talking about the different technologies, so we are not going to focus much more on it.

What is important is to reiterate what we always mention when we talk about scope: everything is relative. Neither a radio has the signal it says nor a WiFi antenna either. Therefore, if an intercom is required for long distances, it is essential to make sure that the range announced by the product is real and that, even if it is not, it is sufficient for our needs.


Insulation quality

As a final aspect, we are going to mention the quality of the insulation. We cannot call it sound quality since, in general, current intercoms sound good under normal conditions. But it is true that as speed increases, noise and air turbulence affect that quality.

That is why it is essential to take a look at the level of isolation offered by the product and how many kilometers per hour it “guarantees” that we will properly listen to conversations or music. In general, if we want to use it on the motorway or highway without problem, its thing is that it reaches 120 kilometers per hour of “isolation”, while if we use it in secondary schools, 100 or 90 km / h may suffice as a reference. All models usually indicate this capacity in their specifications.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: Can a motorcycle intercom be used to talk multiple users at the same time?

It can, as long as the intercom that we have purchased supports this use and is compatible with the rest of the intercoms with which it has to connect. Something that we must verify with the product specifications, since not all conventional models meet this requirement. In addition, it is essential that the device is Full Duplex, so that you do not have to take turns speaking.


Q2: Is the motorcycle intercom legal?

This is an issue that raises a lot of controversy, since intercoms could be recognized by some agents as headsets and, therefore, be considered illegal under the traffic regulations . However, there are several sentences that they recognize since their installation is different, so that it resembles that of the speakers of a conventional vehicle. Therefore, in case of being sanctioned for it, the sanction could be appealed.


Q3: Can I use my mobile phone as a motorcycle intercom?

Currently we have some applications that allow us to connect two mobiles and use them in intercom mode, which allows us, in theory, to save us the purchase of the intercom. However, this system has the disadvantage that if we use conventional headphones we will be breaking the law, so we could be fined when using this type of device during the trip.


Q4: Can you use a motorcycle intercom doing enduro?

The practice of enduro does not have more problems for the use of an intercom than the higher noise level that the rider supports during his trip. Therefore, it will be convenient to bet on a model that has a good sound output level and also a greater noise reduction capacity when transmitting the voice. It is also advisable to fix the installation precisely, since the enduro motorcycle moves much more than the conventional one.


Q5: Are high-end motorcycle intercoms worth it?

The answer is yes, but accompanied by a depends. These high-priced intercoms have some improvements compared to conventional ones that may be of interest to us, for example when it comes to increasing power, improving sound reproduction or the range of the device when connecting to other riders. However, you may only need a short-range intercom to talk to your passenger and don’t hit the road much, in which case it’s not really worth the expense. So, as always, it all depends on your needs and budget.


Q6: What is a motorcycle intercom with radio for?

The motorcycle intercom with radio adds the advantage of enjoying our favorite station while riding. For this, the wired structure of the device is used to use it as an antenna, while we have the control panel on the outside of the helmet to manage the stations or the volume. An interesting alternative to not depend on the mobile when listening to your favorite station.


Q7: Are wireless motorcycle intercoms reliable?

Today’s wireless intercoms are fully reliable, provided they are within their scope of action, obviously. So, if we use a Bluetooth intercom, this will help us to talk with the passenger but not with other riders that are on our route, unless the product has this technology and both are compatible.

In this case we are going to need a model based on radio technology, capable of achieving wireless transmissions at distances of up to 1.5 kilometers and with a high quality of reception. Although if the budget reaches you, the WiFi models are also becoming a good alternative.


Q8: What is a full duplex motorcycle intercom?

When we speak of a Full Duplex telecommunications system, we refer to one that has the double capacity to receive and send communications at the same time. In the case of an intercom, we would be talking about a device with which we can talk and listen to our partner at the same time, just as we would with a telephone or mobile, without having to wait for the channel to be free as happens with the radio communications, for example.


Q9: How do I connect a hands-free motorcycle intercom?

When connecting our mobile to our hands-free intercom we have two options. The easiest is to use the wired system, which uses a conventional headphone jack for this connection. However, it limits the functions of the device a bit, so more and more users are turning to Bluetooth-based models, in order to have greater flexibility while eliminating cables during the connection process.


Q10: What improvements does a WiFi motorcycle intercom bring?

WiFi technology is one of those that is beginning to be applied to replace conventional communications as far as motorcycle intercoms are concerned. A system that improves the quality of the signal as well as the number of users that can connect at the same time, eliminating a good part of the limitations of conventional technology. However, it is a very specific technology and, today, more expensive than conventional technology. Therefore, it is only recommended for those who really need these functions.


Q11: Which is better, a wired or wireless motorcycle intercom?

In terms of comfort, a model without cable will always be better than one that includes it, since it will be less of a hassle than we will have hanging from the helmet. On the other hand, the wireless models offer a greater range of options and functions than the wired models, especially when connected to the mobile, so leaving the cable aside is a good idea.




How to install a motorcycle intercom


The motorcycle intercom can become an excellent accessory to gain security during our trips, by being in contact with our fellow travelers. It also helps us to hear and speak to our passenger without having to shout, which would also be useless. Best of all, the installation of this device is quite easy, so you will not need more than a few minutes to start using it.


Placing the speakers

The first step we must take is to place the speakers inside the surface of the helmet. These speakers are hooked by a velcro so it is not difficult to fix them or try the most suitable location. It should be remembered that the helmet itself acts as a resonance box, so it is not necessary or recommended to place them directly in the area of ​​the ears, but it should be done slightly away from them. Also avoid areas where the speakers can rub your head or cause you discomfort. Do not forget to orient the cable towards the outside, so that its connection is more comfortable.


Placing the microphone

While we are placing the speakers, it is convenient to place the microphone, with which we will be able to speak. The assembly process is the same as that of these speakers, having only the precaution of choosing a comfortable position, both when shooting and when removing the helmet. It is also important that this position is close to the mouth, so that our voice reaches our interlocutor clearly.


Placing the outer panel

The next step is to place the outer control panel, which is generally located at a point determined by the manufacturer. This placement is not accidental but has been specifically evaluated by the product designer to reduce discomfort and maintain correct aerodynamics during use. Once the place has been chosen, it is time to fix the piece using the system that includes the product, which can be a high-quality adhesive or some type of clamp. Once we have everything in place, it is time to connect the corresponding wiring.


Power and paired

As a final step, we can only connect the intercom with your partner or with your mobile, depending on the model you have chosen. The pairing process with the other device is not usually necessary as they are paired from the factory. But if it doesn’t work, you just have to follow the list of corresponding keys to proceed with the connection of both terminals

As for Bluetooth, the process of connecting to your mobile is as easy as any set of headphones or external speaker you have at home. Just turn on the device, activate the Bluetooth of your mobile and choose it, so that the connection is executed immediately. In case of problems, see how to activate the pairing mode of the device.




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