Best Motocross Armor Review 2021- Step by Step buying Guide

Motocross Armor – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


When we want to do some extreme sport, we adhere to the safety rules to avoid injuries. In this sense, motocross armors are necessary safety implements in sports activities on wheels, where our body is exposed to any blow. Therefore, it is important to look for options created with resistant materials, which focus on areas such as the chest, elbows and shoulders, which are the parts most damaged in accidents. There are many models of this type of armor, but among the standouts is the Fastar Motocross Racing , which has padded material in the areas most prone to receiving an impact and also has straps for a precise fit. Second, we could mention the Wildken NFS-018 model, an equipment specially designed for children, with a combined protection of rubber sheets and organic foam capable of absorbing any impact.

Buying Guide – What is the best motocross armor on the market?


Enjoying the extreme sports that we like so much implies having the necessary protection, in order to guarantee comprehensive security. In this way, we can enjoy with greater freedom and with all the awareness that this warrants.

If we like motorcycles, a motocross armor will help us enjoy the adrenaline with greater caution. But, as there are so many models, we focus on making a comparison of motocross armor that have specific qualities, according to the needs and demands that this sport requires.


Why buy a motocross armor?

Sports on wheels, sometimes, generate displeasure for our relatives, because they care about our well-being and physical integrity. To guarantee our protection when assuming these skills, it is necessary to acquire a motocross armor that is committed to safety, in this way we can prolong the activities that we like so much.

In this sense, the need arises to take care of the various parts of our body, mainly the frontal area, starting with the chest, passing through the shoulders, elbows and arms. The latter are one of the areas of the body most prone to damage in falls.

Focused on this, we propose to make a guide to buy the best motocross armor and thus establish the fundamental characteristics that the product must have, so that it meets our demands and responds to particular needs.



Considering the materials is a relevant aspect, as they must ensure that the impact of the blow is softer. That is, they must be robust, in order to ensure that each bone in our body will remain together and there will be no room for avoidable injuries. They also need to be made of hard plastic and an internal mattress for added comfort.

Knowing how much one or another model costs in particular is one of the things that worries us the most. Although its materials are directly linked to the price, there are motocross armors that look functional not only on the outside, but also on the inside, protecting from shocks on the outside and providing comfort on the inside.

It must be essentially good and inexpensive, but guarantee security. Also, for the summer seasons, they should be cool and allow the body to have ventilation.



Motocross armor generally provides security in specific areas of the body. In such a way, we found that they mostly have solid materials in the chest, elbows, shoulders, forearms to avoid serious injuries during the practice of some extreme sport.

These materials will allow us to ensure that our trunk remains in optimal conditions, which is favorable, thus carrying out the activities necessary for our recreation, without affecting the well-being of our body.

These motocross armor have closures like zippers and magic clasp; These are adjusted to the comfort and texture of the person’s body. Indeed, the grip and firmness of this product is guaranteed.


Adults and children

There are models available for both adults and children. This is favorable, since if we want to motivate our little ones to do sports, we can provide them with general well-being and physical integrity with any of these armor. In this way, we will avoid injuries from a young age, so that your body develops without any problems caused by this type of sports.

For adults, there are also models focused on the participation of extreme sports. At all times, adults and children, they will have the necessary body security against the falls that occur, as the practice of various sports develops that attract our attention and earn our passion.


extreme sports

Undoubtedly, we are looking for an armor that is economical and that fits our needs, but we must also be clear about the type of sport we want to practice. In this way, we will know which armor is the most appropriate. However, most armor targets specific areas of the body prone to blows.

When experiencing motocross, biking, skateboarding, riding, or any activity, a motocross armor holds us to safety. All this, thanks to its resistant materials, its straps for a precise adjustment and the comfort that its interior provides, which will allow us to have minor injuries and inconsequential blows when carrying out sports that represent a danger to our body.


Weather conditions

It is known that motorcycle armor can be a bit hot, which can be an advantage in the fall and winter. However, when the hottest seasons hit, some motocross armor can be unbearable.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you think about what season you are going to use it. In this way, when you are reviewing the product specifications, you will know what type of material suits you, according to your requirements.

How to wear motocross armor


User safety is essential in any sport. If you are a motocross fan you should know the proper steps to use a motocross armor during competition.




Separate accessories

Motocross armor have certain essential accessories to complete the protection that athletes need. Separate each accessory from the other individually and place them on a flat surface; this way it will be easier to locate the parts you need to assemble.


Join the individual armors

Motocross armor is made up of certain important parts of the suit. According to each bib, assemble it with the corresponding accessories. It begins with the main part that will cover the chest and back, then the shoulder pads and elbow pads that are part of the armor. Depending on the model, your main guide will be the product’s instruction manual.


Put on your main shirt

It is important that before putting on the armor you have the suit shirt on. They are generally made of breathable fabric that includes small holes in its design that allow air to circulate through the body during competition. It is not recommended to use cotton clothing, as the coarse texture provides more heat than necessary to the competitor and generates more friction with the motorcycle that can irritate the skin.


Place the fanny pack around your hips

Motocross, being a sport that demands a lot of strength from the competitor, needs a form of support that helps keep the body stable. The back is essential to achieve the maneuvers in competition, so place the fanny pack around your hips and adjust it tightly so that it supports the spine and the back well, reducing the risk of injury.


Place the bib towards the front

After putting on the shirt, continue to locate the main part of the armor. The main bib should be passed over your head, covering most of the trunk, especially the stomach area, which is very sensitive in the event of a fall. Adjust the strap to the size of your body for better fit of the bib.


Add the side shields

Once you have correctly put the bib on, it is time to add the other protections. Place the shoulder pads, elbow pads and forearms in their corresponding places. It is important that all parts are facing forward in order to protect the body directly from the rocks. The best elbow pads are those that are placed from the forearm, providing greater security to the athlete.




Adjust the straps of each accessory

To finish you must adjust each strap of the chest. This step is crucial to the safe use of the armor, as poorly adjusted straps can endanger the safety of the person. Take your body measurements into account and work accordingly.


Remove dirt from armor

Motocross competitions when taking place on dirt fields leave the competitor covered with dust everywhere. Every time you use the armor, clean it using soap and water to help remove dirt and then dry it with a dry cloth with a soft texture that does not scratch the surface.




The most popular brands


For those who practice motocross as an extreme sport, it is necessary to have protection to protect the parts of the body that are vulnerable to shocks and falls, therefore, it will greatly increase personal safety and reduce the effects of possible injuries. In this space we will give you information about some brands that are popular in the market and that stand out in the manufacture and distribution of good quality motocross armor.




It is a German company that specializes in the production of personal protection products for Motocross practitioners and its headquarters are located in Tuchenbach, Bavaria in Germany. It is one of the companies that are in great demand in the market, because they use manufacturing materials with high quality standards; among which you can find PVC, leather and velcro.

Among its wide range of products you can get gloves for motorcycles, helmets for BMX and bicycles, boots, protective glasses, textile clothing for both sexes, visors, leather clothing to protect from the winter cold, snowshoes to remove snow, clothing and shoes for cyclists and other equipment designed for children.

User safety is important to the company, which is why they are governed by ECE homologation standards of high quality standard and thus be able to minimize the injuries that may occur.




Jim O’Neal Distributing Inc. was created in 1970 in California, United States. When young Jim was participating in mountain bike races with some products made by him, he later met Andy Kolbe who was his long-time sponsor.

Their goals were not to make money, but to create very good quality products to help riders in their competitions and could also significantly increase motorcyclists’ racing performance.

As time passed, the company grew in popularity and the local market demand, at that time, exceeded 120 pieces per day. Then, he became a wholesaler, for the year 1989 they launch the Azonic brand for bicycles. They worked hand in hand with the best in cycling to prove that the products to be presented had a high quality standard.

Today, O’Neal is one of the favorite brands for cyclists and motorcyclists that will provide you with protection and the necessary accessories to protect your body.




It is a brand established in 1985 and is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of all types of clothing and accessories for motorcyclists. Leather is one of the main materials that they include in their products, among these you can find complete suits, jackets, gloves, among others.

Additionally, some of its products have thermal protection to face the different adversities that the climate presents; whether cold, rainy or sunny. Among its range of protective products, they have a high standard of quality and minimization of impact, where Plastic, PVC and padding are the most prominent materials. The armor, gloves with leather and jackets, will protect the elbows, chest, shoulders and back. In this way, you can count on a maximum level of safety that will minimize any impact or fall that may happen during your races.

GearX has specialized personnel to design each model, including designers, leather experts, quality inspectors and sales professionals; in charge of meeting customer demands. It should be noted that in the market you can find a wide variety of products for protection with designs, colors, textures and sizes, designed for both men and women.


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