best motorcycle gloves Review 2021- Step by Step buying Guide

Motorcycle gloves – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2021


Riding a motorcycle efficiently involves the use of safety equipment consisting mainly of a helmet and gloves. These pieces help to protect the head, face and hands from injuries, the inclemency of the sun, as well as the wind, cold and abrasion, allowing a proper grip on the handlebar. For proper protection, there are many models available that provide greater security. Such is the case of the Issyzone Rock Biker , gloves with integral protection and non-slip properties, available in black. Likewise, the Savior Electronic Heatable model is recommended for winter activities, as it includes three levels of adjustment to control the temperature.

Guide to buying motorcycle gloves


When driving a motorcycle, it is necessary to have protective equipment that makes the routes safer, preventing injuries or abrasions if an incident occurs. This also applies to gloves, since the hands are the most exposed parts. If you want to make a successful purchase, the prudent thing is to consider attributes that denote quality, for an optimized performance. If you want all the details about the most important features in this piece, read our guide to buying the best motorcycle gloves on the market.



Shopping guide



When making a comparison of motorcycle gloves, you will notice that there are different models that adjust to different user requirements, so that design is much more than aesthetics. The style of the motorcycle gloves allows you to select the level of protection and the shaft. While the safest are those options that completely cover the fingers, there are some that only reach half of them.

The same happens in relation to the shaft , which is the length of the glove with respect to the wrist. In this segment, you can find low-cut, medium-cut and high-top gloves, which are those that cover a little beyond the wrist. In the same way, aesthetics cannot be missing, being possible to select between male, female, unisex, sports, career, children’s, vintage and much more models. Another feature of the design that can be selected is the color, adjusted to the tastes and personality of each one.


Materials and clothing

When making a smart purchase, the materials used by the manufacturer to make motorcycle gloves should be analyzed. In addition, this attribute will give you an estimate of how much the product costs, since, according to its quality, the price, ergonomics and durability vary.

In this sense, you can find various types of clothing, with reinforced finishes in the external seams, without seams and folds in the internal lining, as well as with other details. In relation to the materials, there are some alternatives made of leather with textile, while others are only made of textile.

Similarly, it is necessary to examine the inside of the gloves, as some are equipped with thermal lining, being suitable for winter weather. On the other hand, some gloves have a cutting-edge construction, including a heating system to regulate the temperature inside.



Ventilation is as important as the design and construction, so if you have found an inexpensive model of motorcycle gloves, it would be prudent to analyze whether this price is accompanied by a piece of adequate performance and with suitable ventilation. This will guarantee the entry of air inside the gloves and allow a correct perspiration, so that the hands stay cool.

In this sense, there are some alternatives that are equipped with a microfiber textile lining, with holes for ventilation. On the other hand, other proposals incorporate small-sized channels for the air inlet, making them suitable pieces for both winter and summer.


Size and fit

Before making a hasty purchase, it is necessary to select the size of the gloves, according to the dimensions of the hand. The vast majority of models are available in sizes ranging from S to XL. However, each brand has its size chart that covers different measurements.

Another feature that must be analyzed is the closure system. One of the quickest and most practical modalities is the adjustment through a velcro closure at the wrist. This system must be strong and allow pressure to be applied so that the gloves are snug and comfortable.



Utility and grip

Manufacturers make from gloves for daily use in the city, to others that have been equipped with greater benefits, designed for travel. Similarly, within the alternatives of the brands, some are designed for summer, with greater ventilation, while others are for winter, so they have a thermal lining and a waterproof exterior, among other attributes.

On the other hand, whatever the utility, the most recommended is that the selected model has a good grip system on the handlebar, with non-slip properties and incorporation of silicone. Similarly, some options include carbon protection for the knuckles and special material for the fingers, which allow the use of touch equipment, without having to remove the gloves.  




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use motorcycle gloves?

To use motorcycle gloves, it is recommended to have clean and dry hands. Then you need to take the gloves, open them and shake them so that the hand can enter them. Next, you must insert your hand into the hole in the gloves, making sure that each finger corresponds to the area specified for it. After you have completed the process in one hand, you should move on to the other. Finally, make the necessary adjustments so that there are no folds and close comfortably with the velcro.


Q2: How to wash motorcycle gloves?

Maintenance and cleaning will depend on the material of manufacture of the gloves. In the case of genuine leather models, they require hydration to make them look good and provide adequate protection. Cleaning requires a damp cloth with warm water, as well as a neutral detergent, which must be removed with cold water. In addition, it is prudent to hydrate with a specific cream for leather, so that it does not lose its properties. In the case of models made of textile, they can be machine washed. However, due to the velcro, it is recommended that they are previously inserted into a pillowcase and then the washing cycle is carried out.


Q3: How to remove bad smell from motorcycle gloves?

It is normal that motorcycle gloves, after a while, begin to present a bad smell due to the sweat of the hands. To remove the bad smell, it is recommended to wash them periodically inside. To do this, you must clean the interior with a cloth and warm water, as well as a neutral detergent or a specific product for interiors, which could be the same as that used for the helmet padding. Later, when they are dry, you can add a little talcum powder to avoid bad smells.


Q4: How to soften the motorcycle gloves?

In general, motorcycle gloves made of leather can be a bit stiff at first. However, this will only be during the first few uses, as afterwards the material will give way until they fit properly in the hand. To soften the gloves, the main recommendation is constant use. Another recommendation is to moisten a cloth with alcohol and pass it on the surface . Also, the leather gloves can be rubbed with conditioner constantly, to keep them sagging.


Q5: How to enlarge small motorcycle gloves?

There are a few ways to make the gloves fit your hands better. One of them is to take some newspaper, tear it into strips and make balls that you must then moisten and then place in the gloves until they are full. Next, the gloves should be put in the refrigerator for 12 hours and when they are removed they will be slightly larger. However, the recommendation is that you buy the correct size, as any method to enlarge could be ineffective or insufficient.


Q6: How to measure the hand to choose the motorcycle gloves?

You will require the help of a tape measure and you must place your hand with your fingers together. Then, you should measure the palm of the hand from the widest area, to the other side, that is, at the level of the knuckles and make the circumference, leaving the thumb outside. This measurement can be done twice to avoid errors. Then, take the measurement and consult the size guide of the brand and model you prefer.


Q7: How do heated motorcycle gloves work?

These models work by emitting heat inside the glove through a temperature adjustment at various levels that can be controlled by means of an integrated knob. The heat that it supplies usually serves for a period of 30 minutes and, to be able to generate it, the gloves incorporate a rechargeable battery; so it is necessary to have the gloves charged for them to work properly.


Q8: How to fix motorcycle gloves?

This will depend on the damage that has occurred. In the case of holes in the palm, there are those who recommend the use of resin that, although it hardens when it solidifies, provides flexibility to the area. Other people add leather patches to the affected area. However, the advice of the experts is that, for safety, they are replaced as soon as possible by a new pair.


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