Best Motocross Boots Review 2021-Step by Step buying Guide

Motocross Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis  


Motocross boots are an important complement for professional or amateur bikers, since their function as footwear is to protect the legs, ankles and feet, from possible fractures or scratches that they could suffer while riding. A good example of children’s models are the O’neal Rider MX boots , which come with molded plastic plates and metal shank, for better shock absorption. For its part, the Fox Instinct Boot are motocross boots with a sporty style and offer safety elements that provide effective protection and comfort.

Shopping guide


Finding a good pair of motocross boots can be a difficult task if we do not know the important qualities and characteristics that we must identify. So, to save you time in the search, we have made a guide to buy the best motocross boots for you, where we consider aspects such as quality, durability and resistance as key elements in any selection.


What are motocross boots used for?

Given the great diversity of boots and shoes for different uses, we believe it is important to know the main function of the boots used in this sport. So that you can be clear about the main characteristics that you should look for in any comparison of motocross boots, considering that they are part of the equipment of two-wheelers.

In this sense, it is appropriate to emphasize that off-road boots are the right footwear for tours on extreme muddy roads or for those who practice motocross, which have the quality of offering good protection that could reach the knees, as well as bands or clasps that serve to better adjust the boot.

In this way, we affirm that the purpose of motocross boots is to protect your feet from dangers such as bumps, falls, mud and cold, to which you can be exposed when you practice this high-impact sport discipline.

In general, boots of this type are very resistant and are specially designed for the terrain where they will be used, which is why they incorporate various reinforcements in the outer shell, as well as high-quality protectors in the inner part.


Structure and support

Choosing a good and cheap motocross boot seems difficult, but you should know that there are models on the market with cheap prices and that they are of very high quality, with a flexible structure for the ankle area.

Now, speaking of the structure of these footwear, we can highlight that most have a metallic reinforcement that offers safety to the heel and provides good mobility to the foot during the tours, all in order to avoid serious injuries in the lower extremities, derived from inappropriate or sudden movements.

For this reason, it is best to look for those boots that have a good protective structure for the entire foot. In general, these models are designed with a high-top format, full of protections and are quite rigid, so they are probably not very comfortable, but you should be aware that they offer good flexibility and mobility while riding your motorcycle.


Slip and fit soles

An important aspect that probably influences how much a pair of motocross boots costs has to do with the quality of their sole. Most boots of this style have thick soles, made of rubber and with a non-slip effect to offer a better grip on the ground. The advantage of these soles is their high level of absorption to shocks and impacts and vibrations typical of handling the motorcycle at high speeds.

On the other hand, it is important to check the closure system of this type of motocross boots. Some models incorporate plastic buckles at various levels with lateral or front snaps, which allow a better fit for the foot, adapting to its size. Likewise, it is important to verify the size of the boots you plan to buy, so that they fit correctly on your foot and fit properly.


Manufacturing materials

This type of footwear must be made of materials highly resistant to abrasion, impacts and ground conditions. The best quality boots are made with genuine leather in its outer shell, reinforced with some synthetic material. Remember that the advantage of leather is that it is a flexible material and that it lasts a long time.

In the case of synthetic materials, these are suitable to withstand inclement weather during the tours and offer correct breathability. For this reason, for extreme competitions in muddy terrain it is recommended to use boots made of plastic, because it is a material with high shock absorption, which offers adequate cushioning against falls and shocks.

In addition to all the above, it is also good to verify that the chosen boots offer a good level of impermeability to withstand rainy climates and that they prevent the transfer of water to the interior.


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